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That, my friends, is an Erotic Beauty if I have ever saw one. The owner of this virgin pussy goes by the name Tiffany. Of course we cannot be too sure if her name is really Tiffany since young girls doing porn often change their names to remain anonymous. You have to love it!

Now imagine yourself walking through the woods – alone – and coming across this little cherub. So nubile. So naked. So amazing! How do you keep from attacking her made-to-fuck body? Well, you don’t have to worry about getting busted for rape because this little hottie has decided to give her virginity to the first many she comes across. Lucky you.

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If you had a virgin pussy this delightful you’d play with it in your free time too. Her name is Sakura and she can be found on MPL Studios. Right now you can save up to 73% with an MPL Studios discount on Porn Discounts features over 2,400 discounts including sites like MetArt, Sapphic Erotica and more.

Getting back to that wonderful pussy. Sakura likes to rub her little clitty when nobody is around. She marvels at how tight her cunny walls are when she sticks her fingers inside her vagina. She can only get two fingers in their comfortably, but I’m sure your cock will stretch her out nicely without tearing her


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If you are anything like me you find it hard not to get excited (pun intended) when one of your friend’s daughters approaches the tender age of eighteen. The thought of plowing into that virgin pussy she has been sitting on drives you wild with enthusiasm and the only cure for your throbbing cock is her tasty little snatch!

For decades the folks at Hustler have been releasing new Barely Legal magazine issues and now they are releasing new content online with multiple weekly updates. No more waiting an entire month to see who else just turned eighteen.

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Little Summer, Kimmie and Little Lexy all had two things in common when they entered the woods behind Little Summer’s Malibu home: they all had virgin pussies and they were all determined to figure out how to use them correctly.

The barely legal niche is imploding and being replaced by sites with girls who are not barely legal and who don’t behave like girls actually do when they are just 18 years old. This is because sites are going back to using twenty-something 18 year olds. They have them doing hardcore scenes instead of the sexually curious scenes you will find on

The beauty of joining a site like Little Summer is that you get access to all of her friends sites as well. There has never been a barely legal teen network quite like this one. The girls look like jailbait and the way they act it is like being back in high school all over again. The sleepover movies are like a crystal ball into a real life sleepover in a Malibu teen’s house because they use real Malibu teens. Go figure!

Watch these little girls grow sexually with a membership to Little Summer!


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Jessie from Girls Out West is exactly the kind of girl we all hope to have at least a week or two with. You cannot tame a girl with her free spirit, but you can enjoy her company for a little while before she moves on


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It is particularly hard to find virgin pussy in the porn industry. I think the reasons why go without saying. There is, however, plenty of cases where girls have such a perfect little cleft of Venus you can fantasize about them having a virgin pussy. The girl from Met-Art above has such a smooth vagina you almost wonder if she can grow hair on it yet.


There are lots of tender looking pussies to dream about out there. They are on many different sites like MPL Studios and Nubiles. With the later you don’t have to stretch your imagination much to know what their core demographic is.

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Chloe 18 Brings Her Virgin Pussy

One look at this nubile teenager and her little tits and it should be painfully obvious that Chloe has one heck of a virgin pussy. Chloe got her braces removed a year ago, but she still looks as barely legal as ever with her retainer in. Have you ever received a blowjob from a girl with a retainer? Smooth and sweet. Makes her mouth smaller. That way it gives you more sensation.

With you can expect to get network wide updates of hot babes with barely legal looks. Some are girl next door cute like Chloe is and others are drop dead gorgeous beauty pageant style. Most started out virgins when they shot for their site. Some do hardcore while others keep it to softcore only.

My favorite body parts on Chloe 18 are her virgin pussy and her tiny tits. Starting with her pussy. It is a cleft of Venus. She can sit spread eagle and her pussy lips come together like a bald clam. Then moving on to her tits. Chloe has perky little boobies. The kind that make men like you take a second look. Then a third look. Control yourself, man!

It's like her body is stuck in a time warp!

Hey, it is OK. Chloe likes the attention. Lord knows she didn’t get enough of it in high school. Those kids can be so brutal!

With the Premium GFs you can access Chloe, plus 40 more sites. There are lots of solo model sites. Most of the solo model sites define the barely legal niche. The girls look exceptionally young. Then the multi-model sites range from anal to gramps on teens to candid sites. You really have to take the tour to experience it all.



Today’s issue (post) is all about girls with puffy nipples. I even found one with what looks like a nice virgin pussy. Oops. Make that two of them. Very nice cleft of Venus girls. You will enjoy this update!

Pretty much the girls in this update are evenly split between Met-Art and FemJoy. Both sites are excellent if you are looking for girls in the erotic nudes niche. Met-Art has recently changed up its format a bit to include lots of hardcore sex videos as well. But they are still done in the erotic mood that has made them famous. Think Playboy videos over Vivid videos, only with copious amounts of sex on screen!


Puffy nipples are caused by a medical condition where the process that begins breast development, and creates a breast bud underneath the nipple of a girl in the second stage of the Tanner Scale, never reverses the bud on the third stage. It is a rare condition that can make a girl feel self-conscious about her appearance. However, most boy and men find the condition to be highly erotic due to its exotic nature.

