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xoxoleah-election Nothing gets me in the mood to think about who I am going to vote for like does. I really wish that new governor for New York was running for President right about now. I can already hear it, "Presidential nominee David Paterson admits to online porn usage."

Wouldn’t that be the shit? He would get my vote in a fucking heart beat!

But enough about politics, lets talk about XOXO Leah instead. Does this girl not embody the American Spirit? Blonde, hot, doubly hot, smoking hot and damn I would fuck her for days. But enough about me… updates with a new photo set on Monday, a new XOXO Leah video on Tuesday, then a diary update on Wednesday, LIVE Webcam on Thursday, more video on Friday and bamb, the weekend off. That is so fucking American. No worky-worky on the weekend.

Now I know you get extra horny on the weekend. So don’t get bummed out, there is plenty of archived updates of this blonde bombshell for you to enjoy.

So tell that bitch to take the kids to grandma’s house. It is time to be a patriot at!

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Jenifer from Face Down Ass Up University.

Yeah… the site names that site owners come up with are pretty fucking corny and probably serve as a turn off to any girls that come around here looking for porn but, I would imagine not many girls are coming here looking for porn anyway… Then again… You would be surprised at how many chicks I do get coming in here looking for porn… I am the embodiment of contradiction today, aye?

So let’s forget about the name and focus more on the content. FDAU University is the brainchild of Phil Flash. If you don’t know who he is it might be because he does his job so well you don’t need to know who he is. Phil runs many solo girl sites and he pays special attention to girls in panties.

Face Down Ass Up University is Phil’s first attempt at a multi-girl site and I have to say, Phil, you hit a fucking home run here man! I honestly don’t think I could have done a better job myself.

Phil’s past endeavors have run the full gamut of non-nude to hardcore. This is his first site that spans the entire spectrum. You get to see girls go from no nudity Freshman of to the Hardcore Seniors with no qualms about getting naked for the camera or performing some raunchy sex scenes on video.

Fans of schoolgirl photography are in for a real treat here at Face Down Ass Up University. The dress code reads like a schoolgirl menu. Pleated plaid skirts, thigh highs, bobby socks, ankle socks, ruffled anklets, Mary Jane shoes, white Oxfords, V-neck sweaters… Pretty much everything you have ever wanted to see a schoolgirl wearing. Not to mention panties must contrast highly with the color of a girls skirt. Makes upskirts much more exciting!

Each girl has a full bio in the yearbook so you can really get to know the girls on a personal level. Each bio also contains info like how many videos and picture sets a particular student has and her class. Remember, the higher the course level, the more hardcore the girl is!


More often then not people are choosing amateur girls over professional porn stars. Things go in cycles and it is becoming clear that the porn star cycle has run its course.

When it comes to the girl next door nobody does it like the people at And…. When it comes to young porn stars with fresh faces? Again, nobody does it like! At Lusted you get the best of both worlds!

Girls like Arika are what Lusted is all about. Hot nude teen models doing what they want to do. Unlike other sites where the girls follow a script, Lusted lets the girls write there own. That means you get a much more natural feel to the videos!

In the Lusted videos above you can see Arika is thoroughly enjoying her ride on the Sybian. That is because she is the one that suggested she ride it. You get to see her fantasy become a reality and her orgasm is amazing!

Video at Lusted is shot in 1080i so you can burn it to a DVD and enjoy it on the home theatre! You can also download them or stream them in WMV and MPG formats. Plus, there is the iPOD format for those that like to watch porn on the move.

Currently there are 125 Lusted models and another is added each week. It is time for you to ditch the scripted stuff and try something real for a change with!

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1403864901Hey, fellas, what is cooler than being cool? No, the correct answer  isn’t ice cold. The correct answer is a new web site called!

The thing that makes this web site so cool is that it is so fucking basic! Who hasn’t whacked off thinking about a game of truth or dare with sexual connotations? Don’t lie. Unless you lack imagination you spent some time thinking about taking that game to the next level with a special group of girls.


0470103187 At Dare Ring you can relive the fantasy as both guys and girls take group sex to a new level.

With so many contestants the games last for about one hour and forty minutes! Nothing is left out so you can follow the action from introductions to the very last orgasm.

For those that prefer lesbians to group sex, some games are girls only. Most games are themed so you can fantasize about banging a valley girl or pretend to spy on a girls slumber party!

There are also bonus games like Strip Poker, Spin the Bottle, Twister, Blowjob Roulette and more.

Find out more at Dare Ring!



Keep it cocked and locked right here! There is a new girl in town and her name is Angel Woods. Unfortunately her web site isn’t completely finished yet. So until then, masturbate to this pic for a while.

Right now I think Angel is waiting for you to break.

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I will admit it. I am a sucker for teen lesbians. Sure I enjoy watching any two females (under 40) kiss but, teen lesbians, especially college coeds, are always special. But this isn’t just about teen lesbians kissing.

