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Posted By Rhino on 05/18/11 -
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If the world were a perfect place every girl on it would have a virgin pussy. Unfortunately some of them have to get laid and we men are not outnumbered 72:1 like we will be in Heaven…

So Club Seventeen gives us access to girls that look like nubile virgins and guess what? I’m not going to cry about it and neither will you once you see the Club Seventeen video below the pics!


Take a minute. Look at those tight shorts crawling their way up her tight teen ass. I bet when she farts it smells like Downey fabric softener!


Cherry is a great example of what you have waiting for you at Club Seventeen. Small tits, tight bodies, puffy pussies and cute faces. How old is this girl anyway?


Who cares! She is willing and ready to show she is plenty old enough to breed! Damn what a Cleft of Venus!


Okay, Cherry is 18 years old. So why the name Club Seventeen? They get asked that a lot. Back in the day girls could pose nude at 16 years old in many parts of Europe. Most girls were getting married by the time they were a 14yo!

Things have changed since the whole European Union thing went into effect so now all of the girls are all age eighteen. The site ClubSeventeen.com has been online for over a decade and the site has tons of scanned in photos from the old days. Again, they are all 18yo’s now.

But hey… Cherry really pushes the boundaries between jailbait and barely legal doesn’t she?

Time for that Club Seventeen video!

One thought on “Club Seventeen Cherry”

  1. yummy says:

    I would so hit that!

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