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This cute little Asian girl wanted to let her boyfriend know what he would get if he would wait another year for her. If I were him I would go on a sexual sabbatical for sure. Popping her virgin pussy cherry would be worth the wait. Not to mention playing with her perfect melons. Jesus, I had no idea Asian girls could have such lovely lumps of fun on their chests!

This little cutie has one hell of a slamming body!

You can find more of her and a lot more selfie pics on GF Selfshot. As the sites name would suggest the site is all about hot girls showing themselves off in self shot candid pics. Not only does it have sexy photos of hot babes, it has videos of chicks making out at parties and all sorts of other kinky hijinks.

All of the photos are tagged. If you have a particular interest in a certain subset of the selfies niche like leggings or mirror pics you can find a tag cloud towards the bottom of each page that will point you to your desired selfshot porn.

As always, keep it wrapped and make sure you card the bitch!

so-young-so-sexy-pov-6-scene-2--6025446-2_2 so-young-so-sexy-pov-6-scene-2--6025446-2_4
so-young-so-sexy-pov-6-scene-4--6025446-4_2 so-young-so-sexy-pov-6-scene-4--6025446-4_3

Check out the all new selections in the hardcore teen porn videos category on Their newest titles include plenty of virgin pussy girls having their cherries popped. Watch as girls go from clit rubbers to complete cock whores after only one time having a cock inside their tight snatches.

Some of the best videos on the site deal with situations we all hope we can get into someday. Stuff like banging the babysitter. With Couples Seduce Teens 25 you don’t just get the babysitters fucking the dads, you get both mommy and daddy fucking their nanny!

Another red hot selection is the Double Teen Sluts 2 compilation. You can watch individual scenes, buy the entire movie and watch it online or get the entire Pink Visual lineup of porn videos for a low monthly subscription rate.

All videos can be streamed to your TV through the most popular set top boxes. Ditch your DVD collection and start watching porn no matter where you are!

pulling_off_bikini_bottoms virgin_anal

If there is one thing I have to be leery of these days it is my wife or my kids finding the porn I watch on the family computer. Back when my kids were toddlers they never looked inside the directories where I would hide the porn videos I had downloaded. Now they are way to curious and so is my wife. If she found I was watching videos of girls losing their virginity she would definitely want a divorce!

To help me with my problem I have stopped downloading porn videos. There are so many cloud streaming options for watching virgin teen mobile movies. With mobile xxx movies I don’t have to use the family computer so my kids aren’t exposed to my pornographic debauchery.

Each morning my wife thinks I am reading the newspaper in the bathroom while dropping off the kids at the pool. Little does she know that I am streaming virgin porn to my smart phone. I have to turn the sound off, but the action on screen is so fucking wild you don’t need to hear it to know what is happening.

In order to watch the free mobile porn on you don’t need any special software. Their HTML5 videos play on smart phones, tablets and even on computers. What you will need is time because you can watch an unlimited number of their videos. There are thousands of hours of porn in their network.

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Nubiles Holly and her Virgin Pussy

I was digging through my archives on and came across this excellent shot of a nubile virgin pussy. The girl is Holly from the site She has one of those pussies that fights back against aging. You have to see the entire gallery just to prove to yourself that this girl is legal.

Nubiles is one of the best sites on the web as far as teen models are concerned. It updates several times a day. It adds three new models a week. It has both hardcore and softcore. They know how to shoot both types of photography and stay true to the niche. Softcore galleries are like a whirlwind explosion of every perverted thing you can think of from natural camel toe to A-cup girls in training bras.

Even if you were a member of Nubiles in the past there are probably hundreds more reasons to join up again. Their accelerated update schedule means you always have new content to view.



That there is one tasty looking cleft of Venus. Everything about this girl is tasty from her virgin pussy to her deep tanned skin. I want to gobble on her perky tiny tits capped with inverted nipples. Her eyes are gorgeous. Her lips look so soft and inviting. There are so many reasons to plaster this girl in your cum!

I found her on KarupsHA. It is a site that collects large amounts of hometown amateur porn. They have both softcore galleries and hardcore videos. The site gets updated multiple times a week. There are so many girl next door models here that you will find girls you would swear you went to high school with.

spreading _her_virgin_pussy

Could you imagine being able to lick that tight teen pussy for as long as you want? I swear the little knobs on my tongue would eventually start to tear her skin. I could go for days on her vagina!

There are a lot of girls this hot and hotter. Check out KarupsHA!


Pink virgin pussy in the bathtub

I am not an expert on pussies, but this one sure does look like a pink virgin pussy to me. It is attached to Andi Pink and she is one of the hottest girls with one of the hottest pussies in porn. She got her start solo modeling many years ago. To this day she still looks just as delightful now as she did when she got started.

