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Lily Koh Japanese Schoolgirl

Fuck-an-aye if Lily Koh doesn’t make one hell of a Japanese Schoolgirl! Amazing since she isn’t Japanese, she is Thai... but this is the wonderful world of fantasy and if you want her to be a Japanese schoolgirl while you Fleshlight your cock, so be it!

You really have to check this gallery out. Lily is wearing a teany polka-dot gstring that goes right up her curvy Asian ass. She gives us a cliche Japanese schoolgirl "Ooops, my panties are showing." Though it is cliche, we don’t mind. Flash away Lily!

Lily’s sailor uniform also has an adjustable shirt. When adjusted it shows off her small pert breasts and her dark Asian nipples. But the shirt isn’t the only thing adjustable, Lily also adjusts her skirt for us. Two of the photos give us excellent camel toe pics! Not the fake pull em up hard ones but the real and natural camel toe you can only get with a shaven pussy. updates 5 times a week. Yes I did say five!

What kinds of updates do you get? Fresh off the farm Thai teen pics and amazing high quality video. You can check out the trailer on the tour but the videos inside the members area are much higher quality. Not that the tour video is bad. It is actually higher quality than most sites have in their own members areas.

Some of the best stuff is of her rubbing suntan oil into her private areas (of which you get a full view) and of her kissing her friend Joon Mali with tongue! Two hot Asian teens kissing? So it isn’t so!

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