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All About Ashley is a pretty little tomboy, she is very cute with small boobs and a cute little butt.  She definitely looks a little tomboyish, not necessarily a bad thing, it ads to that pure innocence that we are looking for. 

The main reason All About Ashley being a little tomboyish is a good thing, is that we do not think of a girl who is a tomboy of having sex, we want a virgin like innocence and that is what is delivered.



This is one of the youngest looking chicks you will see on the net, without worrying about getting a knock on your door.  Angie Cutie is so young looking that most porn providers have dropped her and her current provide has made her provide two identifications to verify her age.

So with that little piece of information please enjoy what Angie Cutie has to show you, you can let your inner creeper out for a minute and relax she is confirmed 18.  Just remember to put him back, nobody likes a creeper, not even other creepers.  Remember enjoy.




Sometimes it is the simple things in life that reap the biggest rewards. In the case of Teenage Decadence it is the long standing tradition of candid photography. Sometimes the girls take their own pics, other times it is an admirer. Either way they make for some great fap material!

Teenage Decadence is one of those sites that is near and dear to my heart. It has been open for a decade. When it started it was just a forum where guys came and unloaded all of their beach candid pics. Tons and tons of hot girls in bikinis!

Over time the site grew and they instituted a new rule. The most pics you uploaded, the most levels of forum you could access. The higher the level the larger the pics, the longer the threads and the more active the uploaders!

The site really got big, but then there were only about 100 of us uploading 99% of the pics. The other 25,000 or so members (at the time) were trying to freeload, but couldn’t. Because you need to upload pics to get good access.

So they came up with yet another rule. This new one made it so you could BUY your way into the platinum access club! Now, normally I wouldn’t see this as a good thing. Lots of nubes in the higher levels? Argh! People paying for something that used to be free? Argh!

But once they added paid membership things changed



Believe it or not sights like this one are the norm in many European countries. Hot, young babes with perky, naturally big tits showing them to the world… But wait… To get sights like these out to the rest of the world you need a vehicle and that vehicle is called Obsessed With Myself. The world’s leading candid photography site!

At Obsessed With Myself they have tens of thousands of bikini candids, topless candids and 100% nude candids! There are thousands of homemade amateur porn videos. You can have it all for free!

Free? WTF? They are so sure you will enjoy yourself at Obsessed With Myself that they are offering you the keys to the castle for free. If you want to stick around, do nothing and get billed monthly. Should you want to cancel, do it online with instant confirmation.

You gotta love the fucking Internet, man! How many strip clubs let you in for free and give you this much free porn? Obsessed With Myself makes living in this day and age a freak’in pleasure!



So you just received an MMS message from the girlfriend and she is sending you hand bra pics. What do you do now?

Well, if you are a self respecting boyfriend with any balls at all you head on over to Obsessed With Myself and upload those pics! But don’t be surprised if the submission form is closed. They receive hundreds a day and don’t have time to weed through a thousand more!

And, what do you do if you don’t have a girlfriend sending you hand bra pics? You head on over to Obsessed With Myself to look at everyone else’s girlfriends!

For the price of zero dollars you can take the three day trial and check out the self shots, POV blowjob videos, teen girls kissing and more.

This site is fucking amazing!


Because the updates come in like mad with chicks even sending in their own naked pics. The content is all categorized and they have something for everyone. Bikini pics, flashing pics from Spring Break, wet t-shirt contests, amateur home videos… You name it and it is here.

Everything at Obsessed With Myself is amateur. You won’t find this kind of content on a conventional porn site. These are real girl next door types getting fucked, facialed and exposed for all to see.

KinkyGFs is your girlfriend on Vodka. A premium mix of stupid, drunk, smoking hot chicks!



Why there serious look from Jenny Reid? Probably because she knows you are looking at her seriously small tits. You sick pervert! But hey, don’t feel bad. To be honest, I think she actually enjoys all of the attention.

Jenny originally set out to be a model with her clothes on but learned you had to be tall in order to do it. So she settled for Internet models where we actually prefer little girls.

Jenny Reid is part of a network of six sites dedicated to bringing you the best in barely legal solo models. Each site updates every two to three days. Pictures are shot in 1400×1024. This girls body is so flawless!

Both the videos and the pics are shot to show off her panties, small tits and tight buns. Add in her friends and you have a lot of catching up to do!