I was going through some galleries I found for her new site called Andi Land. It is owned and operated by Andi herself. Not only is she beautiful, she is smart as well. Anyway, I was shocked at how young she still looks. In some of her galleries I could see her blending in with a freshman orientation class in high school and nobody being the wiser.

You can find a lot more of her on!


Cute pussy on Niki Lee Young

They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. You know what you like and what you want more than anyone else. For me that means a pussy with little to no inner lips, puffy outer lips and an overall look that says I am a virgin pussy you might want to stick your fat cock into.

Looking at the various posts on my blog you will find many examples of what gets me off. If you are of a similar mindset on pussy you will undoubtedly find something worth looking at. But for some the pussy I like will be downright dastardly ugly. I can except that. Can you accept that I might think your idea of the hottest pussy is not all that and a bag of chips?

So why are some pussies better than others? We can go back to beauty being in the eye of the beholder for that. We all have preset ideas in our heads that are based on genetic markers in our own individual DNA. But it doesn’t stop there. The pussies you first saw at or around puberty can also greatly effect how you think a pussy should look in order to be worthy of you sticking your dick in it.

Seeing a wet pussy helps a lot. So do high contrast bikini colors like yellow, orange and bright green. When properly contrasted a pussy can become more than just a place to hide your prick. It can become a work of art.

Bikini Riot has hundreds of models and all of them start out in a sexy bikini that accentuates the curves of everything from the tits, their asses and their pussies. Enjoy the weekly updates and looking at some of the hottest girls in the porn industry!



My little sister used to like to play with our little brother’s toys like this after she hit puberty. I was always afraid that she would break her hymen and bleed everywhere before she always wanted to stick things into her virgin pussy like the big girls would do.

I really couldn’t blame her. When I was going through puberty I used to raid her panty drawer and sometimes I would cum in her panties. If I shot my full load I would put them in the clothes hamper, but sometimes I put just a little bit on the gusset and then I felt like a stud when I saw her wearing that pair. I’d have to go jerk off into her used panties in the clothes hamper to get my hardon to go down.

It has been a long time since then, but I still like to fantasize about it. With a Premium GFs account it is easy to bring back that old kinky stuff. The girls are all so barely legal they look like jailbait. The password was awesome back when there were 20+ girls in it. Now there are over 40!

The sites range from softcore to super hardcore anal sex. As you would expect they have lots of everything in between those extremes. The girls act natural in the videos too. That is one of the biggest turnons about the network. You get to see real girls in real situations instead of totally fake over produces stuff.

Check it out on Premium GFs!



True story. When I was a young buck I was over at the house of a friend of mine. His sister had this huge crush on me. She was prone to doing weird stuff like bumping into me (a little too hard) or enticing me into a game of hard to get. It was obvious she was infatuated with me.

As time went on her erratic behavior got stranger and stranger. Actually I would call it more and more daring. She began to flash her panties to me or her boobies when nobody else was looking. Sometimes she did it with her parents in the room!

After several weeks went by she started showing me her virgin pussy. It was shaved completely bare. Not that she needed to shave it really. The thing barely grew any hair anyway. I was amazed at how smooth it was. Until she parted her pussy outer lips to show me her pink vulva. I could tell just by looking at it that it was the softest thing I had ever seen to date.

As I watched she showed me how wet she was by sticking two fingers into her virgin vulva. When she removed them and parted them a band of sticky juice stretched from either side until it snapped. My buddy’s sister then grabbed a tooth brush holder and began to slide it up into herself. I kept thinking, okay it is done, but no. It just kept going and going and going up into her pussy.

Right about the point it was inside her as far as my dick would have been it stopped. It didn’t click then, but yeah



If you were to ask me what one of the hottest things I could remember from my childhood was it would be watching a friend of mind pee. She got me addicted to watching girls pee. We used to play games with our pee. For years I thought I was a total douche for having such a strange fetish, but then I found some interactive sex stories on and it all clicked. I am not some freak. I am just open minded.

My days of watching girls with virgin pussies peeing are long gone, but I can still enjoy the thrill with interactive porn videos. These things totally rock. You control the action. Does she drink her pee? Done she wring her panties with the pee and then stuff them into her mouth? Don’t feel odd about your kinkiness. This place lets you go insane with it!

I am only a couple of videos into Virtual Pornstars vast library of videos and I have already come to the conclusion that I will be a friend of this site for years to cum. Pun intended.

You can sample a lot of the videos while the site is still in Beta. After that you will need to buy credits. I can certainly see this becoming the new face of porn!



