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One of my first experiences with a girl that had a virgin pussy was literally the girl next door. Our parents like to do things together a lot so they would often bail and leave us both alone. After a while we began to get kind of curious about each other. It seemed to happen right at the same time which was kind of odd.

On one of the days in which our parents went to a local Indian casino to do some gambling my neighbor invited me over for a swim. We lived in a single story housing neighborhood so nobody in neighboring properties could see what we were doing on our side of the walls.

Out of nowhere and with absolutely no heads up this girl pulls off her bikini bottoms and spreads her pussy to me. It was shaved perfectly smooth and the inner skin was very pink, and very wet. My cock practically lunged out of my pants to make contact with her vagina.

She could tell I was excited by her display, but that I was also going to play the gentleman role and hang back instead of diving in for a closer look. So she decided to speed things up a bit by asking me if I’d like to lick it.

It took me a while to process what she had requested of me. Did she really jask me if I wanted to lick her vagina? Of course I wanted to lick her vagina. I wanted to ram my tongue as far as I could up that thing and taste the sweet nectar that is her pussies sap. I wanted to drink it up and lap it up. I wanted to do this for hours on end. As long as she would let me I would gladly lick her vagina.

"Well?" She beckoned still holding it open.

Without anymore hesitation I dove to my hands and knees lowering my head to be on level with her vaginal hole. My tongue poked through her hymen and I felt her tight pussy squeeze around it. She pulled my head up a bit so my tongue flicked across her clit. I sensed she really enjoyed that clit flicking and applied some more lickety-split.

Before I knew it she was getting ready to orgasm. I was dragging my tongue up and down her slit so that I could lap up her juices and flick over her clit in one motion. Her thighs clamped down hard around my ears and her back arched so that her pussy was painfully pressing into my lips. Which were in turn painfully pressing into my teeth.

She pushed me off of her vaginal opening and I sat up on my knees taking in the site before me. Her chest was heaving as she tried to catch her breath. She entire body seemed to be sweating in a desperate attempt to shed some heat. As I glanced down at her pussy I could see that it was bleeding near her pussy hole. I had broken her hymen with my tongue!

As she came to from her orgasmic coma she could tell I was upset about something between her legs. She reached between them with her hand and brought it up to her face for inspection. There was a decent amount of blood on her fingers. I thought for sure she was going to screen bloody murder.

Instead of freaking out she told me that happened from time to time. Especially when she rubbed her pussy on her bed. Again, I was caught off guard. Did she just say that she masturbates?

The girl next door, the girl of my dreams, got up from her chair and jumped into the swimming pool. I got up and plopped down into her now vacant chair as she surfaced at the steps. I watched her as she walked up out of the water. When her pussy made it above the surface I could see that the bleeding has subsided. As water cascaded down her body some of it made it to her pussy and dribbled down off of her pussy lips. It looked like she was peeing. It was the hottest thing I had ever seen!

This nubile teen got on her knees in front of me and began to undo my shorts. Was she going to suck on my cock now? Return the favor? Sure enough she put her mouth on it once she got it out of my shorts.

Her mouth was extremely soft and extremely warm. It was like nothing I had encountered ever before. My cock instantly wanted to explode in her. At the same time my mind was telling me to enjoy this since I didn’t know when the next time I’d experience it again would be.

As I sat there she tongue lashed my cock before trying to deep throat it. Having her warm mouth down around the lower two thirds of my prick was like a whole new blowjob experience. I began to wonder how something that felt so good could feel ten times better. Was that even possible?

Yes it was. She eventually lost her gag reflex and managed to swallow my entire cock down her throat. Now I couldn’t hold back. I put my hands on either side of her head to let her know I was close. She pulled back enough to get a hand around the base of my cock and I unloaded into her mouth.

It felt like minutes passed by while I was cumming. I hadn’t cummed that much ever in my life. I thought for sure she was going to pull off of my cock in protest, but she just kept on guzzling up my sperm. When I was finally done she pulled away and then stuck out her tongue to show me it was covered in my spunk. Then she swallowed and showed her tongue to me again. This time it was clean. Who was this bitch?

From that point on we gave each other oral sex for years. We had struck a deal which stipulated that having sex with each other wasn’t cheating on anyone else we were dating. It stayed this way up until the day she got married. I tongue fucked her tiny twat the day before the ceremony. Sure enough she was still a virgin with about half of her hymen left to prove it.

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