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Jenifer from Face Down Ass Up University.

Yeah… the site names that site owners come up with are pretty fucking corny and probably serve as a turn off to any girls that come around here looking for porn but, I would imagine not many girls are coming here looking for porn anyway… Then again… You would be surprised at how many chicks I do get coming in here looking for porn… I am the embodiment of contradiction today, aye?

So let’s forget about the name and focus more on the content. FDAU University is the brainchild of Phil Flash. If you don’t know who he is it might be because he does his job so well you don’t need to know who he is. Phil runs many solo girl sites and he pays special attention to girls in panties.

Face Down Ass Up University is Phil’s first attempt at a multi-girl site and I have to say, Phil, you hit a fucking home run here man! I honestly don’t think I could have done a better job myself.

Phil’s past endeavors have run the full gamut of non-nude to hardcore. This is his first site that spans the entire spectrum. You get to see girls go from no nudity Freshman of to the Hardcore Seniors with no qualms about getting naked for the camera or performing some raunchy sex scenes on video.

Fans of schoolgirl photography are in for a real treat here at Face Down Ass Up University. The dress code reads like a schoolgirl menu. Pleated plaid skirts, thigh highs, bobby socks, ankle socks, ruffled anklets, Mary Jane shoes, white Oxfords, V-neck sweaters… Pretty much everything you have ever wanted to see a schoolgirl wearing. Not to mention panties must contrast highly with the color of a girls skirt. Makes upskirts much more exciting!

Each girl has a full bio in the yearbook so you can really get to know the girls on a personal level. Each bio also contains info like how many videos and picture sets a particular student has and her class. Remember, the higher the course level, the more hardcore the girl is!

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