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These lesbian girls don’t look like super models, but that is the point. At Abby Winters they shoot real girls from the outback… The kinds of girls you have dated… The girls you wouldn’t mind watching as they kiss and explore each other right in front of you!

Abby Winters started as a place where girls can get non-slutty porn and if they so chose, to be a part of non-slutty porn. Since the beginning there have been hundreds of models shot and hundreds of combinations of those girls in lesbian threesomes.

If you are tired of fake screaming and watching skanks spit on each other, Abby Winters has some real lesbian porn and tons of masturbation videos waiting for you!



You fell in love with Little Lexie and her virgin looks on sites like Little Summer, Teen Topanga and more. She was Kimmie on the Tiny Teen Pass network. Small tits, insanely sexy bald beaver and a petite body… It is no wonder you couldn’t keep your mind off of her!

Now she finally has her own site and just like before, she is part of a larger network of sites. This time around you get friends like Little Lara and Cock Rocking Teens.

The same great barely legal babe and virgin looks and a whole new way to enjoy her!



I will never forget the first time I walked in on a pair of cteen girls kissing. I was in high school and we were out on Spring Break. A few of us rented a beach front condo and two of the girls decided to get a little frisky!

Since it was high school and not college I was able to strong arm the girls into continuing their kissing by threatening to tell the whole school about them if they didn’t. Boy, the difference a year can make!

Chloe 18 is no stranger to kissing girls with boys and grown men around. She isn’t shy about her bisexuality. Her friend Little Lexie also isn’t shy and when you grab a Tiny Teen Pass you can watch her sharing kisses with girls on several different sites!

You can even join Little Lexie separately and get even more sites as her personal site is in a different network. On her site she goes all the way with both boys and girls.

The Tiny Teen Pass gives you access to fifteen solo models sites including Lil Emma, Cute Cristina, Selina 18, Little Lupe, Tiny Tyler, Little April, Little Summer, Little Bree, Trixie Teen and more!


chloe-18/6353/teen.htm” target=”_blank”>chloe18-teen-girls-kissing

Ever wondered why teen girls are such good kissers? While you were practicing with your inner elbow skin the girls were practicing with each other. At Chloe 18 you can watch chloe-18/6353/teen.htm” target=”_blank”>teen girls kissing and doing all sorts of other things like fondling each others boobs and giving each other orgasms!

If you really enjoy watching chloe-18/6353/teen.htm” target=”_blank”>teen girls kissing I highly suggest you get a Tiny Teen Pass. It unlocks a membership to fifteen teen girls sites. Not one of them is ugly. Teen Topanga, Trixie Teen, Little Summer, Tiny Tyler… All of them are beautiful and all of them like to kiss!



The (rare) blue eyed ginger on the left is so ready to give her boobs to the brunette on the right. The brunette, however, is making sure to be careful and not touch her friends tits for the picture. She is thinking that in doing so she is conveying what guys dream of and yet she is being subtle enough to keep us from ever considering her a lesbian.

Stupid girl. We all think you are a total butch-dyke now! Not that there is anything wrong with it. Fuck it, give in to your redheaded (girl)friend. She wants it and you know you want her too!

At Obsessed With Myself they stockpile loads of such content. Girls in high school getting kinky, girls in college getting fucked. Obsessed With Myself adds more content daily ranging from chicks wearing next to nothing all the way to hardcore homemade porn!

You can taste Obsessed With Myself for free and see why thousands of guys and girls have made this site their home for candid, voyeur and amateur content!



Who’s ready for the hot tub? After checking out Obsessed With Myself your answer to that question will be, ME!

No other ex-girlfriend site has content like this and none of the others are giving it away for free! You can take the Obsessed With Myself tour for free and see if you like it. If you don’t, cancel online and if you do, you will enjoy weekly updates.

Obsessed With Myself takes submissions from the public. Most of them are from the girls themselves. Some come from ex-boyfriends looking to get back at the bitch that dumped them. No matter how the photos got there, they are all smoking hot, real homemade porn.

Get your own Obsessed With Myself pass for free and keep your cash in your pocket!


Bathtub pics from Kinky Gfs.

