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Having a single father for a dad can have its advantages. Just ask Teen Topanga. This little cutie has all of the time she needs from the time school lets out until daddy comes home to experiment sexually!

First, Teen Topanga started her experimentation on herself. She tried putting things into her vagina to see how deep it way. As it would turn out it was about five inches deep. Don’t ask!






Sometimes it is the simple things in life that reap the biggest rewards. In the case of Teenage Decadence it is the long standing tradition of candid photography. Sometimes the girls take their own pics, other times it is an admirer. Either way they make for some great fap material!

Teenage Decadence is one of those sites that is near and dear to my heart. It has been open for a decade. When it started it was just a forum where guys came and unloaded all of their beach candid pics. Tons and tons of hot girls in bikinis!

Over time the site grew and they instituted a new rule. The most pics you uploaded, the most levels of forum you could access. The higher the level the larger the pics, the longer the threads and the more active the uploaders!

The site really got big, but then there were only about 100 of us uploading 99% of the pics. The other 25,000 or so members (at the time) were trying to freeload, but couldn’t. Because you need to upload pics to get good access.

So they came up with yet another rule. This new one made it so you could BUY your way into the platinum access club! Now, normally I wouldn’t see this as a good thing. Lots of nubes in the higher levels? Argh! People paying for something that used to be free? Argh!

But once they added paid membership things changed… for the better! They upgraded to a dedicated server instead of shared, slow, crap hosting. They added more speed to the data connection so even during peak periods it is screaming fast!

So you have two choices: You can submit some pics and/or videos and get access that way (you could even win cash!) or you can just pay for a month of access and start downloading all of the teenage content right now!


Oh, and now the girls get naked!


Some real nice flat chested cuties in there…

Teenage Decadence for all of your candid teen photo needs!



Seeing this gallery from Virgin Off of Nutella and her boyfriend having some sweet teen sex brings back memories of a girl I once fucked in high school. She was really coy and hard to get. Then suddenly one day, out of the blue, she asks to see my porn collection. Sadly I couldn’t deny that I had one because she overheard me and some friends talking about our personal stashes.

I went to my nightstand and reached inside the drawer hoping to pull out something softcore like Playboy. No dice! I ended up pulling out a Club International. This magazine was about as hardcore as they come!

My girlfriend let out a wow and then started thumbing through the pages. She stopped here and there to read some of the lame stories they put with the pics. Occasionally she stopped to look at the pics. Sometimes she’d smile and other times she’d wince.


After what seemed like forever and a day she stopped on a guy licking a girls pussy. She asked me if I had ever done anything like that and I nodded yes. “Good,” she said, “show me your best technique!”




Sometimes the best things in life aren’t naked! Like when a hot chick takes a self shot in the bathroom wearing lingerie. From time to time it is better to have a nice little teaser like this than it is to have a gaping hole with two cucumbers stuffed inside it!

When I want something softcore I go to NN Ex-Girlfriends. They are the nonnude photo and videos hookup. Before them I used to scan the Internet looking for free shit and guess what? I found it, but it consumed all of my free time! I stopped all of my hobbies, I rarely saw my friends, my own family only saw me occasionally!




Some things never get old and boring. One of those things is looking at girls in their clingy panties. The way cotton panties find their way into a girls crevasses never ceases to amaze me!

This gallery from Virgin Off is a great example. Don’t you just wish you could happen upon a set of girls experimenting like this?


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