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Sex dolls were born to be used for dressing up and cosplay shooting, which is part of the demand of buyers.

When it comes to adult sex dolls, I believe many men are no stranger to them. Some people will certainly be associated with inflatable dolls, although it is the last generation of elimination products, but this name in the hearts of some geeks can be considered deep-rooted. These years the emerging real-life proportion alloy skeleton realistic TPE sex dolls, compared to the previous generation of inflatable dolls, both tactile and visual, absolutely called perfect.

Now full body size of adult sex dolls, whether the production of materials or features are basically complete, to meet most of the needs. Many years ago, the sex dolls only the photos taken look very realistic, but the reality is that the real thing is very low and fake. However, now most of the sex dolls are looks very realistic. As long as the sex doll is not too cheap, it will generally be a super ultra real life-size TPE or silicone doll with flexible joints and a strong skeleton. Nest, let’s see how dynamic TPE sex dolls with skeletons really are!

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Normally, 140-150cm adult sex dolls are relatively slightly more mature, just like a flower budding, could bring you first love-like feeling. General cosplay beauty or magic girl, choose this height segment is the most appropriate. And among all the TPE and silicone sex dolls, this height sex doll is the most cost-effective.

Then is 150cm – 160cm sex dolls, have the most perfect and mature body type, wearing COS clothing, a few poses at will, are enough to make your blood boil. However, due to the height of the material used to increase, so the price of this height of the sex doll will be much higher than the short sex doll. However, she can play a very large number of roles at the same time, young lovely girls, young beautiful women, women and other roles are applicable, and as a perfect face wonderful body proportion of sex dolls, many businesses have chosen to take her as a model as well as a film and television stand-in.

All humans have different physical and psychological needs, and lifelike TPE sex dolls can make up for the lack of emotions you can’t publicize, meet your unique psychological desires, and help you realize the crazy sexual fantasies in your heart. It is a blessing to have a real and perfect doll that understands you and releases your stress.

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