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There are thousands of people buying the same tan skin TPE doll with the same brand. This is more reflected in the exclusive our partner, so must also want your fantasy premium TPE sex doll to be that unique presence.

The same best deals sex doll of the same brand, there are very many people who buy, for example, uxdoll blonde sex doll, freckle sex doll. But everyone is possessive, which makes the doll buyers want to have a unique doll.

A sex doll is a factory made blank that needs to be defined by the owner to give it an individual personality. In addition to the unchangeable head sculpture and body, the fun of the doll is the hair, eyes color, face makeup, and clothing, all of which can be chosen according to preference. Thus creating a unique, if you have a higher demand for personalization, uxdoll offers a good choice for a good value custom sex doll.

The beauty of personalization is that it can be set and dressed to create a unique doll.


There are many styles of wigs, long, short, curly, straight, a variety of styles, and a variety of colors, some can even do it yourself. There are three common wig materials on the market: chemical fiber silk, high-temperature silk, and real hair.


Eye’s are factory installed before the manufacturer. In theory, the eyes can be changed, but it is not easy to take out, you need special tools, otherwise it is easy to damage the eyes of the doll. Of course, uxdoll are available to provide free advice and services for the doll’s eyes, you can go to to get advice.

In addition, there are clothing, shoes, accessories and other changeable places, shoes can be matched according to the style of clothing. TPE dolls can wear hats, headpieces, hair clips; body can have rings, necklaces, bracelets, anklets; clothing accessories are brooches, school badges, ties; and socks, tattoo stickers, various props and so on.

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