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Posted By Rhino on 12/01/06 -
Shedevil Girls Ariel

You know what they say, "Practice makes perfect!"

Let me start off by getting something off of my chest. I do not like gothic teen websites. The reason I hate them is the teens are usually butt ugly. Either they are butter-faced or horse-faced and either way, I want to jack off, not purge my lunch.

Shedevil Girls is different. So different I bet the Suicide Girls are pissed off as all hell. SheDevilGirls.com takes smoking hot teens and put them into the garb goth teens wear. You end up with the bad girl nextdoor that you could actually take home to mom. But I wouldn’t try that myself. Mom might try to fuck her.

Ariel Jordan is a perfect example of a hot teen goth bitch. She has some perfect tits. So good you would swear she paid for them… but no… she was born with her awesome rack.

If you are partial to smaller tits, no problem. Allie Pierce, Audrey Lamore, Candie Crush and Evilyn Machine have you covered. Ohh, can’t forget about Felony Angel. And those are the small tits crew, if you can manage the big tits there are just as many girls wearing double D’s for you to choose from.

You probably already guessed it, but if you haven’t, She Devil Girls is an all access pass to everything goth. Well, everything you care to see that is gothic.

That is over a dozen gothic teens for one low price! And we are not talking about shitty sites either. The photography and videography are unmatched. You can get a feel for how close and personal you will be getting with every nook and cranny of these girls in the tour.

Shhh, don’t tell my dick but I am about to buff it dry… Just to get into the whole gothic mood thing…

Oww… Owwwww OWWW! Yes, Miss Evilyn… Owww…

Find More Shedevil Girls!

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Posted By Rhino on 11/26/06 -
Lily Koh Japanese Schoolgirl

Fuck-an-aye if Lily Koh doesn’t make one hell of a Japanese Schoolgirl! Amazing since she isn’t Japanese, she is Thai... but this is the wonderful world of fantasy and if you want her to be a Japanese schoolgirl while you Fleshlight your cock, so be it!

You really have to check this gallery out. Lily is wearing a teany polka-dot gstring that goes right up her curvy Asian ass. She gives us a cliche Japanese schoolgirl "Ooops, my panties are showing." Though it is cliche, we don’t mind. Flash away Lily!

Lily’s sailor uniform also has an adjustable shirt. When adjusted it shows off her small pert breasts and her dark Asian nipples. But the shirt isn’t the only thing adjustable, Lily also adjusts her skirt for us. Two of the photos give us excellent camel toe pics! Not the fake pull em up hard ones but the real and natural camel toe you can only get with a shaven pussy.

LilyKoh.com updates 5 times a week. Yes I did say five!

What kinds of updates do you get? Fresh off the farm Thai teen pics and amazing high quality video. You can check out the trailer on the tour but the videos inside the members area are much higher quality. Not that the tour video is bad. It is actually higher quality than most sites have in their own members areas.

Some of the best stuff is of her rubbing suntan oil into her private areas (of which you get a full view) and of her kissing her friend Joon Mali with tongue! Two hot Asian teens kissing? So it isn’t so!

Find More Lily Koh!

Posted By Rhino on 11/23/06 -
Rookie Babe Mai

Rookie Babe.com… Are you like me? Do you prefer to buy albums from bands that can create a CD that you can play in its entirety in your car stereo? Rookie Babe!

No, I don’t have a fucking stutering problem smart ass! I am just letting you know about Rookie Babe. One of the only sites I let rebill because every girl on the site is an 8 to a 10. There are no ugly bitches here. None…

OK, so a particular girl might not be your "type." So what… At least you don’t have to look at a red headed step-child in a line up just before you Fleshlight your cock to death.

Maybe you don’t like Asians like Mai. Perhaps you don’t have a yearning for her small tits or her tight asian pussy. Maybe you are into large breasts and blondes. No problem, pal, Rookie Babe has girls of all types, latinas, ebony, European, Indian…. You name your type and they have several of them.

How can this be? Well, RookieBabe.com updates daily. Yes, I did say daily. Rookie Babe videos, photos, screen savers, wallpapers, E-cards, so much activity it will blow your fucking mind.

Rookie Babe will have your cock knock’in and your balls a’rockin. You will be wondering, "Why didn’t I see this site before? Why did I waste my money on other bitches? Why did I fall for daily updates in the past when the updates were 50% ugly as fuck bitches?"

Because douche bag, you didn’t bookmark Virgins19 or Rhino’s Girls and so you have no fucking clue about what you are doing. You have been letting your dickhead make the decisions.

NO MORE! Get your Rookie Babe pass and put your cock where it belongs, inside a Fleshlight. You can thank me later.

Find More Rookie Babe!