Puffy Nipples on Alexis Adams from Karups Hometown Amateurs

I found these excellent specimens of both a set of puffy nipples and a cleft of Venus on Alexis Adams from KarupsHA. Karups Hometown Amateurs is filled with hot babes that are mostly of the girl next door type. You will find some girls that aren’t truly amateurs in that they have done some porn work, but not many.


Don’t be shy about your nipples, girl. They look delicious. I’d eat them suckers up like candy apples!


FemJoy has a lot of girls with puffies. Instead of hiding them they show them off. Being that FemJoy has millions of present and past members the site also has millions of fan Emails for the girls. New models like the one above can read these Emails and gain confidence in their puffy condition.


This shot is great. My next door neighbor had puffy nipples and the amount that this girl resembles her is uncanny. My neighbor used to wear frilly pink panties and no bra when we would swim in her pool. Their family was kind of hippy. Mom would swim completely naked. Later on my neighbor told me she used to wear those panties because he pussy was so bare. It made her embarrassed not to have a full patch of hair like her mother. Crazy girl. Nobody has hair on their pussy these days. You were just ahead of the times!


Macy B from Met-Art is not afraid to show off her puffies. She also has a very nice pussy with tiny inner lips. They don’t even protrude when she is sitting spread eagle!


I used to think puffies were a trait associated with girls with red hair. As it turns out girls with puffy nipples can have all sorts of hair colors. They also can have different body types as well. You really can’t use the condition of their nipples as a good indicator for their other personal traits.


Even puffy nipples have lots of different attributes. Some girls have fully developed nipples and others have barely any at all. Lots of puffies have very little pigmentation, while others are very dark like this girl above. She also has a very nice cleft of Venus.


Lastly we have a little lovely from Fedorov HD. The girls at Fedorov are mostly from the Eastern European area of the world. There are lots of girls with puffies and even some with puffy pussies as well. You will find their site to be of your liking if you are a puffy nipples fan.

So there you have it. Many great choices on where to go when you need a puffy nipples fix. This is the last day of Summer so get ready for some candid beach pics coming soon!



I am almost forty-two years old. It wasn’t until just a few years ago that I actually opened up a girls pussy and looked inside. I had no idea with was lined with what look like little French ticklers and ridges and other things to make your cock blow your load inside it. You don’t feel those things in there when you finger a girl. Maybe it is because they are so-so soft? But when you put your cock inside there it feels amazing!

While at MPL Studios I saw a hot little cutie with a pink virgin pussy and some very perky small boobs. Her body is adorable. She also has tan lines on the bottom side. Not many girls have tan lines anymore. Being that she has them on the bottom only it is safe to say she frequents topless beaches. I wish I could find her on one of them.





It is hard to even fathom that MPL Studios has hundreds of girls just as cute as Kalena is. How do their photographers keep themselves from jumping over the camera and attacking these girls? They are stunningly beautiful.

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Cute girl with a virgin pussy and small tits posing at the beach.

This photo totally reminds me of a girlfriend from high school. She would always have some kind of bullshit test for me to do. When we first started dating she called me into her room. She had on a very low cut top that let her cleavage spill out. She asked me what colors her eyes were. Fuck if I knew! LOL

So the girl with the virgin pussy above is wondering is



We can’t all move to Scandinavia and hangout with teenage water nymphs as they are frolicking in rocks by the ocean. What we can do is bring that experience, and all of the heavenly camel toe it entails, to your computer, or smart phone, no matter where you are in the world. A nice trade off if I do say so myself.

I don’t know about you, but I have been a lot less stress free than I was before Internet porn existed. Back in my youth I was always having to go to liquor stores to buy porno mags or I’d have to go to an adult bookstore for the same. I always felt like such a douche bag in doing so. Now it is possibly to enjoy porn in the privacy of your own home. Alternatively you can enjoy it in private in your hotel room without the people at the front desk knowing you were viewing porn. Something that you cannot do when you order it from the hotel.

Logon to from anywhere and experience the camel toe pussy at your leisure!






Sure it is a nasty habit, but it is a habit every guy with a cock and a pulse has. You can always tell the ones that don’t exercise their porn muscles because they are the ones always hating on everything. Don’t be one of those morons. Take care of yourself by enjoying yourself with some girls that would normally be out of your league.

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One of my first experiences with a girl that had a virgin pussy was literally the girl next door. Our parents like to do things together a lot so they would often bail and leave us both alone. After a while we began to get kind of curious about each other. It seemed to happen right at the same time which was kind of odd.

On one of the days in which our parents went to a local Indian casino to do some gambling my neighbor invited me over for a swim. We lived in a single story housing neighborhood so nobody in neighboring properties could see what we were doing on our side of the walls.

Out of nowhere and with absolutely no heads up this girl pulls off her bikini bottoms and spreads her pussy to me. It was shaved perfectly smooth and the inner skin was very pink, and very wet. My cock practically lunged out of my pants to make contact with her vagina.

