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Isn’t that an inviting picture? Flexi Becky reminds me of a girl I dated in college. She was a freshman and so-so-green. You know the type. Old enough to go to college and young enough to think she already knows it all.

This girl would do anything to please me. So one night I got out the camera and asked her to pose like the girls she saw in my Playboys. I think she figured I’d throw out those Playboys once I had pictures of her. Like I wouldn’t need them anymore. Well… she is long gone, but those Playboys still come in every month like clock work.

I tried to get her fully nude and I have to give props to those Playboy photographers because I found it impossible. I did however get her into her panties. She later admitted that it made her feel really excited to show off her small tits for the camera. I still have those photos. I wish I could find her and get a model release so that I could post them here!

Until then, there is filling in. Becky is a retired Russian gymnast. You might be wondering about the retired part. Gymnasts have to conform to a very tight set of specs. Believe it or not Flexi Becky no longer conforms.

So what is a girl to do when she is extra flexible and that is about where her skill set ends? Why, porn of course! Unlike Western women Becky isn’t afraid of sexual taboos. She knows she is catering to fans of barely legal girls and she flaunts her petiteness like it is a badge of honor.

Another thing that sets her apart from most girls is that she goes all the way. And I do mean, all the way! There are just as many sets of Becky performing oral and taking a hard cock as there are of her masturbating on video.

Video updates come in weekly with a new picture set to go with it. Everything is shot digitally and in very high resolutions. We are talking about pics with 3000 pixels across. That is larger than my 24 inch monitor! You can really, really, reaaally zooooooom in tight on this girls private parts. Plus, her videos are 1280×720 which is about the same size as most 19 inch monitors. These videos are big enough to burn her to a DVD and put her on your wide screen TV!

Time for me to get a warm towel. See you in the members area!

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Flexi Becky


This is a little hardcore for an opening pic here at Virgin’s 19 but, what the hell? It is a new year!

The ” rel=”nofollow” “/tasty-tara/817/teen.htm”>girl drilling her tight pussy with a vibrator is named Tasty Tara and oh how tasty she is! Tara is a blonde from the Czech Republic. Her body is simply amazing. You cannot find a better body anywhere.

” rel=”nofollow” “/tasty-tara/806/teen.htm”>Tara has small tits that are very firm for a 22 year old. Then again her whole entire body is firm. Though her ass is slightly plump and some what bootylicious for an athletic girl, the jiggle is kept to a minimum. Just enough to capture your attention as she walks away.

Each week adds another update. Updates are either pictures or videos and both are hot. ” rel=”nofollow” “/tasty-tara/806/teen.htm”>Tara loves to masturbate on video. Many updates are solo, but then there are plenty of ” rel=”nofollow” “/tasty-tara/822/teen.htm”>lesbian videos and hardcore videos with guys.

Members get plenty of perks. The biggest is access to the entire Tasty Network. You get teen sites like Tasty 18 and 19, plus you also get access to all of their other niche sites like Moms Crave Big Cocks. Members also get access to lots of sex stories.

If you have a think for hot blondes, Tasty Tara is a no brainer and the fact that you also get the other sites in the network make this a slam-dunk!

Coed Candy

I love the Lightspeed Girls. They were the pioneers of solo model sites. Brandy Didder is one of my favorites. Now-a-days you don’t need to have a favorite one though.. For an extra five bucks they give you their entire network of solo models. This is good because I also enjoy a few of their other sites.

The idea behind the Lightspeed network is that the girls are all part of the Lightspeed University and that is controlled by the Lightspeed Sorority. Each girl has to be initiated in and that means wall-to-wall lesbian teen sex. Much of it, first time lesbian sex.

When Brandy Didder isn’t kissing some other coed babe she is lounging around in her panties. And when that isn’t going on she is lounging around in her cheerleader uniform. And when… silk pajamas.. and… butt naked… you get the idea.

If you are in the mood for some hot coed teens performing some hot coed lesbian sex, will be right up your alley. Plus if teens in panties excites you this site and the rest of the Lightspeed World is going to blow your mind as well as your cock.

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Brandy Didder

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Lesbian Girls

Young college coeds flirting with each other wearing nothing but skimpy panties. Is young love grand or what?

Incase you have been vacationing on the planet Neptune, this here is Courtney Lightspeed. The Lightspeed girls are some of the hottest girl nextdoor types you will ever find on this planet. Sure, there are girls out there who could show them up, but are they on the internet? Do they have websites built around them? No? Then lets get back to Courtney shall we?

As I was saying, watching girls frollicking around in skimpy panties is damn hot. But not as hot as watching girls in skimpy panties kiss. That is even hotter and that is what you can get week after week with these lightspeed girls. Lots of panties, lots of teens kissing and lots of spent tissue…

Now the folks over at are running an awesome deal. When you pay an extra $5 you get access to 5 girl’s sites. And when you pay an extra $10 you get the whole entire F-ing network!

Trust me, you will need a new dick three months into this bargain because the one sitting infront of you right now is going to get worked down into a tooth pick when you are finished with it. But it doesn’t need to end this way… Get some good lube and a Fleshlight, the worlds only male sex toy and you can get one of the most realistic fuck-jobs from Courtney Lightspeed you will ever get in your life.

What are you waiting for? A signed invitation?


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Slippery Sara Bathtub Kiss

Do chicks really take baths with eachother and explore their bisexuality in a storm of lesbian bliss? Fuck yeah they do… On the Internet!

Check out the gallery above and spend some time watching two hot and young girls fondling each others boobs. The only time these two want a break is to breathe once in a while. Otherwise, it’s lips locked and tongues entwined as these two bathtub lesbians set out to give each other mind blowing orgasms.

One of the nice things about finger fucking your lesbian girlfriend is you don’t steal her virginity away from her. Like wise, she leaves yours intact should you ever want to lose it to the right man. It is a wonder why parents don’t realize this lesbianation of the youth that is going on right in their own homes. isn’t just about lesbians, it is about the life of a nineteen year old Internet model who just happens to be a bad apple. Sweet for us that just about everything she does would be considered taboo in the Southern States. We get a once in a lifetime naked look inside a horny barely legal teenager.

Grab some lotion and slip into Slippery Sara right now!

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