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Posted By Rhino on 08/14/06 -
8Teenies Blonde Hottie

Damn, that blonde from 8Teenies.com above looks like she is taking a friggin senior portrait! Talk about being 18 and barely legal!

8Teenies.com is a launching point for internet models. That meens they usually get the girls first… that means they are always barely legal and often only a day or two over their 18th birthday. If you like em fresh, you will like em at 8Teenies!

New models are added each month and new photos and videos are added weekly. This content is exclusive and it is like having a solo models rookie card. Sure you might see the girl later on her own site like KettyDreams.com but if you want to see what she looked like in her first shoots you will need to come to 8Teenies.com for that.

The 8Teenies models are both skinny and chunky and even some in between’ers. Some girls have thick eraser nipples while others have puffy pink nipples. Blondes, brunettes, redheads, black hair, they come in all shapes, colors and sizes. It is like a smorgasboard of barely legal teens!

Find More 8Teenies!

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Posted By Rhino on 08/14/06 -
Gina Milano Polka Dot Bikini
Here at Virgins 19 we never get tired of seeing young looking teens in polka dot bikinis like Gina Milano.

Here at Virgins 19 we never get tired of seeing young looking teens in polka dot bikinis like Gina Milano.

Gina updates her photos at GinaMilano.com weekly and even answers her own emails. She might be 18 and ohh so sweet, but underneath this exterior is an inquisitive virgin waiting for the right guy to come along and show her what she’s been missing! Are you that guy?

I swear they make better 18 year olds now-a-days… Back when I was 18 the girls certainly didn’t look this good. Go just about anywhere now and if the girls you see are 18yo you are looking at girls with fashion model qualities.

Gina is no exception to the rule. Her brunette hair looks like it came off of Jennifer Love Hewitt. Her ass is thick and chunky and her legs are long and firm. Gina has small tits but I like em. She keeps them old-school tanned and I love that too!


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Posted By Rhino on 08/14/06 -

Tiffany, oh sweet tiffany and her white cotton print panties. If you asked me to define one of my favorite sexual niches all I’d have to do is show you the tour video of dear sweet Tiffany and her mind blowing ability to give pantyjobs!

First lets look at the teen named Tiffany here. Her hair is fucking awesome. It is long, has many shades and frames her face well. Tiffany has big beautiful eyes and soft pink lips. Her tits are small but her nipples are thick and puffy. You could say that they are an experience by themselves! Tiffany has a round wide ass but with no marks or dimples. Girls like Tiffany remind me of a clean virgin canvas waiting to be painted.

Tiffany’s full length video at PantyJobs.com starts out with her telling us about past experiences in the panty fetish. She is shy but gives up previously secret information about herself.

The videos at Panty Jobs are all shot from the cameraman’s point of view. This is nice because it gives us a chance to feel like we are part of the action!

After telling you about her own panty fantasies and realities, Tiffany lubes your cock and begins an awesome handjob. Soon Tiffany gets all worked up and can’t resist tasting your precum. All the while she is working her hand on your shaft, rubbing her moist tongue on the head of your cock.

All of this talk about pantyjobs has Tiffany thinking about some pantyjob action of her own and so she begins rubbing your man meat on her panties. After wrapping her panties around your stick she giggles when your precum makes her panties all wet. Not being a prude, Tiffany lowers her wide ass onto your lap and smothers that stiff member of yours with her pink pussy. Usually you don’t blow this quickly, but Tiffany is a pantyjob expert and you succumb to her advances by filling her insides with your spunk. Lucky for you, she is on the pill!

Hey, don’t think about a nap, next week it’s Jade’s turn to make your cock tingle!

Find More Panty Jobs!

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Posted By Rhino on 08/12/06 -
Sweet Leah Luv

This girl is all about hardcore. Her name is Sweet Leah Luv and she is anything but sweet. Unless you call letting guys nut their splooge all over her face sweet…

SweetLeahLuv.com is almost to hardcore to get a mention here at Virgins 19. If it wasn’t for her small tits, blonde lockes and braces… Well you get the idea…

Leah is bisexual. I love that quality in a girl. Not sure why but two teenage girls kissing is hotter than hot. On Sweet Leah Luv, Leah does plenty of kissing with her girlfriends. She also does threesomes and foursomes with both guys and girls. A real open minded spirit!

If chicks blowing cock is your thing, SweetLeahLuv.com is perfect for you. Along with your pass you get access to 1000Facials.com, Throated.com, OnlyTeenBlowjobs.com, ShareMyCock.com (personal favorite) and LoveYourTits.com. There is so much teen facial content here you are sure to blow your load thinking about…. something!

Find More Sweet Leah!

Posted By Rhino on 08/11/06 -
Ariel Rebel Sucker

I think I am a sucker for Ariel Rebel. Hey, don’t laugh, it is not such a bad thing.

Ariel takes barely legal to the edge. She has small tits and a shaved pussy. Both look good enough to eat or lick or suck on. Ariel’s ass is tight and small but firm. Spankable.

