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Posted By Rhino on 07/19/12 -


Everyone loves to watch a tiny girl getting fucked as you know that their pussy will be tight and they will love it getting stuffed with a cock.

This pic of from this sex video of a tiny girl getting her virgin pussy fucked by a big thick cock. It’s always hot watching a girl with a bald pussy get fucked as you can see how turned on and juicy her wet pussy gets!

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Posted By Rhino on 07/11/12 -


This is something I rarely say….wow!

This teen girl’s virgin pussy is amazing! Overall she is very cute and very good looking with a perfect young toned body. I love how this girl has taken her own amateur porn photo stuffing four fingers in her bald pussy!

She loves to interact with people on dating sites because she loves to play with everybody’s mind. She just likes to tease guys while they are in front of a computer watching her getting naked. She is something that probably every man wants. A girl with a perfect figure, a perfect smile and a juicy virgin pussy.

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Posted By Rhino on 06/25/12 -


Not that I would ever want to advocate violence towards women, but seeing this picture of Mia and Francesca you can’t help but wonder what it’d be like to abduct these two girls after school and tie them up in the basement!

Both girls have small tits and a gash between their legs reminiscent of a virgin pussy. Both look so tight and young you’d have a hard time choosing who to fuck first! Maybe that is why God created threesomes? That way the girls can make all of the hard decisions!

Of course the girls could also spend some time licking each other’s pussy and I am sure nobody would mind. In fact, I can think of at least one of use that wouldn’t mind watching some girl on girl action between these two barely legal ladies!

At X-Art you can watch these two get frisky with each other in pics and crystal clear videos. X-Art takes quality to a whole new level. Everything is shot in extreme-HD and the girls are exquisite! Not a sore looking one can be found!

With your password to X-Art you get six updates a week and now the girls do hardcore! Watch them masturbate, watch them scissor, or watch them get fucked! Or… All of the above!

Posted By Rhino on 06/22/12 -

Sometimes it is nice to see something happening and be left out of the loop on some of the information. Your mind takes over and sees things the photographer might have missed. Or just things he would never have dreamed of putting into a video released on the Internet!

Other times you want to see everything in crisp detail with nothing left to the imagination. You want to watch a girls oily fingers get crammed to the hilt into her virgin pussy!

No matter which way you are feeling you can always get what you want at Skinny Super Girl! Skinny super wha???

Yeah, I know… The name is a bit strange, but the girls are anything but strange. They are simply out of this world!

Everything at Skinny Super Girl is shot in extreme HD from the crystal clear videos to the super hi-resolution pictures. You can do that sort of thing when you are videotaping exquisitely perfect young teen girls without a flaw that God didn’t intend for you to revel in!

Get your own password and enjoy daily updates of both softcore and hardcore videos. Each video is encoded in a number of ways to make it playable on any device you may have. There are no digital rights manage-ment. Watch the videos even if you cancel!

But first, you’ve gotta sign up to SkinnySuperGirl.com!

Posted By Rhino on 06/22/12 -


Talk about double the pleasure and double the fun!

That girl loosing her panties is Kimmy Teen. We will call her friend with the perky nipples Ginger. Both of these girls are always getting into all sorts of trouble. They love to talk to men they call at random while they get kinky with each other!

Kimmy Teen and Ginger both have little virgin pussies. The guys they call are always trying to get them to cough up Kimmy’s address so they can come over and pop their cherries.

Uh-uh-uhhh! These girls might be naughty, but they aren’t stupid!


These two little love nymphs got started by comparing their boobies one day. Before long it was time to check out each others pussies too! They both marveled at how their pussy hairs were the same color as the hair on their heads.


Kimmy can get super kinky at times. Once she tried licking her own nipples. It didn’t work out so well on account of her titties being so tiny, but Ginger sure did get a kick out of watching her!


If you are lucky, and you live near Kimmy Teen, you might be able to catch a glimpse of these two girlies showing off their little hineys to boys walking by the front of her house. They really love driving the postman out of his gourd!