Do you have a girlfriend? If not, no problem. Keep reading…

If you do have a girlfriend, does she send you pics like these? If not, keep reading…

If she does, are her girlfriends as hot, if not hotter, than your own girlfriend? If not, keep reading…

No matter if you answered yes or no to any of the above questions you need an account at Kinky Gfs. They are the premier homemade porn site when it comes to obtaining other people’s girlfriend pics and videos!

What are they doing differently to win this dubious honor? For starters, they give you free access to the site so you can see for yourself whether you want to take the plunge and join or not. Next, they have porn you haven’t seen before because they got it from the source: Kinky Gfs willing to submit their homemade porn for money!

This place gets so much porn they frequently have to turn the submission form off so they can catch up with these Kinky Gfs. You get daily updates and many of the submissions include the entire series. Nothing sucks worst than having one pic of a hot chick and that is it. Here at Kinky Gfs you get a few to a couple dozen per girl!

Just make sure to read the fine print on the join form and start whacking off for free tonight!



Most of my readers like Nubile Teens like Selina 18 and friend. That is why you come here. While you like nubile teens you also like to keep your ass out of jail. And that, my friend, is why Selina 18 works so well!

You could say that Selina has the face of someone much younger and the tits of someone much older. Her friends are usually flat chested and they seem to be just an enamored with Selina’s tits as we are.

Along with her young face Selina 18 has a young pussy. So do her friends. Unlike most solo models Selina isn’t saving herself for anything. She takes cock in every orifice. You won’t feel teased and let down with a membership!

If you get the All Teen Rev pass you can watch not only Selina, but her friends too! There is lots of variety with more brunettes like Little Lupe, /” target=”_blank”>Little Bree and Trixie Teen. There are also blondes like Little Summer and the Milton Twins. All together there are over 10 sites with three of them featuring twins!



I am officially hard.

OMFG!!! These two virgin lesbians from Met-Art are too fucking cute!

If you have never heard of you have been living underneath a rock for far too long. If you have heard of Met-Art and for some reason have never been a member then you, my friend, are high on crack cocaine!

Met-Art has been open for the better part of a decade and they update daily. They have tens of thousands of members enjoying those updates. You should be one of them!

Anyone that has ever bought or subscribed to Playboy, FHM, Maxim or Stuff Magazine needs to get their fucking head examined because Met-Art has literally thousands of models shot by the world’s most sought after photographers. How can you not be a member yet?

I will stop here before I call you a moron (oops) and just say that Met-Art is more than just softcore nudity. Many of the videos now get pretty hardcore and yes there are not guys in them… Not a problem for me. I hate having guys in my porn. I wish all porn was 100% girls.

Grab a Met-Art password and thank me later!



If it weren’t for the fact that having music blare through your speakers while you are secretly trying to view porn at 1am while everyone in the house is sleeping sucks big time, right now you would be listening to steal drums, a rhythm machine and seven black guys with Jamaican accents sing-yelling, “Who let the dogs out? Who, Who – Who, Who?”

To answer that question we need to go to Obsessed With Myself. The newest and boldest ex-girlfriend site on the net. They let you join for free and look at hot babes from around the world.

Where do they get this content? Believe it or not the girls send this shit in themselves half the time. The other half it is their ex-boyfriends sending it in to collect some money. Currently Kinky GF’s had to turn off the submission form because they already have so much of it to update the site with.

We are not talking about just candid self shot pics in the bathroom either. These guys have sorority girls from around the world sending in their initiation pics, Mardi Gras pics and even videos of themselves having sex with each other and their boyfriends!

I don’t know how long they will continue the free access so get your password while this shit is still hawt!



There is nothing like camel toe to perk ya up and get ya going. Call it coffee for perverts. It is always nice when there is a grid pattern on her undies. It is like a camel toe Matrix!

The pussy swallowing those panties belongs to Suzuka Ishikawa from She is 21 years young and a professional Asian Idol. Make that a Japanese Idol. Looking at her petite body and youthful face it is hard to believe she is legal. Asian girls age so fucking well!

The net is loaded with pictures of Suzuka wearing clothes but only JAV Model has her naked and sucking cock. Sometimes four or five cocks at once!