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Posted By Rhino on 11/22/06 -
Kristina Fey Natural Beauty

There was recently a big hoopla in the webmaster community about solo models. Kristina Fey above is a solo model. The hoopla was over the increasing number of girls trying to make it big as the next hot solo model.

Personally, I prefer girls who are naturally beautiful. Kristina Fey fits the bill one hundred percent. She has small tits that are nice and firm. Delicious pink nipples (I imagine) and an awesome shaved vulva (she often leaves a landing strip on top).

Kristina has a naturally beautiful face too. That is important because that was actually what most of the hoopla was about. Butter-faced chicks trying to pass themselves off as models.

Any dumbass can get a camera and shoot his girlfriend naked in a motel room or on a deserted patch of land. But it takes a professional to find a gem like Kristina Fey and turn her into an Internet icon.

Pancho Dog has been shooting girls for over four years. He shoots all of the photosets and videos on KristinaFey.com. The Dog does model shoots right. If a set isn’t 100% awesome it isn’t used. That is a true sign of class and if someone wants me to feel comfortable giving my credit card details to them, they had better have a lot of class.

Members of KristinaFey.com get updates twice a week. Photos are 1024x or higher and videos are always 100% downloadable.

And… YES, Kristina does get 100% naked in the members area!

Find More Kristina Fey!

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Posted By Rhino on 11/17/06 -
Sweet Zuzanna

So my buddy comes over to play some poker and people start talking about hobbies. Another buddy makes money from his hobby. His hobby is guns and he buys and sells them at shows, shops, etc…

So I mention that I run teen niche blogs and everyone wants to see this shit so I show ’em. My blogs make money, but by no meens do they cover all of the bills. Between this one and Rhino’s Girls I make enough profit to pay for my SUV, insure it and keep the gas tank full.

Most of my budds are impressed but one of them is like, "Fuck, you should be making enough for a house payment. I’d be spouting bullshit and sales pitches and be slinging these girls like a mother fucker!"

To which I asked, "Then why don’t you?"

"Well," he starts, "I don’t know the first thing about the Internet so blah… blah… blah.. but YOU do… So that’d be what I’d be doing if I was you!"

Guys, I’d love to bullshit you into websites that I wouldn’t personally touch with a 20 foot credit card, but I just can’t do that. I post about babes I believe in. Girls who are down for the crown so to speak. Quality over quantity is my motto. Though I do need to get posting a lot more often than I have been.

So… Sweet Zuzanna here we come!

Zuzanna is a blue-eyed blonde teen in a tight package with a pussy perrrrfect for parking a rock hard cock into. Her pussy is an amazing pink wonder… lips? soft… the color of pink rose petals… moist like a fresh cut peach with blonde wisps to match. Yummy.

SweetZuzanna.com is 100% exclusive content. You might have seen Zuzanna doing one set deals at a few other websites, but she as smart as she is cute. She pooled her money together with a few of her friends and they each made their own websites.

Why am I telling you about her friends? Because you get access to all of the girls! Call it a buy-back program for Internet models. For only $19.95 you get access to ten models (and counting). All 100% exclusive content with amazing clarity.

Her video samples in the tour are only half the quality of the originals (hey, she can’t give herself away). But, they do give you a good idea of what you are in for.

Why spend $29.95 on some other babe when you can get ten babes, a $199.50 value, for two-thirds the price?!?!?

Sweet Zuzanna is a done deal!

Find More Sweet Zuzanna!

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Posted By Rhino on 10/30/06 -
Karissa Asian Teen

With schoolgirls this naughty, I want to be a dirty professor!

Move over Joon Mali, there is another Asian teen with a thick hot booty on the net! Karissa Booty is one hot asian teen. In the free gallery above you can see her flirtacious nature while she poses with her friend Alyssa from AlyssaTeen.com.

In ther members area you can get flirtacious with Karissa and even make requests! All of the KarissaBooty.com videos are shot in Hi-Res and encoded with DivX. If you are feeling really naughty and flirty you can chat with Karissa in a live webcam show.

Asians are known for their bodies but not their behinds. Karissa is the exception. Her ass is unbelievably booty-licious. Her ass is so fucking ripe she isn’t allowed in car shows because her ass is just to distracting!

It is about time you gave in to the Asian persuasion!

Find More Karissa Booty!

Posted By Rhino on 10/26/06 -
Emily18 Tasty Sweet

I’ll be damned if Emily18 isn’t the tastiest and sweetest barely legal girl I have ever seen. It is almost as though the time bus stopped and Emily got off and never got back on it. As though she never even entertained the idea of getting back on the bus.

Emily 18 recently went through some shit that they don’t discuss much on her board. She actually thought about quiting and doing modeling outside of her website. Still nude modeling, just not on her website.

