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Posted By Rhino on 09/19/09 -
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Most of my readers like Nubile Teens like Selina 18 and friend. That is why you come here. While you like nubile teens you also like to keep your ass out of jail. And that, my friend, is why Selina 18 works so well!

You could say that Selina has the face of someone much younger and the tits of someone much older. Her friends are usually flat chested and they seem to be just an enamored with Selina’s tits as we are.

Along with her young face Selina 18 has a young pussy. So do her friends. Unlike most solo models Selina isn’t saving herself for anything. She takes cock in every orifice. You won’t feel teased and let down with a Selina18.com membership!

If you get the All Teen Rev pass you can watch not only Selina, but her friends too! There is lots of variety with more brunettes like Little Lupe, /” target=”_blank”>Little Bree and Trixie Teen. There are also blondes like Little Summer and the Milton Twins. All together there are over 10 sites with three of them featuring twins!

Posted By Rhino on 09/04/09 -
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Guys, I am stuck in a jam. The problem stems from my fascination with Andi Pink and her virgin pussy. My infatuation with her is driving my girlfriend crazy. I think she is going to leave me. She gave me an ultimatum. It is either Andi Pink and her adorable little pussy (my words, not hers) or her.

I chose Andi Pink. Not just for her virgin pussy or her small tits. I chose Andi because of money. And a little thing called sharing

You see, AndiPink.com is only $34.95 a month. A far cry shorter than it costs to date my ex. Andi Pink also doesn’t mind sharing… her friends! Something my ex never did for me…

So now I get Ariel Rebel and thirteen other friends. Plus, I get thirteen more barely legal teen multi-girl sites. One of which lets me explore lesbian girls and their relationships! Hubba-hubba!

So… So long, bitch. I am going to curl up with Andi Pink tonight and enjoy over 540 photo sets and over 160 videos of her cute virgin pussy.

Here’s to no regrets!

Posted By Rhino on 08/20/09 -
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HonestlyDid you really think your pics wouldn’t end up on the Internet? Are we to believe that you didn’t know your boyfriend would post the POV blowjob videos you made with him?

You have heard of Paris Hilton, right?

Kinky Gfs is where you go to find amateur girls from around the world taking it off for anyone that will watch them. Well, that and a little extra cash.

Girls and their ex-boyfriends turn in videos and pictures of many different niches. Blowjobs, anal, penetration, masturbation, flashing, self-shots, masturbation, candids, bikini pics, more masturbation, acting a fool and many more masturbation videos.

If you like seeing real girls having real sex, Kinky Gfs is for you. If you like free porn, Kinky Gfs is definitely for you! Just make sure you cancel before the trial is over and make sure you read the join form thoroughly!

Once you join you get mass access to a huge amount of amateur porn. They update daily and have such a backlog they turned off the submission form. I guess you could say these girls can’t wait to take it off.

Many of the girls come back and do more picture sets and videos. I guess exposing yourself on the Internet can become addicting. You often get multiple pics in a series too. God I fucking hate candid sites without picture series!

Kinky Gfs… It is what is hot right now!

Posted By Rhino on 08/14/09 -
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So you try and bring your daughter up right. You send your little girl to Catholic school and the best prep school money can buy. Everything looks promising until she meets that bad boy named Mike. Now her whole entire world seems to be turned on end!

She is 18 years old and she thinks she knows what is best for her. Mike seems to know what is best for her too. She keeps him happy by sending naked pics of herself to him. After a while she became addicted. She even told a friend, “I think I am obsessed with myself!”

Her friend didn’t understand. How can you be obsessed with yourself? Well, your daughter and Mike broke up but your little girl is still taking those pics. She is even sharing them on the Internet!

You try to talk to her. You tell her that her uncles and cousins will see this shit. You try to reason with her. You tell her that those people at ObsessedWithMyself.com are just using her.

She won’t listen. They pay her good money for the pics and the videos she is sending in. Videos? Yeah, she sends in masturbation videos and they pay her a couple hundred bucks for each one. She is really developing quite a following over there. What can we say? She is hawt!

Obsessed With Myself receives hundreds of submissions a day. Only the best are allowed into the members area. Tons of new pics and videos on a daily basis make the cut. Your daughter might be one of them.

