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There is a group of people who hide in a hidden corner, not to show off, this group of people are keen to dress up these real TPE sex dolls and take care of their “life and living”, just like treating a lover that is as attentive.

But, in the outside world, sex dolls exist more to meet their needs – sex. Is a sex doll a tool for sex, or a human companion? Does it replace real people emotionally? Does its existence have any impact on the reality of ethics? The answers are divided.

When we were young, we “communicated” with various toys and models, and when we grew up, we raised cats and dogs, saying unspeakable things to them and sharing emotions that outsiders did not understand. But all are just looking for a companion. Although sex dolls are fake, their companionship is real.

We are often embarrassed and overwhelmed, and there are many things that we can send our emotions to. Although sex dolls are silent and speechless, but smiling sex dolls can be a companion during tough times, mature sex dolls help you fight off loneliness, huge butt sex dolls bring you wonderful experience that real life can not give you.

“Sex dolls are human companions, sex is only one of the functions” sex doll maker

Buyers of dolls often have more psychological needs than physical needs and seek more spiritual support. In the future, sex dolls may also be combined with more advanced AI intelligence, language synthesis, 3D printing and other high-end technologies to develop features that better meet the diverse needs of humans.

You have to ask what is the significance of sex dolls? Sex, companionship, or? Behind every sex doll, there is an untold story, and who knows it?

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