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Anybody for some Teen Sleepover movies?

If you thought girls are super enthusiastic to spend the night at their friends houses because they enjoy listening to music together and sharing hot gossip… you are wrong. The “super” in super enthusiastic comes from the games girls play when no one else is around!

Teen Sleepover exposes everything that goes on during high school and college sleepovers. Everything is shot in extreme high definition; the pics and the videos!

These sleepover movies leave nothing out. Check out the preview above and notice the girl on the bottoms face. She knows once she succumbs to her friends advances and lets her lick her exposed nipples a switch will be flipped that can never be turned back. Her pussy will moisten with desire and she will lose herself to lust. From that point on her friend will be more than just a friend. She will be a sex partner.

This type of thing happens in bedrooms all across the world. Why do you think your sister kicked you out of her room when she invited her friends over? Because they wanted to gossip in private? No! She wanted to keep her friends teenage pussy all to herself!

As an added bonus you also get access to Babysitter Movies, Teen Lesbian Land, Girls Left Alone and Teen Emery. For those that enjoy teen pussy it looks like Teen Sleepover is just the tip of the iceberg!

Take the $1 trial and download to your hearts content. If you are not satisfied with all of the tight teen pussy videos you can cancel online!



Part of my job description is to look at hot babes and beautiful teens. I have to find something worthy of a whack session. Often I point you to the obvious like Gigi Spice or Emily 18 or Lili Jensen. But, sometimes I like less polished girls. Real girls. The girls from Abby Winters.

Sure Chloe and Paula are not Jordan Capri sized. Nor do they have a face and a tight body like Kylie James. What they do have is natural curves you won’t find anywhere else because nobody else has the balls to lay it all out on the line like Abby Winters does.

At girls are all natural. Nothing is faked including (and most importantly) the orgasms!

Abby Winters is several sites in one, when you take the join them all option which I suggest you do. In doing so you will have access to the worlds largest collection of true amateur videos and photos.

As a member of all three versions of Abby Winters you get 11 new videos a week, 7 new image sets a week, 3 new solo models, 2 returning solo models, 2 new girl-girl videos, 3 two-girl masturbation videos and 2 new one-girl masturbation videos. Plus, you get 8 years of Abby Winters archives!

The two-girl masturbation videos are like nothing you will see anywhere else. They pair two girls who often have never had sex with another girl and have them masturbate in front of each other! Raw emotions… giggles, lust, more giggles, infatuation, groping, rubbing, kissing, uh oh, did she just kiss a girl! You also get to see notes from the girls pre-session and post-session… HIGHLY EROTIC!

Single girl masturbation is way better than anywhere else because the girls are asked to masturbate. Not perform and moan extra loud and say, “yes, Yes, YES!”… You get to see what they do when they are thinking about YOU at night. These are the girls next door after all… so in all likelihood their boyfriends look just like you!

So if you are tired of the hardcore porn churned out of the large production houses, try something a lot more intimate at Abby Winters!



Ever wonder what happens when three girls find a stash of dildos and decide to learn how to give their boyfriends blowjobs? Well, stop wondering and check out Young Porn. THE place to see barely legal girls being naughty barely legal girls! has been updating its archive of barely legal porn for the past seven years with daily additions. Every day of the week you have something new to look at. With so many video episodes and picture sets you are bound to find some young, barely legal girl that reminds you of someone in your life that you would like to bang!

As a member of 18 Only Girls you will get access to girls experimenting with their pussies, girls experimenting with each other and girls experimenting with older men. In general, girls being very naughty. Young Porn lets the girls let their hair down and just do what comes natural.

Nothing is too taboo at Young Porn. Everything from anal to double vaginal, girls kissing and groping to girls taking a facial and swapping sperm… it is all at Young Porn!

Now for the crazy shit!

Members of also get access to their other sites like Alice Wonder Bang, Sasha Blonde, 18 Only Girls, Ivana Fuckalot, Virgin Off and more. Check the join page for more details and be sure to treat yourself to the daily updates!


