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With Senior Proms just around the corner there are going to be a log of newly eighteen year old girls giving it up for some very lucky fellows. Let’s just hope that mom and dad paid for everything… Wouldn’t want these guys to experience the high price of getting laid yet.

Lovely Anne is doing a good job or portraying one of those sex crazed eighteen year olds in the picture above. Pretty much, if you get to this point in the evening, your ass is as good as laid.

I remember my own prom. Me and my date got a hotel and room service wasn’t checking ID’s. We got drunk as fuck and had sex every half hour or so. Other students kept trying to get into the room like we were throwing some party or gave two shits about what everyone else was doing. We double bolted the door and turned up the music. I think we got pretty high too.

My girlfriend had huge tits like Lovely Anne has. Her legs weren’t as long but, I didn’t let that stop me from tapping her ass. That night was also the first time I received head from a chick like she was from a porn star. I guess she wanted to surprise me with something special and special it was! updates three times a week and Anne gets pretty hardcore. She loves to masturbate that tight pussy of hers using both fingers and dildos. Occasionally she invites one of her friends over to lick it for her. Two blondes going 69? To die for!

Along with access to Lovely Anne, she also gives you access to four of her friends. I only wish my girlfriend had that same deal… Wow!

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OK, I am not sure how you are supposed to pronounce Malene, but that is the least of my problems. I have seen this girl around the net before. Never like this though.

Malene + Only Tease = A Very Happy Me! is where you go if you are into three things. Panties, pantyhose and hot babes. Here you get all of them in one tight package.

Malene has much larger tits than most of the girls I write about. Don’t worry, I am not changing my blogs general philosophy, just exploring some panties on a girl that happens to fit into the big tits niche.

The pair of pink polka dot panties with lace trim Malene is wearing are very sexy. Only Tease is full of galleries with all sorts of panties but, these are my favorite. Finding panties like these at Only Tease is a cinch. The navigation there allows you to make all sorts of intricate searches. Blonde girls wearing white cotton panties with short skirts? No problem! Just use the drop down menus and you get them all on the same page. It is so easy!

There are over 340 models on Only Tease. With so many to choose from my first hour in the members area quickly turned into an all night expedition. When I finished I didn’t feel drained, I felt great knowing there were another three hundred models I hadn’t even seen yet.

Each model at does multiple picture galleries. Several models do more than one video. There are 1,429 videos in all. There are new updates daily. Read that again. There are new UPDATES daily. Plural. As in many.

At first I wondered how they could make any money with so many updates. Once I entered the members area I realized why they can afford it. No one wants to cancel their membership! This site is that good!


Lilly Anne. For the guy that loves stockings, nylons and pantyhose. Or perhaps, for any guy that enjoys the erotic beauty these garments imbue when paired with a petite teen like, Lilly Anne.

Along with the fetishes I previously mentioned, Lilly Anne is an excellent panty fetish site. Her long legs and thin waist pull those panties taunt across her mons. With Lilly’s pussy crack barely visible through her tight panties, you can see exactly where you are supposed to put your cock.

While her body is petite and her tits are small, Lilly has a fleshy, cheeky butt. Try to imagine what she looks like shaking that butt on the dance floor. Would she let you see up her skirt? Let you rub her feet and calves? Let you have her panties?

Lilly Anne has a full length video to go along with each picture set. You can download them to your own hard drive. Members get access to a request/update forum where members can make requests for future updates directly to the models.

Along with access to Lilly Anne, you also get access to her sister sites, Kelly Dee, Sin Dee, Legshow and Kirtsy Blue.


If that isn’t one hell of a succulent dish of virgin pussy… That bald pussy belongs to Aileen who in turn belongs to The world leader in nude erotic art.

Like Aileen, the girls at Met Art are all 100% eye catching. Shit, even mesmerizing. I am trying to write this review and I can’t take my eyes off that virgin pussy of hers.

Over 1300 models have opened themselves up for Met Art thus far. Some of the pictures they have taken are in 5000 pixel resolution. Imagine this pussy in 5000 pixels!

Along with pictures the models also do videos. Again, high resolution and you can download them to your computer. Videos come in DIVX, WMV and QuickTime. They even have PSP, IPOD and IPHONE versions. As always you can stream the videos via flash if you don’t want incriminating evidence your wife can use against you on the computer. I am sure she won’t appreciate your desire for virgin pussy. updates daily so you had better remember to buy plenty of lube the next time you are at the store!

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