When it comes to models that know how to tease there is none better than Kari Sweets. Her body is basically perfect. Everything is proportionate and fits together so fucking well.

While Kari Sweets is known for her bubble butt she also has a following that enjoy her small tits. You can count me as one of them. To be honest, I don’t need a bubble butt, but I certainly do enjoy small tits! has been open for a few years now and in that time she has built up quite a nice archive of her signature teasing material.

Kari does not show her cooter without some kind of flimsy panty covering it. Like I said, she is a tease. She does, however, have a killer body and a message board you can talk to her on. She will tease the cum out of you there too!

The updates at Kari Sweets come in twice a week and she also takes lots of candid photos of herself, plus, she keeps an updated diary of what is going on in her life. I actually got to meet Kari at a porn convention by keeping tabs on her diary. Who knows, maybe you can get lucky too?



Here at Virgins 19 we often get searches for things like preteen, preteens, jailbait, lolita pics and just about everything else illegal. I can assure you, we don’t have any of that!

What we do have is the next best thing. Emily 18 is just about as close as you are going to come to a preteen. She never really matured like her friends in high school did and that always made her feel awkward. She met a photographer named Alice and Alice changed Emily’s her life forever.

Emily18 has small tits and a very youthful appearance. Though her tits are small her ass has a bit of a bubble. A good, juicy, thick bubble.

When Emily first started her web site she didn’t show a whole lot of skin. She was a bit modest. Once you get into her members area you can see why. The first pics of this girl make her look very young. As time went on she became more confident with her youthful appearance as the fan mail came pouring in. Now Emily18 goes completely nude!

Members of can chat with her on her message board. She updates her site three times a week and everything is shot in high definition.

Perhaps the best part about Emily 18 is the fact that this barely legal solo model is perfectly legal. I got caught looking at her pics once and it took about 10 minutes to convince my girlfriend that she was indeed legal!

Now… if you are looking for a virgin pussy? Andi Pink is your girl!



Why Cute Abby? Well, I know, I know… She doesn’t take off her panties, but that is just fine by me. I like her panties! Not only does she have a tremendous amount of sexy panties, Abby also has a nice set of small, yet perky, tits.

I also enjoy the fact that Cute Abby looks like the girl next door. Why? Because I enjoy getting laid and Abby looks like the type of girl I’d have a chance with.

Abby got her start posting her sexy pics on MySpace. Eventually they were ruled too provocative and she had to take them down. But not until they caught the eye of a webmaster!

Now you can watch Abby getting naked at She updates with new content weekly and each new set of pics and video features her in a pair of skimpy panties. I can’t express enough how exciting her panty teasing can be!

Members are treated to pics of her friends and can Email Cute Abby about anything they have on their mind. Just remember that she is a dirty little girl so don’t be surprised if she wants your pics too!


Lets start this post off with the fact that there is going to be some stupid butch-dyke, lesbian whore our there that is will inform us all that women don’t normally stand in streams checking themselves out.

Well, to that lesbian bitch I will state that you don’t look like Luscious Perscilla and never will and that if you did and with your persuasion you would be the first to check yourself out! You didn’t get with another butch! You got together with as close to Luscious Perscilla as you could manage with your 24/7 PMS attitude.

OK… Back to the original programming.

Sweet Jesus is this babe hot or what? Big tits, ribs showing, globy-assDick sucking lips! Long hair… fresh face… did I miss anything?

Just about the only caveat I have to bring up about Luscious Perscilla is that she only goes topless. Personally I don’t mind and enjoy trying to make out her pussy parts through her sheer panties. Makes me feel like I am on a sexual version of CSI.

Even though she only goes topless she does keep her toplessness exciting. Perscilla is well known for getting in trouble by going topless out on the street in some very public situations. While her fans aren’t complaining her local district attorney is. Maybe we should all write the asshole a letter?

Luscious Perscilla loves to dress up in evening attire and the type of stuff you see hot babes wearing in clubs. Anyone into Latina babes, car shows, bikini babes and big tits girls will really enjoy this site.

Oh, and lets not forget about that ass!

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Somebody fucking pinch me! I must be dreaming… Emily 18 with her small tits doing their best to spill out over her chest. Masturbating with plushy socks on. Oh how good those socks would feel on your cock!

Up until now Emily 18 has been the ultimate tease. Lately she has become daring… showing more of herself if you know what I mean. It is only a matter of time before she releases a video of herself masturbating without those panties on.