I have to admit, with sites like on the net I rarely leave the house. As soon as Ashley can deliver groceries to my door I will have no reason to leave!

Ashley Brookes is the encyclopedia entry for The Girl Next Door. She is cute but not too cute. By that I mean she is approachable without having to look like Brad Pitt. It very well may be that someone like me could catch her on an off day and get lucky!

Luckily we don’t have to get lucky to see Ashley Brookes naked. You just have to get a password for her site. Since Ashley is bi-sexual you also get to see plenty of her hot friends.

You may have heard of Ashley if you listen to Howard Stern. She has been on his show many times. Usually she brings a girl friend and fucks her with a strap-on dildo. You gotta love Howard Stern. He really knows how to properly entertain an audience.

Ever since Ashley was young she has had an exhibitionist streak. She never did learn how to sit right in a skirt without showing off her frilly panties. Ashley Brookes has been to jail for nudity in public on more than one occasion. She will do anything for her members… literally!

There are plenty of piping hot masturbation videos in the members area. Everything is digital rights management free so once you download it, you get to keep it for life.

Ashley Brookes updates weekly with new pics and videos. She also does a webcam show with plenty of archived shows from the past you keep you busy. Stop looking for free porn and join America’s little sweetheart,!

Blogged Under: Lesbians,Masturbation,Outdoors

Pop Quiz, hot shot: What do you get when you mix a Latin man with a Thai woman?

Answer: A really hot, exotic daughter named Lana Lopez.

Boys, this chick has the booty of a Latin girl from Brazil and the eyes of a goddess from the orient. She also just happens to have a sweet set of 32C’s. You guys have been searching for them and it is about time Virgins19 delivers on some big tits.

Lana Lopez is that girl next door. You know the one… The one you wanted to fuck all through out high school but were too afraid to ask. Well now is your time. updates weekly with new pics and a spicy hot video. Lana really enjoys playing with her tight pussy while you watch and she often has another girl with her to make things even spicier!

Along with the pics and vids you get web cam shows featuring Lana Lopez. This girl likes to keep things personal so she keeps an updated diary and members get her personal Email address.

Membership is only $19.95 a month which is unheard of for an updating solo model site like Next Door Lana. Get your access now before I see her at the next webmaster convention and inform her that her price is set way too low. 😉


sapphic erotica
Why Sapphic Erotica?

Because, the girls are smoking hot and they don’t try to pretend they are actors. This guy searches for true lesbian chicks that rate a seven or above. Many of them are perfect 10’s!

Lesbian porn sites come and go but Sapphic Erotica is the kind of site you let rebill. Let it rebill? What? Are you fucking crazy!

No, I am not crazy. You let it rebill because Sapphic Erotica

Blogged Under: Lesbians

I was going through some photos on Sweet Adri and came across this gallery. It struck me as odd because it looked so candid. You see a lot of these upskirt photos on sites these days. About time solo models started capitalizing on it.

Sweet Adri is on the right and her real name is Adrienne. The girl on the left is Melissa Midwest. Labor Day weekend is almost here and I guess it put me in the mood for some candid photos.

The gallery above starts out innocent and sweet but the girls find it hard to keep their hands off of each other. Can we blame them?

Sweet Adri passwords work on Melissa’s site too. They also work on their other friend Foxy Jacky’s site. Jacky does hardcore and these two keep it solo and girl-girl. Hot girl-girls!

With all of these hot coeds and their sizzling updates this pass is a no brainer.


Micah rubbing her pussy
Yeah, we all want a college coed we can bang on the side. Or using Micah as an example, a little cutie in a far off place we can go on vacation and she is so happy we showed up and she just wants to fuck for the first day, all day.

Don’t worry about snapping back to reality because Club Micah has got your back. They shoot this girl rubbing that sensitive little pussy of hers in high definition. You can fantasize about what ever you want while you watch Micah masturbating, but I prefer to think she is rubbing her button saving her self for my arrival.

