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A friend of mine recently found out that I run several blogs having to do with girls that society would label as jailbait (in appearance). Along with this blog I run a small tits blog and Young Fiesta. I guess you could say all of the girls on my blogs have small tits and are usually barely legal.

So anyway



One of my favorite Lightspeed Girls is Ashley Lightspeed. She is one of the few girls in the network that actually had a virgin pussy when she started shooting with them. I guess you couldn’t say her pussy was completely virgin since she did have sex with the other girls?!?!

But that is how things are done at the Lightspeed Sorority. Each of the girls is initiated into the sorority with a very lesbian themed hazing. If you like seeing teen girls in their skimpy panties playing with each others pussies this is definitely a network you need to explore!

Ashley Lightspeed was one of the quirky girls. She kind of looks elven and while she has a cute little pussy she also has some pretty amazing natural tits. The other girls spend a lot of time sucking on those tits!

Some of my other favorites include Dana Lightspeed and a girl that goes by the name Little Troublemaker. Her real name is Joey. All three of these girls have a cleft of Venus. That is where their outer pussy lips are so puffy they hide the inner pussy lips and often their clits as well.


That is a picture of Dana’s virgin pussy. I trust you will find it is equally amazing!

If you haven’t spent time in the Lightspeed World I highly suggest you do. They have some pretty competitive pricing so you can get dozens of sites for a low price. Fire up those network drives because it is time to start downloading, son!




That is the order in which I would tack these virgin pussies!

Okay, so they aren’t exactly virgins anymore. They each waxed their tender pussy lips to the point where they look like virgins from their hips down!

All of the girls at ALS Scan either shave or wax their pussies until they are so smooth you’d swear they were incapable of growing hair



There are billions of girls out there in the world with hot bodies. I guess you could say that they are a dime a dozen. One thing there aren’t enough of though are hot babes with hot bodies, and a hot pussy!

Aria from X-Art has a smooth virgin pussy ready to get poked. She gives it as much attention as she does the rest of her phenomenal body. Just look at her perky breasts! So full of pent up lust their nipples are begging to be sucked on!

I know I am kind of jumping around here, but Aria has so many good qualities they kind of pull your eyes, and your attention all over the place.

When the people at got started they were thinking softcore. The site was filled with hot nubile teens like Aria

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All I can say is wow!

This video is very perverted. It appears to depict a guy breaking into a sleeping coeds dorm room and playing with her virgin pussy. The whole thing is shot with a night vision camera and I am not even sure if this site is legal!

The guy in the video runs Night Invasion. He lives in a college town with two universities nearby. Along with the college girls, he spies on, and plays with, sleeping women too!

I don’t know if he buys the ladies drinks at a night club and slips them the date rape drug or what. I mean, you have to be pretty ballsy to stick your cock into a sleeping girls mouth! The entire video you are just waiting for the chick to wake up and scream bloody murder!

Some of the girls actually do wakeup! Yeah! Fucking crazy right!

Luckily the girls are pretty wet and often know him so they let him fuck them hard. is the ultimate voyeur site. If you have a thing for watching girls without them knowing you are there you will definitely find this site appealing. Especially if you are crazy enough to get in bed with them!

Watch the video here => (more…)



Back when I was still in school and playing football I had to stay at the neighbors house while my mom and dad went on vacations. My parents thought of the neighbor’s daughter and I as sister and brother. Little did they know we had a crush on each other!

So one day the coach had an emergency and let us out of practice early so I headed home and then remembered my parents had split town so I needed to go next door.

Their house had a big front door and it opened to the stairway and a hallway to lead to the back of the house. When I opened the door I was greeted by a big surprise. It seems my Cute Tabby neighbor had invited a friend over and they were sharing some quality time on the stairwell!


The look on the girls faces

Girl Cum!