She could tell I was excited by her display, but that I was also going to play the gentleman role and hang back instead of diving in for a closer look. So she decided to speed things up a bit by asking me if I’d like to lick it.

It took me a while to process what she had requested of me. Did she really jask me if I wanted to lick her vagina? Of course I wanted to lick her vagina. I wanted to ram my tongue as far as I could up that thing and taste the sweet nectar that is her pussies sap. I wanted to drink it up and lap it up. I wanted to do this for hours on end. As long as she would let me I would gladly lick her vagina.

"Well?" She beckoned still holding it open.

Without anymore hesitation I dove to my hands and knees lowering my head to be on level with her vaginal hole. My tongue poked through her hymen and I felt her tight pussy squeeze around it. She pulled my head up a bit so my tongue flicked across her clit. I sensed she really enjoyed that clit flicking and applied some more lickety-split.

Before I knew it she was getting ready to orgasm. I was dragging my tongue up and down her slit so that I could lap up her juices and flick over her clit in one motion. Her thighs clamped down hard around my ears and her back arched so that her pussy was painfully pressing into my lips. Which were in turn painfully pressing into my teeth.

She pushed me off of her vaginal opening and I sat up on my knees taking in the site before me. Her chest was heaving as she tried to catch her breath. She entire body seemed to be sweating in a desperate attempt to shed some heat. As I glanced down at her pussy I could see that it was bleeding near her pussy hole. I had broken her hymen with my tongue!

As she came to from her orgasmic coma she could tell I was upset about something between her legs. She reached between them with her hand and brought it up to her face for inspection. There was a decent amount of blood on her fingers. I thought for sure she was going to screen bloody murder.

Instead of freaking out she told me that happened from time to time. Especially when she rubbed her pussy on her bed. Again, I was caught off guard. Did she just say that she masturbates?

The girl next door, the girl of my dreams, got up from her chair and jumped into the swimming pool. I got up and plopped down into her now vacant chair as she surfaced at the steps. I watched her as she walked up out of the water. When her pussy made it above the surface I could see that the bleeding has subsided. As water cascaded down her body some of it made it to her pussy and dribbled down off of her pussy lips. It looked like she was peeing. It was the hottest thing I had ever seen!

This nubile teen got on her knees in front of me and began to undo my shorts. Was she going to suck on my cock now? Return the favor? Sure enough she put her mouth on it once she got it out of my shorts.

Her mouth was extremely soft and extremely warm. It was like nothing I had encountered ever before. My cock instantly wanted to explode in her. At the same time my mind was telling me to enjoy this since I didn’t know when the next time I’d experience it again would be.

As I sat there she tongue lashed my cock before trying to deep throat it. Having her warm mouth down around the lower two thirds of my prick was like a whole new blowjob experience. I began to wonder how something that felt so good could feel ten times better. Was that even possible?

Yes it was. She eventually lost her gag reflex and managed to swallow my entire cock down her throat. Now I couldn’t hold back. I put my hands on either side of her head to let her know I was close. She pulled back enough to get a hand around the base of my cock and I unloaded into her mouth.

It felt like minutes passed by while I was cumming. I hadn’t cummed that much ever in my life. I thought for sure she was going to pull off of my cock in protest, but she just kept on guzzling up my sperm. When I was finally done she pulled away and then stuck out her tongue to show me it was covered in my spunk. Then she swallowed and showed her tongue to me again. This time it was clean. Who was this bitch?

From that point on we gave each other oral sex for years. We had struck a deal which stipulated that having sex with each other wasn’t cheating on anyone else we were dating. It stayed this way up until the day she got married. I tongue fucked her tiny twat the day before the ceremony. Sure enough she was still a virgin with about half of her hymen left to prove it.

Find more girl next door babes at ALS Scan. They also have unequivocally hot babes as well. I am a big fan of everyday girls myself. But no matter what you are into they have plenty of them to keep your company.



There are not a whole lot of virgin pussy solo models out there. Chloe 18 is one of the few and hers is a perfect cleft of Venus. I would also call it a clam shell pussy. And a bald one at that.

Chloe has very puffy outer lips on her pussy. She clamp the thing shut even when she is sitting Indian style. It is like having a chastity belt furnished by mother nature herself.

When you join you will notice she doesn’t have sex with boys. She has a lot of sex with girls and with herself, but never with a boy. That is because Chloe would prefer to stay a virgin and having sex with other girls allows her to do that.

Don’t let that discourage your joining her site if you prefer to see hardcore teen sex. There is plenty of that in the rest of the network. With the Premium GFs you get access to over 40 teen sites with many of them being solo models like Chloe. The only difference being that they do hardcore as well as softcore.

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Smoking hot Brazilian student Catarina Migliorini, 20, has decided to sell her virginity for close to 3/4’s of a million dollars. The lucky auction winner will bang this young cutie as part of a documentary by an Australian film maker.

I’ve heard of high priced pussy before, but nothing as costly as cracking this virgin pussy wide open!

Then again… the auction winner was from Japan. Maybe not cracking it wide open so much as giving it a shot.

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