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Playful Alice

Today’s topic: Skinny Girls!

Why skinny girls? Why not? Skinny girls can be a lot of things. Chubby isn’t one of them. Hey, there is nothing wrong with chubby, it just isn’t today’s topic.

One of my favorite things about skinny girls is they are often athletic. Nothing hotter than skiing with your skinny girlfriend. Taking her back to the cottage and playing all sorts of erotic games with her. I personally prefer skinny girls that like to cuddle. Wrap their arms around my mid-section and have me put my arms around them over their shoulders.

Alice is the perfect skinny girl. During roll playing she can be that cute girl or a mean dominating bitch. She can be shy and naive or blunt and quick minded. Personally, I like the shy and naive version the best.

Like most skinny girls Alice has small tits. Small but there. Don’t know any other way of describing it. Some girls have small tits but they don’t look sexy like Alice’s tits do. Her legs are long and slender. They end with a shapely butt. Unlike most skinny girls, Playful Alice has some nice thick buns. updates twice a week. With her spunky attitude and the cutest blue eyes on the planet she is worth every penny! Alice is the queen of dress up and frequently shoots sets that allow you to explore those boyhood fantasies about having sex with your friends sister.

This is one girl that will have you asking, "Why haven’t I heard of you until now?"

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