He’d really love to share his gourd with these two gingers!

You can share your cock with Kimmy Teen and her friends like Little Danni and Debbie Teen. With one password you get access to an entire network of kinky little girls!

Posted By Rhino on 05/31/12 -


There are some sites that just never get old. My Precious Virgins is one of them. The site is older than dirt, but the concept and the girls are as fresh as can be!

My Precious Virgins has been updating daily since it began over five years ago. Since then they have added over a quarter of a million photos, over 400 girls and each one of them has an HD video!

Unlike a lot of erotic nude sites out there the girls at My Precious Virgins have hardcore sex! Just imagine your hard cock sliding into some of that virgin pussy! Feeling a truly wet, tight, almost painful pussy milking your cock for all of its cum!

I don’t know about you, but my cock is aching already. See you in the members area, my brother!

Posted By Rhino on 05/21/12 -


Ever had a girl bare her virgin pussy to you like this, tempting you to shoot your cum for her? I was lucky enough to know a girl that used to do this for me back in school. I would spend countless hours getting teased by this girl!

Over time this kind of thing can really warp your mind! Seeing girls in their panties became more of a turn on than seeing them naked! This girl really did a number on me…

To relive my first panty tease moments I go to Amateur Upskirts. This guy finds hot girls, girl next door and everything in between. The girls model their panties while he shoots video of them from a surfer’s point of view. Totally hot stuff!

Some of the girls talk and others just giggle and get giddy knowing someone out there is masturbating to their panty covered pussy. Many of the girls masturbate until their panties develop a wet spot, and still others encourage you to masturbate along with them as they describe their favorite fantasies.

If you have had a girl model her panties for you or have ever wished one would, Amateur Upskirts is going to bring the panty-boy out of you!

Posted By Rhino on 05/08/12 -

Girls make for perfect lawyers. They have to deal with all of the hard stuff that guys never have to deal with like: Will using a tampon take my virginity? Even if my hymen breaks? Or, my hymen broke while climbing a tree, or humping the banana seat on my bicycle, do I still have a virgin pussy?

These questions get even deeper (no pun intended) when girls start fooling around with their little pussies. They want to know how far they can stick things into themselves. They want to know how wide it can get. How is a baby supposed to come out of my tiny twat?

Some girls like Teen Topanga like to invite a friend over from school to explore with. Things can get pretty competitive.

“Oh yeah? I can still the entire handle of my hairbrush in mine!”

“Oh yeah? Well, I can put my entire fist in mine!

“What? No way! I have to see this!”

Yeah… it seems that is how the world works. Competition breeds in-genuity and ingenuity breeds kinky shit like fucking the bed post or using the shower massager on one’s clitoris. Nice!

Then there is another question that always pops up when two girls are “just exploring”. Is all of this exploring sex? Or are we just finding out what feels good? Are we lesbians or just really close friends?

Find out the answer to that one with a Tiny Teen Pass!

You get unlimited access to Teen Topanga and dozens more solo models like Little Summer, Chloe 18, Lil Emma, Little Lupe and more! Plus, your membership also gets you into awesome sites like Gramps on Teens!

Watch the video here. (more…)

Posted By Rhino on 05/01/12 -


Do girls dream of eating out their friend’s virgin pussies?

I can’t speak for every girl out there, but my girlfriend was nice enough to relay to me some pretty sexy information on the subject!

As it turns out her first sexual experiences were with girls. She was already experimenting with eating pussy before her pussy even started growing hair!

Before she got her first cock inside her, my girlfriend had a guy eat her out. She said it left her dreaming of having her pussy licked by a girl. So instead of masturbating about having sex with this dude, she instead had dreams of licking another girls pussy while the other girl licked hers!

This went on until she finally got some cock inside her virgin pussy. The first time it wasn’t that great, but she knew it would get better like the girls in her brother’s porn videos. She wanted to scream and moan like that!

Once her wish was granted she slit her masturbation dreams between guys and girls. She still does… dream of licking another girls virgin pussy!