No problem. They have a $1 trial. You can check to make sure she isn’t on the site and what the fuck? Is one dollar too much a price to pay to ensure your daughter’s safety? Or course not!

So what are you waiting for? Grab that credit card and save her now!

Posted By Rhino on 08/07/09 -
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Why there serious look from Jenny Reid? Probably because she knows you are looking at her seriously small tits. You sick pervert! But hey, don’t feel bad. To be honest, I think she actually enjoys all of the attention.

Jenny originally set out to be a model with her clothes on but learned you had to be tall in order to do it. So she settled for Internet models where we actually prefer little girls.

Jenny Reid is part of a network of six sites dedicated to bringing you the best in barely legal solo models. Each site updates every two to three days. Pictures are shot in 1400×1024. This girls body is so flawless!

Both the videos and the pics are shot to show off her panties, small tits and tight buns. Add in her friends and you have a lot of catching up to do!

Posted By Rhino on 08/03/09 -
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They say that nothing in life is free. I guess “they” haven’t been to Kinky Gfs before. The best things in life are hot teens doing kinky things with one another. Like the girls above, the kinky girls at ObsessedWithMyself.com do things other girls might consider taboo.

Fuck those other girls. Those other girls suck. You are probably dating one of those “other” girls or, eey-gads, you married one of them. If that last statement is true you need to get on over to Kinky Gfs when ever that bitch leaves you alone for any length of time.

What is in store for you at Kinky Gfs?

Hot teens willing to act like sluts for nothing more than admiration. Like a dog that does a trick without a snack. Why else did you think we refer to them as “crazy bitches”?

Obsessed With Myself receives submissions for horny girls exposing themselves, ex-boyfriends plotting revenge and crazy bitches that can only get off if they know you are watching them. This place receives so many submissions they frequently have to shut the submission form down so they can catch up!

Who knew there were that many Obsessed With Myself out there?

KinkyGFs.com only accepts submissions for 18 to 21 year olds. They have to check ID’s before posting so you now these babes are fresh and real college aged hotties. All of the pics and videos are sorted into dozens of niches so you can explore paths that most interest you.

Grab a password to Obsessed With Myself and send your “crazy bitch” to her mother’s house!

Posted By Rhino on 08/01/09 -
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You have probably figured this out by now, but incase you haven’t, I am a total pervert. I was the kid that peeked in his neighbors bedroom windows. The kid that looked over the fence to spy on the girl next door as she sunbathed topless. My sperm have stained many walls in as many cities!

I really love these ex-girlfriend style sites. Slutty GFs is one of my favorites. Why? Because they update daily. That is important to me even if I can’t keep up with all of the updates. I like fresh porn and I also like archives.

To folks like me archives are like uncharted territory that might possibly contains a shipwreck or two. I love hunting for that little golden nugget of sweet porn that is going to allow me to finish the job happy.

At SluttyGFs.com there are tons of candid pics that will get you off. They also have tons of amateur videos. With daily updates the numbers just keep growing by leaps and bounds!

Looking at the pic above… I used to hate chicks that smoke. Who wants to kiss a smoke stack? Then I learned that if I get drunk enough I don’t taste their cigarette breath and these types of girls are usually the slutiest. This is good because I don’t exactly look like a college football quarterback anymore.

So do yourself a favor. Get a SluttyGfs.com password and keep dreaming of banging a slutty smoker. If that doesn’t do it for you, no problem. Slutty GFs have plenty of girls that don’t smoke… they just drink… sperm!

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Posted By Rhino on 07/24/09 -
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I don’t do many hardcore teen site reviews and some might say I don’t do enough of them. I have nothing against hardcore teen porn, it is just my best experiences banging teens were in a softcore setting. Or… my best experiences not banging teens were also in a softcore setting. Such as, watching the girl next door by the pool or getting an upskirt view of a girl in class.

One look at Pure 18 girl Carmen and her puffy nipples and I knew it was time to break from tradition and go a little bit hardcore for one day.

Pure 18 finds hot babes that just reached 18 years old. They bang the shit out of them and basically put their cocks in every orifice. The ending is usually a money shot and the girls seem to enjoy making a quick buck. Probably using it to pay for college.

But, Pure 18 is more than just hot teens. It is an entire network of porn worth its weight in gold. As a member you get full access to 28 sites made to engage the inner pervert in all of us.