Every two days new movies are added for a total of over 60 videos added per month. All of them full length. Stop buying DVD’s when these people are practically giving away barely legal Asian porn! Each video is encoded in multiple formats and multiple sizes to fit what ever bandwidth or tastes for quality you may harbor.

Open since 2001 JAV Model has 100’s of models and everything is categorized by sex acts, model names, breast sizes and more. Finding hundreds of videos that match your particular viewing tastes is as easy as clicking a mouse.

Make a few more clicks and enjoy JAV Model right now!



If Hollywood were to ever ask me to cast two hot solo models to play sisters that save the world from boredom and unsatisfactory masturbation fantasies, Cassie Leanne and Emily 18 would be a perfect fit.

While Emily 18 has small boobs, Cassie Leanne has some pert larger ones. Her nipples are nice and puffy and her pussy is puffy too!

Unlike Emily18, Cassie does hardcore and even did a daisy chain lesbian video! Emily is perfect for that barely legal tease fantasy. Cassie Leanne is the older sister that will finish you off with a mind blowing blowjob.

Just about the only bummer is Cassie stopped updating her site. She does have over 150 videos and hundreds of picture sets in her members area though. At $24.99 she is a hit, download it and cancel it kind of site. Just make sure you do cancel it!

Not bad for a girl that goes all the way… and I mean all the way anal!


teenage-decadence sexting pics

Yeah, we were surprised your naked pics ended up on the Internet too! Actually, to be brutally honest, we pretty much expected this ever since your self shot topless pics ended up on every school phone on campus. Slut!

Teenage Decadence receives the sexting pics of teenagers from all over the world and puts them all in one convenient location. You can browse, look at and download them any time you are feeling horny!

On top of the sexting pics are the amateur videos, girls peeing, drunk chicks, chubby chicks, bikini pics, lingerie pics, sorority initiation pics and more. So many categories you have to see them for yourself at Teenage Decadence.

For only $20 a month you get access to the collected material of over 170,000 contributors! That means you probably have not seen 98% of this material before. These are not newsgroups photos or shit from other websites. These are pics uploaded by the people that took them!

There are currently over 52,000 threads in the forums and it is only going to take you about 4 years to weed through them all. But don’t worry, with the search function you can zero in on exactly what you are looking for and if your moods change from day to day, 50,000 threads you haven’t seen yet have you covered!

Teenage Decadence. It is what horny chaps do when they aren’t hanging out at the pool at the local YMCA!



Just thought I’d brighten your day with some sun drenched shaven teen pussy and a bikini beach scene. Just about the only things missing here are your hands rubbing suntan oil all over these girls. I can already imagine how soft and sensual that pretty pink pussy of her must feel. Damn!

You have probably seen Sandy Summers before. I have written about her from time to time. Sandy is one of the few models that get better with age. Her site is getting better and better too! updates five times a week! She already has over 500 picture galleries featuring her masturbating, looking hot and having mad, passionate lesbian sex with her equally hot friends. Sandy has made over 200 HD videos. All of which are waiting for you in the members area. Add in the candids pics, wallpapers and live cam shows and you wonder how this girl has time for anything other than having sex. Not that we’re complaining right?

One of Sandy Summers biggest turn-ons is that she likes to dress in sexy outfits. Perhaps it is part of her Brazilian spiciness? Brazilian? WTF? Yeah… She doesn’t look like your average girl from South of the border, I know.

Take the Sandy Summers tour and make sure to check out the sample vids while you are there!


sapphic erotica

Some lesbians take sex rather seriously. By that I mean they have to be in a committed relationship with another lesbian and to me that just sucks all of the fun out of being a lesbian!

I had always thought of lesbians as chicks having fun sex with each other. With their boyfriends they act conservative and reserved and with other girls they act like rabid dogs in heat.

The lesbians at Sapphic Erotica are from the second set of lesbians. They have sex for the pleasure. Which is sweet because it is certainly pleasurable to watch!

Your membership to Sapphic Erotica gives you court side access to over 760 amateur lesbian videos. While the girls in these videos might be amateurs the quality is outstanding. Shot in high definition these videos capture everything in crystal clear, vibrant color. updates 7 times a week so there is always something fresh to look at. Between the picture archives and the video archives you can be sure your nights will be action packed for weeks!

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