But a few bigtime fans got wind of her plan and even found some of the magazine pictures she did for a photographer and reminded her of why she is such a hot itemEmily18.com!

So I guess this had to happen at some point and I am glad she made the right decision because now I feel more secure about letting my subscription rebill.

Emily used to post to her board often, now it seems she is on that thing 24/7 answering questions and conversing with her fanbase. Her site updates three times a week and videos are shot in high definition.

The latest sets are mind numbing and she is tasty sweet as always in them. I think it is safe to say that this small tits nubile is so damn cute that she could make a gay man straight!

Find More Emily18!

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Posted By Rhino on 10/22/06 -
Natalie Sparks Desire

Let me start off this post by saying, I know a lot of Natalies and not one of them is ugly… go figure! Now back to the regularly scheduled program.

I am not sure where Natalie Sparks got her last name but I do know that it does spark my desire for her. Everything about this B-Cup brunette teen says, "Desire me, you fool!" And I happly oblidge.

At nineteen, Natalie is like a breath of fresh air. NatalieSparks.com is all about making you feel welcomed and appreciated. Natalie regularly thanks her fans in her journal and in her forum. She is a real gem!

The weekly updates come in as 2 photosets, 2 videos and 2 webcam shows, plus she also includes bonus galleries, webcam archives and wallpapers. Obviously this is one teenager is who willing to please!

While the tour photos give you an idea of what to expect, they pail in comparison to the quality of photos in the members area. Imagine her hard iced up nipple sitting atop her pert tits taking up your entire screen. It is enough to make your mouth water!

At only 82 cents a day don’t you think you can sponsor a teenager while she explores her sexuality on screen for your enjoyement? I think you can!

Find More Natalie Sparks!

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Posted By Rhino on 10/22/06 -
Karen Dreams

I think it is quite common for young males to develop obsessions over womens clothing. Be it an obsession over undergarments such as bras and panties or maybe over a short skirt and pantyhose.

How do these articles of womens clothing become an obsession? Sometimes a guy might see a girl wearing her panties while changing. Looking at the gallery above I can see how someone might find themselves obsessing over Karen’s bra.

It is hard not to obsess on the fact that if she even so much as twitched her thumb one of Karen’s pert breasts would be exposed.

Growing up, I had an obsession over women in their bathing suits. I just couldn’t keep my mind off of the idea that the only thing covering her vagina was a millimeter or two of fabric. I was always trying to get a closer look.

I am certain you have had an obsession about something a girlfriend from your past or even a boyhood crush was wearing. Why don’t you leave a comment and let us know what it was?

Karen Dreams has been an obsession of mine for almost four years now. When I had originally gotten on the Internet back in 1996 there were no teens like Karen to obsess over. For the first 4 or 5 years it seemed like the only porn on the Internet was grainy 70’s porn where chicks had forests for pubic hair. Bleeeck…

In 2002, just a few days after Thanksgiving, Karen opened up her website KarenDreams.com. It was an instant hit. Her photography was better and she was hotter (and younger) than anyone else on the net. Even today she gets 30,000 unique hits a day. That is an insane fanclub for someone who has never been on TV or starred in a movie.

There are over 100 videos, 350 picture sets with 128 bonus sets from Karen’s friends and 75 hours of recorded webcam sessions. With four years of updates at three to five updates a week you can be rest assured that this teen model has your obsessions covered!

Find More Karen Dreams!

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Posted By Rhino on 10/18/06 -
Tiny Gwen Bedtime

Everyone has a match… Even Tiny Gwen.

A buddy of mine does a teen blog and was wondering how my sales are doing. I said they are doing great and he asked how can that be? He has much hotter girls and he does way more touching up to the photos. His sales should be phenominal!

Sure, it seems like common sense. But what I had to explain to him is that not everyone is looking for Gwen Stefani or Jessica Simpson. Some people actually like Ashley Simpson better… So his blog became a picture book of similar looking girls… It became uninteresting.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. To twenty-five million American men, Tiny Gwen is sexy as all fuck. And each time I post I capture the hearts of that many guys who have never seen her before because no one thinks she is pretty enough to post. And that, my friends, is why I run successful blogs!

Gwen is kind of a strange girl. She reminds me a lot of Trixie Teen but mixed with “>Chloe 18. Strange!

This tight little bundle has many sexy qualities. A banging body, small tits with thick puffy nipples and the desire to be dominated. This girl just needs a good man to look after her and you can give it some serious thought!

On TinyGwen.com this teen has sets of herself masturbating (with video) and voyeur shoots. She enjoys bikinis and girl on girl fun. She is a fucking amazing kisser. While she does do lingerie shoots, her best are in teeny bopper outfits. And of course, the shower sets are always a plus!

This is a call to all of the sugar daddies in the audience tonight, time to give Tiny Gwen a bath!