Some of my favorite sites in the Reality Kings network include Pure 18 (obviously), Money Talks, Bikini Party (brand new) and In The VIP. Keeping within the teen and coed niche you also have Mikes Apartment. Chicks bang the guy to pay their rent. What a fucking stud muffin!

When I am not feeling teenish and want something with some hips and big tits I go for Big Naturals, 8th Street Latinas (frequently has hot teens too), Big Tits Boss, MILF Nextdoor, MILF Hunter and more. I really like the MILF sites. You can pretend to bang the Pure 18 girls and then switch it up and bang their moms too!

What I would really like to see is the Pure 18 girls banging the MILF Hunter babes. Until then you have We Live Together for girl on girl action. Pay special attention to the older archived episodes. Nicole is my dream lesbian!

So there you have it. Pure 18 when you want a girl just over age and you can switch things up with 28 sites and over 6000 models in the Reality Kings network!

Posted By Rhino on 07/17/09 -
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Move over teen schoolgirls, there is a new student in town!

Phil Flash is well known in the teen solo model world. Between Steve Lightspeed and Phil Flash I don’t know which has hit more teen site homeruns. Both Phil and Steve take this niche to the edge and then jump off for the thrill of it!

Phil’s newest site is yet another homer. Teen Kasia is from Poland and I have to say, those Eastern European girls get mighty freaky. Teen Kasia does the things the other girls won’t. We will have more on that later.

You may have seen Kasia on Face Down Ass Up University, another one of Phil’s sites. She is a hands down fan favorite. If there were ever going to be an all-star teen solo models game, Teen Kasia would be third base!

Kasia has some fluffy, puffy nipples. So pink and delicious you almost don’t want to suck on them because you might become addicted. I say almost because it never works out when you try and leave a teenager like Kasia alone. The prize is just too good to pass up.

So… Once Phil noticed Teen Kasia was chewing up more than 50% of his bandwidth he decided she needed her own site. Now you can find all of her previous work from his other sites and new stuff only on TeenKasia.com. Every week Kasia adds another photo set and sexy video.

What does this little vixen do for fun? I thought you’d never ask.

Like I said before, Teen Kasia does all of the stuff no one else wants to and I guess in Poland this stuff is pretty tame. Imagine that. A country more liberal sexually than France!

Kasia gets naked in public. She says the idea of getting caught turns her on so much she cannot help herself. She also gets drunk and pees in the yard. Hey, she had many older brothers so I guess she figures it is normal. On top of that she masturbates all the time. There are tons of masturbation videos in the members area.

Grab a pass and watch this nubile go!

Posted By Rhino on 07/16/09 -
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When was the last time your wife or girlfriend fucked you in the car? When was the last time your significant other wanted to role play? Or maybe you don’t have a significant other?

No problem. Little Hell Cat is about to change all of that. This little girl is a firecracker of pent up sexual excitement waiting to blowup and make sex fun again!

You can call her Little Hell Cat or Codi or that hot little number with the small tits and the tight ass. This girl’s barely legal meter is off the charts. Her youthful body can get into positions you used to only dream about.

On top of having no shame about where she fucks Little Hell Cat has some extreme views on giving blowjobs. She is all about the deep throat. So deep you almost expect her eyes to roll back into her head. How in the fuck does she find time to breath?

The answers to all of these questions can be found only at LittleHellCat.com. Everything is shot exclusively for the site with Codi often directing the shoots herself. When ever a model delivers this level of commitment to her site it always goes platinum!

Posted By Rhino on 07/13/09 -
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seventeen schoolgirl

The word seventeen and a naked schoolgirl?

This is something you can only do in Europe. These guys opened up a web site that features hot barely legal teens and then named it Club Seventeen. A name that would never be allowed here in the states. But remember, in parts of Europe you can model topless at age 16. Even though this site does not feature any girls under 18 years old they sure do look like it!

Club Seventeen got its start in 1976 as a magazine and went online in 1996. It features both softcore and hardcore porn with a lot of everything in between.

Looking at the schoolgirl above you have to agree this site has some pretty hot teens on it. If you think her pert small tits are nice wait until you see her pussy. Click the pic and scroll to the bottom of the gallery. A perfect smooth surface waiting for your cock, your tongue or anything else you desire to puncture it with. I half expected to see a hymen!

