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You don’t see many girls in the woodshop class and the ones you do see aren’t all that. However, I had a girl in my woodshop class that looked like Craving Carmen and she used to show me her virgin pussy under the table. A cleft of Venus so amazing it took all I had not to jump under the table and dive in it!




Today I was going through some galleries that didn’t make it into my blog and came across this picture of Emily 18. A lot of stuff went though my head



So I show this particular photo set from 18 Only Girls to my girlfriend looking for her take on it. Right away I could tell she was flashing back to the past thinking about a friend she must have done something similar with. How fucking hawt!


So I bring up this pic. She laughs. Not a mean laugh, but a chuckle. Like she had done this sort of thing before!

Then it was time to ask her what she thought. Basically she used to do this same stuff with her girlfriends back in school. It wasn’t being a young lesbian per-se. They were just seeing what feels good



This is probably going to be one of the sickest reviews I have ever had the pleasure of doing. The site is called Night Invasion and it basically follows a guy that prefers to have sex with sleeping women in the dead of night!

In this particular episode he finds a girl with a virgin pussy, or at least it looks like it anyway. After uncovering that tight gash he tries to put a finger inside and finds it is absolutely too tight!

Not one to let a virgin pussy stop him from cumming he sticks his hard cock right into the sleeping girls mouth. It doesn’t take him long before he blasts her tits and neck with his load. He jumps out the window and she wakes up wondering what all of the sticky stuff is all over her boobs!

As a member of Night Invasion you get an Unlimited Access Pass good for other sites like Lesbian Assault. Still more sites include Wave Hos nad Insane Coeds. If you like crazy porn and Girls Gone Wild this pass is right up your alley!

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