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Growing up we all had a friend with a sister like Mandi Collins. A total girl next door, she wasn’t exactly a hottie. However, she was more attractive than you!

Kind’a sucks too. Mandi Collins has a natural set of Double-D sized tits. Being young her tits are don’t sag too much. You could say that they hang just right! Especially for a set of big tits.

Despite Mandi’s red hair and tope skin she still has more guys after her than you have girls after you. That is why you keep popping in her room unannounced. Hoping to relive that one time when she was sitting Indian style in her bra and panties on the bed. It took her at least five seconds to tell you to get lost. Plenty enough time to burn the image of her pussy lips pressing on her panties into your dirty little mind.

It took a while but Mandi is finally ready to let you see her naked. You have to love what those leftist professors teach their students in college. It almost seems like all she wants to do now is get naked in front of you!

Mandi Collins has two girlfriends that also enjoy frolicking around in their underwear. Chrissy Blooms is an exotic hottie and Staci Plays has small tits. No matter what the size of their tits, one thing is certain, their pussies are 18 years young and tighter than ever!

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