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So what do you think the likelihood is of that being a virgin pussy? Judging from the pierced nipples and the cans of Budweiser in the background I am going to say this chick gets laid on a daily basis!

I just wish I was the one giving her the hot beef injection!

Back in my day I used to be pretty cool. Somewhere along the long ride of life I have been on I lost my edge. I can’t get a chick like this on my boat anymore



If there is one thing that never gets old it is /stacey-rocks/6154/teen”>watching teen girls kiss. Their nubile bodies are primed and ready for sex. Their small tits are perky and their tight pussies are made even better by being shaved completely bare!

/” target=”_blank”>Stacey Rocks makes moments like these even better with her edgy looks and her pierced nipples. She thinks she is pulling one over on the world, but in reality, it is us who are pulling on over on her!

With Stacey you get total nudity. She even invited girls over to play with her. She updates /” target=”_blank”> several times a week and gives you access to her friends sites and multi-model sites like Teen Ambitions. Network members get even more action with even more friends!

Take the /” target=”_blank”>Stacey Rocks tour!



The plan: Go South of the border. Spend trust funds vicariously through themselves. End the trip by getting their nipples pierced and then take a photo that will never get back to their families.

What happened instead? They made it South of the border as planned and spent some of their trust funds. Everything was so cheap including the nipple piercings and this photo. The real price would come up later at a family gathering.

You see, someone uploaded that photo of the girls to Teens Self Shot and one of their cousins (I won’t say which one) showed it to another cousin and was caught during the exchange by an aunt. That is when the shit really hit the fan!

If there is one thing that is both beautiful and constant about teenagers it is that they are pretty foolish. You cannot take a photo like this and expect it not to find its way to the Internet! With all of the social networking sites and the easy of Email, MMS texting, etc, nothing stays hidden for long. Especially a photo of three hotties and a skank!

Pierced nipples is only the start. At Teens Self Shot there are tons of photos and videos shot by the girls themselves just waiting for you to download.

Are you a hottie with a nice rack? Send it in! They will pay you mad money for your work and trust me, no one will ever know!

Check out all of the uploads girls and their ex-boyfriends send in several times a week at Teens Self Shot!


The Internet has a gazillion hot teens. Each one of them is vying for your hard earned dollar. It is my job to steer you towards the good ones.

Kayla Banks is one of those good ones. She is hot and has a charming look. Her eyes are somewhere between green and hazel. Her hair is a natural shade of blonde created by the beach sun. Kayla has small tits with pierced nipples. Her body is not fat and it is not petite. You could say that her body is just right!

If you like panties and masturbation Kayla Banks is exactly what you are looking for. She takes a lot of time getting those panties off which means you get a lot of time seeing her with them on. Kayla does five webcam shows a week and is very dedicated to making her fans happy.

In addition to the webcam updates you get a new video and two new picture sets a week. This girl really loves to masturbate as you can see in her masturbation video above.

Members of Kayla Banks also get access to ten more teen themed web sites her webmasters are affiliated with. The other sites are a bit more hardcore than Kayla so if you ever get tired of watching Kayla Banks masturbate you can watch teens taking hard cocks in every orifice too!

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