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I have to say, Miss Dacia does two things for me. In one instance I find her intoxicating and in another she scares the living crap out of me!

Though I labeled this post Teen Vampire, Dacia isn’t really a teen. She is a young woman at the early age of 22 years old. This is fine by me for several reasons. First and foremost, my blog is about 18 to 23 year olds and she fits the bill. Second, she looks young enough to require carding for cigarettes. And finally, I truly believe that age has refined her. You simply would not get this kind of sophistication from younger talent.

I know some frown on the Goth teen look because of the negative light it has cast upon it. Usually it is about sadness and depression. Two emotions not often associated with masturbation fantasies. However, Goth is also about style and Miss Dacia takes style and decadence to a level anyone could enjoy. Yes, I normally focus on the styles of the average teeny-bopper-girls. Bright colors and cartoon cats. It is nice to take a vacation once in a while and Miss Dacia is such a fine guide!

Like most Goth sites deals in the creepy. By creepy I mean this girl naturally has teeth resembling those of a vampire. A scary, hot, seductive vampire. If I was to give my soul to anyone, this would be the girl I would give it too! In some photos (not all, thank God), Dacia so closely resembles a vampire that I can almost feel her biting my neck!

So… If you need a break from the norm Miss Dacia will not let you down. In addition to the usual warm towel and some lotion I would also suggest wearing a turtle neck.

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