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I remember my first encounter with a girls feet. She wasn’t as hot as Katya from Foot Fetish Daily above, but she was my first so she occupies a tender spot in my heart.

Before her I never really thought about girls feet. After her a girls feet became the criteria for my basis of whether or not we could continue our relationship past a one night stand.

It all started when we got into the Jacuzzi together at a party. Everyone else was either in the house or milling around the side of the house. I could tell she was interested in me, but we had one problem. Her boyfriend was inside the house!

We were getting good and drunk inside that Jacuzzi and her nipples shown through her bathing suit so needless to say, my dick was rock hard. Suddenly, I felt something brush up against my cock and normally I would have enjoyed it, but right now it was kind of embarrassing… My cock was already hard. Would she think I was some kind of pervert?

Turns out she was the pervert extraordinaire. She smiled real big and the next thing I knew both feet were working up and down my hard cock. I looked around to see if anyone would notice and everything seemed pretty cool.

She asked me to bare it so I did and her soft feet made even softer by the water softener in the Jacuzzi water were like heaven to my cock. She worked my cock with the bottom of her feet and sometimes she stroked it by working the shaft between her big toe and the one next to it. One thing was for sure about this girl. This wasn’t her first time giving a footjob!

One more quick glance around and it was time to get comfortable and blow my load. Just before I blew I noticed she was furiously working her hand on her pussy. She was enjoying this and I thought she was waiting for me to cum so we could share the moment!

I shot my load right into the Jacuzzi water as her eyes went back in her head as her body began to shudder. For a brief moment I was worried she would jerk her foot into my balls.

We had just enough time to smile nervously at each other before the Jacuzzi was loaded with everyone from inside the house. I quickly exited and complained about my pruned fingers already having enough water for one day.

As I was walking away I noticed her boyfriend go under the water and just had to laugh…

Foot Fetish Daily is the place for guys and gals into women’s feet. With daily updates nobody else has as much foot fetish and footjob content.

Categories at include toe sucking, bare feet, ultra close ups, high arches, stockings and pantyhose, nylons, poolside feet, creamed feet and more.

The content at Foot Fetish Daily will satisfy more than just those with a fetish for feet. Guys into teasing, panties, girls sitting Indian style with panties and without, bikinis and swimming pool babes and much more will enjoy a membership to Foot Fetish Daily!

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