Watch Little Lexie lick Chloe 18 down there right now!

Posted By Rhino on 04/29/12 -


What a way to start your Sunday, right? This little virgin pussy was sent in by the girl herself at Herself Pics.

What is this Herself Pics place that I speak of?

HerSelfPics.com is by far the largest and fasted growing archive of candid photography and videos. They have been open for a decade! Ten years of growing terabytes of data!

What kind of data you ask?

Well, as the name would suggest the girls take pictures of themselves and post them on the board. Guys tell them how fucking hot they look and the girls get all giddy. Whoopee! Some random guys on the Internet think I am sexy! This kind of attention causes the girls to go into frenzied mode and they post even more pics and a video or two!

Along with the girls posting themselves there are plenty of candid photos and hidden camera videos sent in by guys looking to see if their girlfriends and/or wives really are all that and a bag of chips. Some pass muster and others get chewed down in a way only the Internet’s keyboard warriors can precipitate.

Her Self Pics started out as a free forum where you had to have a large collection to upload in order to get invited into the private areas. These days it has been converted into a pay to play format. For just $19.99 you can enjoy both the pics and the videos, plus interact with the community in the forums.

If you are looking for candid pics of virgin pussy HerSelfPics.com delivers!

Posted By Rhino on 04/24/12 -


One look at Brynn from Nubiles.net and it isn’t hard to imagine that this girl could have a virgin pussy. Though the odds might be against it if you are going by her looks, her tight little muffin looks just like it did before she started growing hair on it!

Nubiles started out as a small site nobody paid much attention too. Now it has over 1000 girls that have modeled for it and when it comes to solo models like Ariel Rebel there is a rule: If you haven’t appeared on Nubiles then you must not be that hot!

Ariel has shot with Nubiles on two separate occasions and like most models, she did several different photo sets and videos during each shoot.

Brynn has five photo sets and several videos in the nubiles members area herself. Nubiles adds three new girls every week and they are usually just as cute as Brynn is. At least one of them does hardcore teen sex like Brynn and the other(s) do softcore only.

You can download the videos or stream them online even if you are using a phone, tablet or even an Internet ready iPod!

Finding girls you will like couldn’t be easier with their multiple keyword and category selection tools. For instance, lets say you wanted to find Brynn and all of the girls like her. You could select blondes with petite bodies and small tits that do hardcore. Bam! Just like that you have a dozen or more girls to choose from!

Maybe you only want girls in bikinis with big tits or girls wearing white cotton panties with pussy hair showing through… Again, super easy!

See you in the members area and on the members only forums. I am going to go talk to the girls now!

Posted By Rhino on 04/12/12 -


It is time for a little anatomy lesson. I am sure you are familiar with a clitoral hood. It is that bump going from the top of Lizzy’s pussy cleft and ending at her vaginal lips. When Lizzy’s clit is hard it protrudes out and the tip can be seen just above her pussy lips.

What most guys don’t know is that the clitoris isn’t just a little button that you see when you spread a girl wide. It extends up that clitoral hood. Therefor, Lizzy has one really large clit!

Not only does Lizzy have a large clit, her clit is situated very forward on her body. This means Lizzy can massage it on things just by rubbing up against them.

I was lucky enough to know a girl like Lizzy while I was in school. I saw her bouncing her public area off of a table corner once and I wondered what she was doing. As it turns out she was "making herself feel good" by rubbing her forward facing clit on the tables edge!

Being a total pervert I used some reverse psychology on her. I told her that was impossible and that if it were true her pussy would be totally wet. This left open the possibility that she might actually command me to check the status level of her wetness. Which she did!

As it turns out she wasn’t kidding. Her panties were soaked! Soon she was playing with my cock and I watched her bounce herself to an orgasm. As we matured we started fucking. I noticed she liked it on top and she really enjoyed grinding that clit of hers into my pubic area. Actually, we didn’t even have to fuck. She could dry hump herself into an orgasm just by sliding herself on top of me!