Is this girl really a virgin? I am not sure. Her cleft of Venus pussy sure does look like a virgin pussy to me. But looks can be deceiving. Not that any of us really care. We go online to fulfill fantasies, not do mind numbing fact checking that will leave your dick soft. Seeing this girl’s finger dip into her pussy crack is just the kind of thing that makes fantasies feel fun and amazing. So who cares if she isn’t a true virgin? Just get into the moment and enjoy the spectacular view.

Almost the entire video is shot close up of her sliding in and out of her cleft. She starts out a little dry and eventually gets so wet her pussy lips are glistening.

There are lots of teen tube videos on the site I got this from. Some of them are about masturbation, but most of them feature girls having hardcore teen sex. Their partners range from fellow girls on their cheerleading squad to the older football coach. The free full length babe movies are also rather sweet. Many of them have some very well known porn stars in them.

So where did I find this juicy little morsel at? Well, you might have guessed it had you checked out the teen tube videos I referenced above. My first place to go for real GF porn is the aptly named!



One of the biggest reasons I like is the girls are always doing nasty stuff. For instance, I found this girl with a virgin pussy offering to break her hymen with a hairbrush in her free chat room. Of course it wasn’t that easy though. She did want money to do it. But I didn’t have to pay any to watch!

There were about 500 guys in her chatroom at any given time. Out of all of us there were about 25 that gave her $5 each to break her hymen for the room. One guy tipped her $50 and asked her to write his name on her ass cheek with her blood! WTF???

Eventually she made about $400 (and I didn’t pay a fucking thing!) to break her hymen with that hairbrush. As offered she did it and wow. Her pink hairless pussy sure did go red real quick!

I had never seen a girl lose her virginity prior to this in such a live, graphic way. It was pretty intense. But it just goes to show you the lengths girls will go for money and how much a guy will pay a girl to alter her life forever.

More to come!


Will Masturbating Your Virgin Pussy Mean You Are No Longer Considered A Virgin?

It is an age old question asked by girls the world around. Will mastur-bating your virgin pussy mean you are no longer considered a virgin? It is right up there with: Will using a tampon mean I am no longer a virgin?

The answer to both questions is a big NO!

You will still be a virgin even if you jamb a 12 inch dildo up your vaginal canal. It doesn’t matter if you do it. Virginity is only broken when a guy penetrates your virgin pussy with his cock. Even if he uses his fingers or his tongue you are still a virgin.

I am not sure that Catie Minx is still a virgin though. She has been drilling that cunny of hers for a year now with just about everything in her house. I love this girl because she is down to Earth. A true home body. Catie grew up a nerd and it shows in her quirky videos.


Catie Minx is God’s gift to nerds everywhere. She is a total nutcase when it comes to all things Comic-Con. She loves to play dress up in her comic character outfits. She has dozens of them and you can see her in every single one of them on!


Shy Virgin Pussy Teen Cam Girls

My own personal perspective on the girls being virgins subject is that they are virgins because they are too shy to realize there is a man out there that would enjoy their company. And I don’t just mean their company in the sack either, I mean that their presence would truly be enjoyed by another human being also looking to explore new things.

Once a girl is able to get over the fact that she has a virgin pussy, and that it isn’t a bad thing, she can release some of the shyness she is carrying allowing her to be comfortable in the strong, helping hands of a man.

You might not have a life that is set up in such a way that you meet virgin girls often enough to date them. For you I suggest finding a person to have sex with on The reason why is that they have lots of women that are looking for sex, but let the busyness of having too much school or a career get in their way. They want to lose themselves in somebody. It might as well be you!

If that is too confrontive for you there are other options. You can meet shy cam girls for sex on sites like that specialize in finding girls with roleplaying skills. They might not be virgins, but they can still be a lot of fun. There are also plenty of teen cam girls looking for all sorts of other chat subjects incase virgin girls is too weird for you. Although I am not sure why you’d be here if that were the case.

Halloween is almost here. I need to start looking for some galleries of girls in uniform. Like sexy UPS or Cops outfits!

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Do you enjoy watching girls finger their virgin pussy? If so you already know finding them by the dozen is a bit of a quandary. I have a better solution. Watch girls like Marta from Nubiles as they finger their nubile pussies. It happens more often and if you dream a little dream you can forget that she is barely legal and apply any age you’d like to her.

Little girls like Marta made it easy to fantasize about fucking them in high school. They still have their volleyball player bodies and the perkiest tits you will ever see. Nubiles has over a thousand girls with a petite body. They also have some chunky ones with puffy pussies you will like.

You get three new models to enjoy weekly and one of them does hardcore. All of them do softcore. It is a nice mix of the two. Many of them also do each other. They have some very hot teen girls kissing videos you won’t want to miss.

So make it the next time you want a virgin pussy, but can’t seem to "lay your hands on one."

Girl Cum!