There are thousands of teen models at Club Seventeen and thousands of picture sets. Videos are into the hundreds and growing each day. Club Seventeen updates twice a day with new content. You can chat live with the girls and access bonus sites in the Club Seventeen network.

Club Seventeen is by far the internet’s largest collection of teen porn. Everything from softcore panty pics to sticky facials is represented here. Lesbians, big tits, small tits, schoolgirls fucked by teachers, voyeur videos, you name it and they deliver!

Posted By Rhino on 07/12/09 -
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When it comes to models that know how to tease there is none better than Kari Sweets. Her body is basically perfect. Everything is proportionate and fits together so fucking well.

While Kari Sweets is known for her bubble butt she also has a following that enjoy her small tits. You can count me as one of them. To be honest, I don’t need a bubble butt, but I certainly do enjoy small tits!

KariSweets.com has been open for a few years now and in that time she has built up quite a nice archive of her signature teasing material.

Kari does not show her cooter without some kind of flimsy panty covering it. Like I said, she is a tease. She does, however, have a killer body and a message board you can talk to her on. She will tease the cum out of you there too!

The updates at Kari Sweets come in twice a week and she also takes lots of candid photos of herself, plus, she keeps an updated diary of what is going on in her life. I actually got to meet Kari at a porn convention by keeping tabs on her diary. Who knows, maybe you can get lucky too?

Posted By Rhino on 07/10/09 -
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I don’t know about you but I am in fucking love with this girl! Her name is Chloe and she models for a site called X-Art. Never heard of it? Me neither until now.

X-Art is one half artistic nude site and one half hardcore porn site. A nice blend in these tough times. Now you don’t have to buy multiple memberships to see both styles. They have it all in one!

So getting back to small tits cutie Chloe. Her fucking body is amazing. She looks so barely legal it will make your head spin. Her little booty is more like a little hinny. Firm with some baby fat to make it bubble a bit.

Chloe has one of the best pussies I have seen in a long time. A true virgin pussy look. Well… Almost true because Chloe also does hardcore and you can see the Chloe hardcore sets here! In it she lets Carl go all of the way. The third pic where she is still dressed in bra and panties will have you shooting your load!

Posted By Rhino on 07/09/09 -
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It is no shocker that what Candy Skye is hiding underneath those red panties of hers is sugar and spice and everything nice.

Candy is 19 and has a hot little body. While they say her tits are C-Cups I am pretty sure they are B’s. Don’t worry about them being smaller Candy, my surfers actually prefer small tits!

Because Candy Skye has such a petite figure she wears a size small panty. Which means her panties look just as good off of her as they do on. They are a bit tight and kind of go up her pussy crack sometimes. We won’t hold that against her!

Being an exhibitionist at heart Candy loves to get naked outdoors and occasionally has sex outdoors too. Everything is video taped and lots of high resolution pictures are taken to document her high jinx. I just wish I knew where that lake is that she keeps getting naked at. I’d love to be her fucking neighbor (pun intended).

As a member of Candy Skye you also get access to her friends sites and some bonus sites. Fuck the bonus sites, it is all feeder bullshit anyway. What you want to focus on is her friend Heidi Hottie and Hailey Hardcore. All three of these teen beauties do hardcore porn videos for you to watch for one low price!

Posted By Rhino on 07/09/09 -
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I am officially hard.

OMFG!!! These two virgin lesbians from Met-Art are too fucking cute!

If you have never heard of Met-Art.com you have been living underneath a rock for far too long. If you have heard of Met-Art and for some reason have never been a member then you, my friend, are high on crack cocaine!

Met-Art has been open for the better part of a decade and they update daily. They have tens of thousands of members enjoying those updates. You should be one of them!

Anyone that has ever bought or subscribed to Playboy, FHM, Maxim or Stuff Magazine needs to get their fucking head examined because Met-Art has literally thousands of models shot by the world’s most sought after photographers. How can you not be a member yet?

I will stop here before I call you a moron (oops) and just say that Met-Art is more than just softcore nudity. Many of the videos now get pretty hardcore and yes there are not guys in them… Not a problem for me. I hate having guys in my porn. I wish all porn was 100% girls.

Grab a Met-Art password and thank me later!

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