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Posted By Rhino on 09/06/06 -
Andi Pink Virgin

I cannot say with any certainty that Andi Pink is a virgin or not. But, I can fantasize about the possibilities, right? Andi Pink is a strange name for a hot blue eyed teen. But when you look at that name, it almost personifies her beauty, doesn’t it?

It seems everything about Andi is perfect. Her eyes and her hair are right off of Jennifer Aniston. Andi’s pussy is heaven sent, shaved and more lickable than a lollipop! She has perfect tits and totally lickable nipples. That ass on her is flaweless and cute. Even her clit is cute. Can a clit be cute? Sure… why not?

AndiPink.com updates her sets two times a week. Sometimes they even do three or four! Seeing this barely legal teen prance around in cute little outfits is to much. I gotta go whack off.

While I am gone, think about getting a membership of your own. I am sure you can think of all sorts of reasons it’d be a good idea!

Happy fantasizing!

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Blogged Under: Barely Legal,Brunettes,Shaved,Small Tits
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119 thoughts on “Andi Pink Virgin”

  1. Giant says:

    Any girl who emails me could get the best cock she will ever have
    Especially if she has a pussy like that.

    [email protected]

  2. kamnk says:

    hey girl i was wondering if you were interested in making a load of money

  3. pussy monster says:

    i would smash that til next july. i would fuckin do anything to her. U HAVE A FUCKING NICE PUSSY.

  4. Sarah says:

    lol mine looks like that too its not a big deal but thats probably cuz im 1x and still a virgin lol

  5. John says:

    Sarah lets see a pic of it? cuase i got a few that will make you crazy…

  6. bobby says:

    come here babe . let me give u a kiss.

  7. stewie says:


  8. Salman says:

    She is so Beautiful.

  9. ams says:

    i wnt dat pussyyyyy vry badly

  10. TTKTS says:

    nice gal,Iwant to fuck her.

  11. Gary says:

    Andi, First off I would love to see you remove all of your clothing. Then I would remove mine. I would love to just stare at your beautiful nude body so I can get an erection. Then I want to place my head between your legs and kiss your vulva. I want to massage your breasts with my hands and lick and kiss your areolae. Finally, I want to stick my penis between your labia and then fuck you up the vagina.

  12. harrison says:

    I would kill to lick that sweet pussy.

  13. ricky says:

    She does not look any more than 15. I would screw that no problem and love that over and over again.

  14. James 747 says:


  15. Jacob May says:

    That’s the tightest pussy I’ve ever seen any virgin girls want a big cock send me a txt 623 302 3550;)

  16. andrew says:

    damn i would fuck that all nite long

  17. jacky says:

    aaaaaahhhhhh fucking good worth more than billion billion trillion dollars

  18. jhon says:

    i want to fuck dat pussy

  19. Rhino says:

    I think the entire world does!

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