You can watch thousands of girls dry hump their virgin pussies at Club Seventeen. Not only that, you can also watch them having sex with guys and with each other!

While the sites name might leave you wondering if it is going to get you into some kind of trouble with the cops, don’t worry. The site got its name back when 17yo girls could pose naked in Europe. Actually, they still can! But they removed all of the underage girls to comply with America’s laws on the subject.

So grab a pass and enjoy watching barely legal girls massaging their teenage clits!

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Posted By Rhino on 04/07/12 -

One thing I really don’t appreciate when it comes to traditional porn is how fast everything happens. Like when chicks masturbate. I don’t want to see them go from 0 to 60 in five seconds! I want to see them take some time. Play with that pussy… long time! Long time!

At Joymii they have a more natural progression. It is art and it is porn at the same time. In the video above we get to see Dani D. spends some alone time with the wet flower petals of her pussy. She slowly rubs her finger through her pussy lips. Then she slowly works her finger tip in circles around her clit. Very sensual. Very satisfying!

Joymii isn’t one of those erotic nude sites packed with girls and that is it. They also have plenty of guy/girl videos, girl/girl videos and three-somes, foursomes and more!

Everything is shot in HD so you don’t miss a thing. You can literally count the little blonde hairs on this girls butt. If you are into that sort of thing. Being in such high definition means you can even stream these videos to your Internet ready 60 inch TV in the living room!

If that doesn’t make you horny… Nothing will!

It is Friday and time for me to let you go. Maybe I’ll see you in the members area? Who knows? For less than 20 bucks a month you’d be silly to pass on this deal!

Gotta go, Joymii is calling!

Posted By Rhino on 03/25/12 -


Lets face it… If we all had a vagina this fucking nummy we’d never leave the house. Perhaps that is why guys don’t have vaginas?

I guess the same can be said about girls once they find out their clits feel amazing when rubbed up against things. Just about every girl I have ever dated have told me they had spent countless hours locked in their rooms trying to achieve the ultimate clitoral orgasm. Sometimes they would even go for back to back orgasms into the teens!

Jenni here from Errotica Archives has one of those truly special pussies that sucks her bathing suit bottoms into the top crease. It gives away the fact that she shaves her little pussy lips bare!


The Errotica Archives have been archiving erotic nudes for just over eight years now. They shoot in extreme resolutions since the girls are basically flawless. They have hundreds of models and they find them all over the world.

You know a site is good when it finds a Peruvian goddess and fly her to Bali for the video shoot. While there they find an exotic Balinese beauty and fly her to Sweden for her photo sets. I could keep going, but I am sure you have already realized that the Swedish babe ends up on a beach in the Bahamas.


If you like barely legal girls with small tits and a cleft of Venus they have plenty of them. If you like college coeds with perky C-cups and some cherry stem lips down there they have that too. They pretty much have it all, but you shouldn’t take my word for it!

Take the Errotica Archives tour and find dozens of your favorite babes!

Posted By Rhino on 03/09/12 -


OK, so Kacey 18 definitely doesn’t actually have a virgin pussy. I mean, come on… She has hardcore sex on her web site!

But Kacey does have a very nubile looking pussy and isn’t that what we are really after, after all? Her perky tits, tan skin, smooth skin, braces and willingness to do just about anything asked of her makes Kacey 18 a very desirable babysitter!

Babysitter? Yeah, that is right. The perfect cover!

You can hire this little honey for $5 an hour to watch the kids, then bang her in the ass on the ride home! Not only that, she’ll do ass to mouth if you make it worth her while!

Kacey18.com is home to one of the sluttiest little cuties the Internet has ever seen. She comes across all sugar and spice, but once your wife isn’t around she is a little fuck-box-o-love. Did I say love? Maybe I should have said lust!

Along with Kacey 18 you get access to her friends when you get the Tiny Teen Pass. Girls like Lil Kelly, Little Lupe and Chloe 18 have made this pass the hottest ticket to nubile babes in town. Get it right now for just a buck and start stroking to some truly amazing teen bodies!

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