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That is one delicious little peach right there. As you can probably tell her body is a barely legal perv’s dream. Her tiny tits are extremely firm and perky. Her pussy looks as delicate as it did on the day she was born. She is Dana Lightspeed and she is open for business



If the critics are going to tell me that this little angel doesn’t have a virgin pussy then I am going to petition to have the criteria changed on what constitutes a virgin. If the hymen must be intact I will bring up the fact that the simple act of riding a bike can break that flimsy piece of skin. If counting a girls pussy hairs is any indication of her virginity I will point out that Belle doesn’t even seem to have hair follicles! I am not sure if she waxes or what, but her pussy is as bald as bald can get without breaking the skin.

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Imagine if you will that Paris Hilton had a younger sister that did porn and was hotter than her actual younger sister is in real life. Dream about sucking on her cute little titties while her virgin pussy grips your hard cock so tightly it feels like it is going to pull that sucker right off of your body!

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Have you ever wondered what a virgin pussy tastes like? Just ask a cheer-leader. Odds are she has been licking her friends pussies for a while and that she has a pretty good grasp on what they all taste like.

When I was in high school I used to notice that hot girls look at each other in the same way a boy/girl couple does when they are trying to hide their relationship from everyone else. I also noticed that other hot girls pick up on this and that they often form larger and larger groups of hot babes. Ever wondered about two girls that have a deep hatred for one another out of the blue? Chances are they are mad about somebody having sex with somebody and both of those bodies were girls!


Girls are a lot different than their male counterparts when it comes to sex and love. For instance girls often practice kissing with other girls, where as boys do not. Girls don’t consider this cheating since it isn’t like they were fucking each other or anything.


Along with practicing kissing girls are more apt to practice making each other feel good more often than boys are. It might have something to do with girls needing to be touched on their virgin pussy in just the right way to orgasm, and that other girls would know exactly how they like to be touched?!?!


My girlfriends have always preferred that I cut my nails very short if I was planning on finger banging them. As you can see girls will let other girls rub their clit with long nails because, again, girls know what to do since they have the same sexual body parts.


While guys dive into a girls nipples and start slurping, and sucking, like a retarded infant, girls take their time, and heighten the sensitivity of their partners nipples by making her yearn for more.


One more oil level check before tasting that virgin pussy!


Check out the brunette’s cat like grip on that couch cushion. Her blonde friend started out slow and only sped things up once she was sure her partner was ready for it. Girls really do eat pussy better than guys.


I would give my left nut and my right arm to be able to rub her tender pussy through her bikini bottoms if she’d let me. Of course I’d also expect to be able to ram by cock ball deep (remember I gave up one nut) into her wet cunt!


Girls always return the favor when it comes to licking pussy. They act like sucking your cock is a total chore even when you are going to spooge in five minutes or less, but they will go down on each other for hours on end.

I’m not jealous. As they say, make love, not war!

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Virgin teen Zoey Foxx was getting desperate. She had run away from her strict parents searching for an easier life, but it was getting colder and colder as winter set in. She needed a warm place to stay and a hot shower. She found a house where it looked like nobody was home and forced her way inside.

While looking for a place to stash her belongings the owner came home to find a delicious looking young teenager in his home. While he was miffed about the damage she created to his door he was also quite horny. He gave Zoey a proposition he knew she wouldn’t refuse.

Zoey Foxx wasn’t exactly an angel when it came to sex. She had sucked a few boys off in her time, and she really liked having her pussy eating by both girls and boys. So when this nice old man didn’t get seriously mad at her for ruining his door lock she thought maybe she would have a chance of killing two birds with one stone. She could attend to her need for a hot cock and a hot shower.

They both realized what the other wanted at the same time and it was as if fireworks went off. Both the man and Zoey were naked in seconds before engaging in a sexual romp-fest neither had ever even dreamed of having in their lifetimes.

She had never realized guys as old as her dad could be so fun. He had always thought younger girls were too inexperienced for his tastes and yet here was a little blonde cutie rocking his world like a porn star!

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Girls with tight bodies and round faces really turn me on. I am not sure if it is some ingrained preference stemming from a genetic predisposition or what. I also prefer that they have sandy blonde hair. Not brown. Not platinum blonde. Sandy blonde like Twigy above!

I also have a thing for girls with a cleft of Venus. It gives me hope that I just might be tapping into a virgin pussy. I know having, or not having, a pastrami sandwich down there is not indicative of whether or not a girl has fucked yet, but again, genetic predisposition?

With a membership to Club Seventeen you get access to thousands of girls. I have reviewed dozens of girls with a cleft of Venus. I still have dozens more to go making the total well over a hundred!

The site updates daily and the archives span all the way back to Bill Clinton’s second term. The site began as a magazine that stated all the way back when Carter was President!

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More and more guys are joining the Catie Minx fan club and you could be the next victim if you so wish. Catie grew up rubbing her virgin pussy dreaming of having guys toss off to thoughts of her. She had just one problem. She was a Nerd with a capital N!

Believe it or not that lovely pussy above went cockless all though high school. Catie Minx ditched her glasses for contacts, got rid of the clothes her mother chose for her and learned how to do her own hair. Just like that she was a rock star.

Now guys are lining up to lick her pink pussy and to get a chance at tapping that ass of hers. She is open to anything you can imagine. All she wants is what any girls wants. To have fun!



The people at MPL Studios have done it yet again. How do they find such succulent virgin pussy? To what lengths must they go through in search of girls this cute? What ever it is they are doing I hope they never tire of doing it. The quality of their girls is unmatched!

I cannot think of a single soul in my contact list that wouldn’t want to be stranded on a deserted island with this little cutie. Her small tits are very perky. Her limps are very long without an ounce of flab.


Look at that butt on her. Too cute! And then there is her virgin pussy. A perfect cleft of Venus if I ever saw one. You would have to finger her tightness for a few minutes adding an extra finger every so often before you could even dream of fitting your fat cock in there!

Believe it or not MPL Studios has so many models with similar vertical smiles that you will begin to consider such delights as a dime-a-dozen. Don’t believe me? There is only one way to find out and that is to join MPL Studios!

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