Along with masturbating a lot this small tits teen also enjoys having sex with her many female friends. I had a girlfriend like that once. Always wondered why she fucked me when she seemed to like pussy so damn much.

Club Micah has a 24/7 live cam in Micah’s bedroom so you never miss a beat with this girl. On top of that she does live webcam chats and the usual video/photo updates.

I have a feeling that Club Micah will do for solo girl sites what Survivor did for reality TV!


I saw this pic of Private Gwen getting her nipple licked and it so reminded me of an instance of nipple licking at the river.

Let’s be honest. The only reason guys go to the river is to get drunk and watch chicks expose their tits… and possibly get to watch two chicks go down on one another… aaaannnnd possibly get to be a part of the action!

So, we had just pulled up to the sandbar and there they were. Two chicks out in the middle making out. Perfect timing! Both girls were flat out drunk and totally turned on to each other. They both were in their own little world, oblivious to what was going on around them.

One girl pulled off the other girls top and starting sucking on her nipples. All of the guys (and some of the girls) circled around to watch. The girl with her top off had some soft pink nipples and the girl doing the licking had her tongue pierced. You could see the lust on the topless girls face. Her pussy must have been super wet.

Before things could go any further her boyfriend shows up and collects her and the nipple licker and bails. Fucking asshole. Everybody booed.

The sweet thing about Private Gwen is she isn’t going anywhere. There isn’t come boyfriend waiting in the wings to sweep her away and ruin our day. In fact, Private Gwen is well known for being one of the only hotties that accepts members requests!

Gwen’s friend Mallory has some nice brown eyes in the picture above but, Gwen has even better blue ones. They go so perfect with her pale skin and blonde hair.

Private Gwen takes amateur self pics that are reminiscent of the kind you see on popular social networking sites. They are so raw looking. Candid. It is great.

Don’t worry though, PrivateGwen is not just about glamour pics and candids. On her site you will also find hardcore videos of her with guys and girls in addition to her masturbation videos.

If you like blondes with blue eyes and the younger the better, Private Gwen has you covered.


I don’t expect you to know me. But if you did, you would know that I have only two answers for those, "Is my new model hot or not?" threads that other webmasters post. One is, "Her face would make a good spread for toast," and the other is "I’d hit it, 2x’s!"

I also cannot expect you to know Raven Riley. Although, if you don’t know of her yet, you live under a rock…. up in the Himalayas.

I know you probably already know where this is going but, I’d hit Raven Riley 2x’s!

How could I expect you to already know of Raven Riley? Well, for starters, I have written about her already! And she also is fucking insanely hot. So hot maybe you saw her in a dream with one of those mermaid tails or something.

Raven Riley came on the scene about four years ago with one thing on her mind. To dominate the solo model porn industry like no one else has done before her. Good news, she did it!

Two years ago became the most visited solo model site on the Internet. Figuring out why this happened is a no brainer. Look at her! She is fucking gorgeous!

Most solo models don’t get fully naked. Raven gets so naked she lets you see her insides! Most solo models also don’t have sex on camera. Raven Riley sucks cock, rides dick, licks clit and masturbates with just about every object known to man.

So… yeah, I can expect you to already know this sex goddess. Now go check out Raven Riley and find out for yourself why this brunette babe is taking over the Internet!


I am sure Lily Koh has seen this pair of panties many times before and yet still, every time she lays her eyes on them she is captivated. Just like Lily I am captivated too. That might be because I don’t get to see pink lace-up panties on a Thai teen very often.

Lily Koh likes to invite her friend Joon Mali over from time to time to share kisses and lick each others nipples. Along with exploring her bisexuality Lily likes to masturbate in her videos.

You can watch Lily doing all sorts of naughty things five times a week.


1403864901Hey, fellas, what is cooler than being cool? No, the correct answer  isn’t ice cold. The correct answer is a new web site called!