This is about and there barely legal assortment of girls. In America no one will publish an entire web site of barely legal girls. Even Hustler’s Barely Legal magazine isn’t full of girls that look barely legal. They might have one or two per issue and the rest are obviously twenty years old or more.

At My 18 Teen the girls are all barely legal. Every last one of them. Those Czech boys know how to target a niche properly. They also know how to do hardcore. The girls above get pretty wild with dildos but, the other girls get even crazier with the guys.

We are talking about tons of anal and everything else including messy facials. Some girls go solo and even softcore. The majority get extreme and some videos feature massive teen orgies. Makes me want to go back to college! updates daily. Everything is shot in high definition. Which is surprising because I didn’t know the Czech Republic moved past Polaroids yet. If you are a fan of the barely legal niche you will definitely enjoy your password!


I have to say, Miss Dacia does two things for me. In one instance I find her intoxicating and in another she scares the living crap out of me!

Though I labeled this post Teen Vampire, Dacia isn’t really a teen. She is a young woman at the early age of 22 years old. This is fine by me for several reasons. First and foremost, my blog is about 18 to 23 year olds and she fits the bill. Second, she looks young enough to require carding for cigarettes. And finally, I truly believe that age has refined her. You simply would not get this kind of sophistication from younger talent.

I know some frown on the Goth teen look because of the negative light it has cast upon it. Usually it is about sadness and depression. Two emotions not often associated with masturbation fantasies. However, Goth is also about style and Miss Dacia takes style and decadence to a level anyone could enjoy. Yes, I normally focus on the styles of the average teeny-bopper-girls. Bright colors and cartoon cats. It is nice to take a vacation once in a while and Miss Dacia is such a fine guide!

Like most Goth sites deals in the creepy. By creepy I mean this girl naturally has teeth resembling those of a vampire. A scary, hot, seductive vampire. If I was to give my soul to anyone, this would be the girl I would give it too! In some photos (not all, thank God), Dacia so closely resembles a vampire that I can almost feel her biting my neck!

So… If you need a break from the norm Miss Dacia will not let you down. In addition to the usual warm towel and some lotion I would also suggest wearing a turtle neck.



At first glance Alexis Love looks like your typical Barely Legal Teen. With her big brown eyes, small perky tits and innocent looking face. Well that couldn’t be further from the truth.

I found Alexis Love on It is home to girls who may look all sweet and innocent but these girls are hiding a huge secret. That is that they have an uncontrollable appetite for  big dick.

Teens Like It Big is all about the hottest teens crushing on the biggest dicks and the things they will to get their petite mouths raped around a big thick cock. These girls do everything from their sisters well hung boyfriends to their own boyfriends brothers. To these teens it doesn’t matter who they are as long as they have a cock big enough to fill that tight little pussy.

With a  2-day trial  membership for $2.95  you can become a member of With that membership you will enjoy more than 1500 videos and photos of the hottest barely legal teens taking on the biggest cocks.

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8Teenies virgin

How could you pass up a chance to make sexy-time with this barely legal virgin? It would be impossible. I am not sure I could even carry on a conversation with her without my mind going completely blank.

Shit… I am looking at her right now and I can’t even think of what to say about her…

What I can say is that I don’t post about girls I wouldn’t fuck myself. I mean why would I promote someone I wouldn’t put my own dick in? Yeah I enjoy the money sites like 8Teenies gives me. But, not enough to sell something or someone I don’t believe in.

Those pink panties on April look pretty damn inviting. They go perfect with her pale skin and pink nipples. Her thick bottom lip. Imagine that lip working your cock!

The gallery above doesn’t show much of what is underneath those panties but the members area of 8Teenies does! There are 125 pics of April and she is naked in about 1/3 of them. Along with April you get 99 other models in 300 exclusive galleries. So many barely legal virgins it will blow your mind.

While you are there don’t forget to check out the masturbation videos. Barely legal girls only doing what comes natural!

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What is a hot teen with an exhibitionist streak to do? Open a porn site of course! Meet Molly of MollysBedroom. Never before has there been a hardcore teen with such softcore qualities.

Molly was born with some amazing attributes. Molly has a huge set of tits that hand perfectly. Her nipples are a sexy shade of pink. Molly has bright eyes that give her a barely legal look. But don’t let those eyes fool you. This girl is as dirty as they cum

Twice a week Molly and her ex-boyfriend (now a co-worker with benefits) add videos and pictures of Molly’s exhibitionist escapades. Sometimes that means girl on girl or solo masturbation and other times it means she is dining on tube steak. No matter what is on the menu for the week, it is always piping hot!

Members of MollysBedroom can make special requests and read her personal diary. Everything is downloadable and the videos are high definition, full screen size. Take the tour and you can see that Mollys Bedroom leaves nothing out!

Girl Cum!