Find More Tiny Gwen!

Posted By Rhino on 10/11/06 -
Mariah Spice Big Tits Latina

Did you hear the news?

There is a new spice from Mexico that is supposed to make you feel 10 years younger and increase your stamina to that of a cheetah!

OK, so those projections are a bit lofty, but hey, so are her boobs!

Everyone say hello to Mariah Spice, the new latina sensation with natural D-Cup tits!

Mariah got into modeling when her best friend Bella Spice found out she had just turned 18… and therefor became barely legal! Sure she was nervous at first but after a few shoots Mariah became known as "The Natural," and not just because of her big tits.

MariahSpice.com updates weekly with new videos and photos of this soon to be Latina Legend. Currently Mariah gets topless but you know how that goes… A little prodding from us members and the next thing you know, she is taking the plung. I think it’s funny how Internet models come out acting innocent but we all know they masturbate. You don’t take your clothes off publicly by being a prude!

Like the rest of the Spice Girls, Mariah Spice is shot in high definition with attention to detail. In a break from tradition, you get access to Bella Spice for free when you join Mariah Spice now! Get your credit cards out boys, tonight is going to get hot and spicey!

Find More Mariah Spice!

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Posted By Rhino on 10/10/06 -
Slippery Sara Bathtub Kiss

Do chicks really take baths with eachother and explore their bisexuality in a storm of lesbian bliss? Fuck yeah they do… On the Internet!

Check out the gallery above and spend some time watching two hot and young girls fondling each others boobs. The only time these two want a break is to breathe once in a while. Otherwise, it’s lips locked and tongues entwined as these two bathtub lesbians set out to give each other mind blowing orgasms.

One of the nice things about finger fucking your lesbian girlfriend is you don’t steal her virginity away from her. Like wise, she leaves yours intact should you ever want to lose it to the right man. It is a wonder why parents don’t realize this lesbianation of the youth that is going on right in their own homes.

SlipperySara.com isn’t just about lesbians, it is about the life of a nineteen year old Internet model who just happens to be a bad apple. Sweet for us that just about everything she does would be considered taboo in the Southern States. We get a once in a lifetime naked look inside a horny barely legal teenager.

Grab some lotion and slip into Slippery Sara right now!

Find More Slippery Sara!

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Posted By Rhino on 10/02/06 -
Real8Teens Abby Barely Legal

Seeing Abby from Real8Teens.com above is like checking out Wiki for the term Barely Legal.

Abby is just one of the 20 barely legal girls at Real 8 Teens. Each week you get a video and two photo sets of these cute beauties. Abby is my personal fav but you have plenty to choose from. Blondes, redheads, brunettes… Small tits, big tits, palm of your hand tits. One thing is for sure no matter who you choose, she is 18 and barely legal!

Be sure to click the Girls button on the tour at Real18Teens.com and check out the barely legal profiles. After you got a girl in mind, click the Updates button and see what your have been missing!

So stop missing out and get your barely legal password today.

Find More Real8Teens!

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Posted By Rhino on 09/06/06 -
Andi Pink Virgin

I cannot say with any certainty that Andi Pink is a virgin or not. But, I can fantasize about the possibilities, right? Andi Pink is a strange name for a hot blue eyed teen. But when you look at that name, it almost personifies her beauty, doesn’t it?

It seems everything about Andi is perfect. Her eyes and her hair are right off of Jennifer Aniston. Andi’s pussy is heaven sent, shaved and more lickable than a lollipop! She has perfect tits and totally lickable nipples. That ass on her is flaweless and cute. Even her clit is cute. Can a clit be cute? Sure… why not?

AndiPink.com updates her sets two times a week. Sometimes they even do three or four! Seeing this barely legal teen prance around in cute little outfits is to much. I gotta go whack off.

While I am gone, think about getting a membership of your own. I am sure you can think of all sorts of reasons it’d be a good idea!

Happy fantasizing!

Find More Andi Pink!

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Posted By Rhino on 09/05/06 -
Abrianna Love Panties Teens

I fell in love with Abrianna about a year ago. I think the word that best describes her is lanky. But I am not even sure if that is a word or not. Abrianna is like a tall Ashley Judd. She was born with huge tits and the kind of sweet smile that opens the hearts and belts of men.

At nineteen years old Abrianna is perfect. Young with a killer curvy body but old enough not to make a fool out of you when you bring her to your next business dinner. A perfect escort!

Most of Abrianna.com is a mixture of topless and nonnude but she does have a few sets where she goes all-the-way. Men are naturally adventuristic and enjoy the hunt, so finding the pussy shot gems was pure excitement!

Get your pass now and find out what is on the other side of Abrianna’s Love panties!

Find More Abrianna!

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