The thing that makes this web site so cool is that it is so fucking basic! Who hasn’t whacked off thinking about a game of truth or dare with sexual connotations? Don’t lie. Unless you lack imagination you spent some time thinking about taking that game to the next level with a special group of girls.


0470103187 At Dare Ring you can relive the fantasy as both guys and girls take group sex to a new level.

With so many contestants the games last for about one hour and forty minutes! Nothing is left out so you can follow the action from introductions to the very last orgasm.

For those that prefer lesbians to group sex, some games are girls only. Most games are themed so you can fantasize about banging a valley girl or pretend to spy on a girls slumber party!

There are also bonus games like Strip Poker, Spin the Bottle, Twister, Blowjob Roulette and more.

Find out more at Dare Ring!



I will admit it. I am a sucker for teen lesbians. Sure I enjoy watching any two females (under 40) kiss but, teen lesbians, especially college coeds, are always special. But this isn’t just about teen lesbians kissing.

This is about and there barely legal assortment of girls. In America no one will publish an entire web site of barely legal girls. Even Hustler’s Barely Legal magazine isn’t full of girls that look barely legal. They might have one or two per issue and the rest are obviously twenty years old or more.

At My 18 Teen the girls are all barely legal. Every last one of them. Those Czech boys know how to target a niche properly. They also know how to do hardcore. The girls above get pretty wild with dildos but, the other girls get even crazier with the guys.

We are talking about tons of anal and everything else including messy facials. Some girls go solo and even softcore. The majority get extreme and some videos feature massive teen orgies. Makes me want to go back to college! updates daily. Everything is shot in high definition. Which is surprising because I didn’t know the Czech Republic moved past Polaroids yet. If you are a fan of the barely legal niche you will definitely enjoy your password!



What is a hot teen with an exhibitionist streak to do? Open a porn site of course! Meet Molly of MollysBedroom. Never before has there been a hardcore teen with such softcore qualities.

Molly was born with some amazing attributes. Molly has a huge set of tits that hand perfectly. Her nipples are a sexy shade of pink. Molly has bright eyes that give her a barely legal look. But don’t let those eyes fool you. This girl is as dirty as they cum

Twice a week Molly and her ex-boyfriend (now a co-worker with benefits) add videos and pictures of Molly’s exhibitionist escapades. Sometimes that means girl on girl or solo masturbation and other times it means she is dining on tube steak. No matter what is on the menu for the week, it is always piping hot!

Members of MollysBedroom can make special requests and read her personal diary. Everything is downloadable and the videos are high definition, full screen size. Take the tour and you can see that Mollys Bedroom leaves nothing out!


Going on five years in the adult webmaster business I have seen a lot of things. Some of those things I wish I had never seen. A niche I steer clear of like the plague is the twink niche. That is where barely legal boys shave themselves, drop down to 125 pounds and dress in something akin to a Hooter’s girl uniform. At the webmaster forums it is hard to miss these guys because they are running around making asses out of themselves. Think back to fourth grade…

So why bring up twinks on my teen girl blog? Because finding sites where barely legal girls do such things is damn fucking hard! But… never one to give up on a task, I found just such a frolicking girls site called Sexy GOA. It even comes complete with a rainbow banner!

Unlike those gay sites this one is full of hot babes acting foolish. When chicks do such things we call it flirting. It is damn sexy and it brings out the voyeur in everyone!

There are a lot of art sites out there. fuses that art site feel with uninhibited female attraction. And since there are no guys around, they have no one to exert that pent up sexual aggression on except for themselves. That is when things gets pretty steamy!

Sexy GOA features daily updates of fresh footage from the lives of nude teen girls. Everything is exclusive. This isn’t that nudity bullshit or an aggregation of everything you have ever seen in the past. This is all shot for and by the people at

So what is GOA? GOA is an all female resort with strict age requirements. Girls sign a waver knowing that everything they do will be videotaped and photographed. Just like your usual Spring break madness the girls at GOA get pretty crazy. Only, at GOA, Springbreak is a year-round thing!

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