In the gallery above she shows off many of her youthful trates. Playful and funny. I really like her rebel pic, the tongue out and the fingers up. Yes, that is a tongue piercing. If you haven’t had a blowjob from a girl with a pierced tongue, I highly recommend it!

ArielRebel.com is full of that teenage angst. You can see her personal touches all over the place. Ariel Rebel just recently teamed up with Wild Tarts to offer you twice the membership area. So that is two passes in one. She updates weekly with fresh pics and a new video. You can download the videos and enjoy them on your own time.

Get ready for a mind blowing barely legal teen experience!

Find More Ariel Rebel!

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Posted By Rhino on 08/09/06 -
Andi Pink Schoolgirl

Someone pinch me, I think I’ve died and went to schoolgirl heaven!

Andi Pink has one hell of an angelic figure. She looks like she was chizzled out of a smooth solid peace of marble by a master Greek sculpter.

Andi has been around for about two years now and has developed a large fan base in that short amount of time. Along the way her body hasn’t changed much. Andi’s small tits are still pert and sexy as ever and her bald pussy is simply delicious. I don’t think I have ever seen a better specimen of barely legal vagina in my life.

AndiPink.com updates weekely, usually as often as every three days.

By joining AndiPink.com you get access to the sites where solo models like Andi are discovered. Crimson Teens, Scarlet Peaches, Panty Fruit, Red City Nudes and Peekshows.com! That brings your total content up to 72,000+ photos and over 700 teen videos. I am sure you will find something to think about there!

Find More Andi Pink!

Posted By Rhino on 08/09/06 -
18 Magazine Joss

I am pretty sure everyone has heard of 17 Magazine but how about 18 Magazine? Now you can get a glimpse at girls who just turned 18. This online magazine is full of amateur beauties.

Barely going on its fourth month, 18Magazine.com already has 74 videos and 13,103 pictures archived. I am not even sure how you can photograph and record that many girls in that time frame!

When I loaded up 18 Magazine into my browser (Firefox!) I noticed a girls testimony on the front page. So I asked my bisexual girlfriend what she thought of the site and she loved it!. She says we may have finally found a site we can both enjoy together!

Thanks 18Magazine.com!

There are four full length video updates a month at 18 Magazine and Joss has to be one of the best I’ve seen. Joss’s ability to portray virgin youth is natural because Joss really is a virgin.

Fresh content is added every three days and the photography is at par with Playboy. There are no downloading restrictions so you can grab the content to your hearts content. It makes those long stayovers during business trips no-big-deal! Just remember to snivle and sound like you are having a bad time when your wife calls 😉

Find More 18 Magazine!

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Posted By Rhino on 08/09/06 -
Emily Doll Natural Camel Toe

By far the most important quality in teen sites is that they portray reality. For intance, look at Emily Doll’s natural camel toe above. I don’t know about you but it makes my dick hard just thinking about what she has got hiding underneath that thong.

Obviously Emily cares about her appearence and shaves that teenage beaver of hers pretty damn close. You can see the lips of her pink pussy pushing on the confining fabric. You can just imagine how moist her opening is and how she’d flinch if you brought some of that moisture to her clit with your index finger.

Emily’s boobs are also natural. While there are only a handful they sit nicely and look firm but not hard. I love Emily’s gloss covered lips. Have you ever gotten a blowjob with lip gloss? Holy shit, it is a completely whole new experience. Another good blowjob is one with chapstick. Chicks dig the strawberry flavor from my experience.

EmilyDoll.com updates regularly and is already collecting a nice big archive of exclusive content. If you are a fan of softcore solo model sites, I am sure you will enjoy Emily Doll. She can be very… naughty!

Find More Emily Doll!

Posted By Rhino on 08/09/06 -
Alyssa Doll Superteen

First post time here at Virgins19.com and I’d like to start off thanking you for coming in here.

Her name is Alyssa Doll but you can call her SuperTeen if you’d like. I had the extremely awesome pleasure of meeting Alyssa in Vegas as I am friends with her webmaster and he aranged everything. I have to say, Alyssa is a doll! A true sweetheart.

Hanging out with this girl you’d never know she makes her living taking her clothes off. Alyssa is very casual and yet spunky in a youthful sort of way. I’d have to say my favorite look for her is when she poses with her mouth open. Not sure why… my brain is just wired to enjoy it.

Unfortunately for Alyssa she is not twenty-one years old yet. It seemed like the weekend was going to be a bummer for her but she found a few nightclubs she could get into. Watching her dance with my girlfriend gave me some ideas.

With AlyssaDoll.com you are truely getting the real thing. A flirty cute teenager with a passion for posing nude. But don’t let her good looks and youthful attraction fool you. Alyssa is also pretty damn smart and gets what she wants by working towards obtaining it.

When you are ready for the true teen experience, give Alysaa a holler!

Find More Alyssa Doll!

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