Don’t get me wrong. I am a fan of panties. I enjoy watching how they cling to her delicate parts. I have spent countless hours glued to my monitor trying to make out every nook and cranny of her pussy slit. Plus, it is delightful to no end to study how they cling to that cheeky little bottom of hers.

Emily 18 will go down has the hottest barely legal solo girl on the Internet. She updates her site several times a week and each update features her small tits and a pair of fresh panties. But, I probably don’t have to tell you that. You quite possibly are an even bigger Emily 18 fan than I am.

No worries there… There is plenty of room on the Emily18 bandwagon. So if haven’t seen this barely legal teen in action, get a membership and educate yourself!


There is no denying that candid pics can raise your blood pressure up a few points. You get to see some of the hottest girl next door types doing what teens do best. Look hot.

I don’t know if the girls are getting hotter or if it is just me, but it seems like there are many more hotties out there then when I was in college. I actually booked a flight for Spring Break this year and had a blast. Young tale all over the beach, drunk, horny… Where were these ladies when I was a kid?

Instead of getting down on myself for being born at a time when women wore board shorts as thong bikinis I spend my time at

What is xPosing you ask? Well, xPosing started out a community where people posted galleries of all of the hot babes they encountered. Clothed, nude, semi-nude, bikinis, you name it and they have it.

xPosing has transformed into a place to store and score your candid beach pics. Plus, now you can see amateur fuck and suck videos, chicks caught naked on the toilet, chicks kissing and more.

Unlike in the past you don’t need to upload photos to join. Now you can cheat your way in by paying the doorman. Membership is $19.99 a month. Not bad for a web site that continuously updates and gives perverts like you access even when you are just going to leech the site.



Jenifer from Face Down Ass Up University.

Yeah… the site names that site owners come up with are pretty fucking corny and probably serve as a turn off to any girls that come around here looking for porn but, I would imagine not many girls are coming here looking for porn anyway… Then again… You would be surprised at how many chicks I do get coming in here looking for porn… I am the embodiment of contradiction today, aye?

So let’s forget about the name and focus more on the content. FDAU University is the brainchild of Phil Flash. If you don’t know who he is it might be because he does his job so well you don’t need to know who he is. Phil runs many solo girl sites and he pays special attention to girls in panties.

Face Down Ass Up University is Phil’s first attempt at a multi-girl site and I have to say, Phil, you hit a fucking home run here man! I honestly don’t think I could have done a better job myself.

Phil’s past endeavors have run the full gamut of non-nude to hardcore. This is his first site that spans the entire spectrum. You get to see girls go from no nudity Freshman of to the Hardcore Seniors with no qualms about getting naked for the camera or performing some raunchy sex scenes on video.

Fans of schoolgirl photography are in for a real treat here at Face Down Ass Up University. The dress code reads like a schoolgirl menu. Pleated plaid skirts, thigh highs, bobby socks, ankle socks, ruffled anklets, Mary Jane shoes, white Oxfords, V-neck sweaters… Pretty much everything you have ever wanted to see a schoolgirl wearing. Not to mention panties must contrast highly with the color of a girls skirt. Makes upskirts much more exciting!

Each girl has a full bio in the yearbook so you can really get to know the girls on a personal level. Each bio also contains info like how many videos and picture sets a particular student has and her class. Remember, the higher the course level, the more hardcore the girl is!



I would like to start out by praising the Lord for two things. Hot nude women and nude beaches to enjoy them at. Do I Love the Beach? You had better fucking believe I do!

I also love the Internet! With the Internet you can save a ton of money by not having to fly to places like the French Riviera and St Tropez. All you have to do is grab yourself a pass to and they bring the hot ladies to you!

Not only do they bring you tons of women in beach candid pics, but they also have video too. We are talking both crystal clear high definition videos and lower definition for those that don’t have high speed Internet connections yet.

This isn’t one of the usual beach candid sites that regurgitate the same old content. I Love the Beach shoots all of their own content and anything they purchase they get the exclusive rights to. They update 5 times a week and you can see some samples on the tour.

Members can contribute their own content to the site. Currently it boasts over 10,000 images of nude beach bliss and over 1,000 movie clips for your jacking enjoyment. Stop imagining the worlds finest women and start watching them at I Love the Beach right now!

Girl Cum!