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Some girls can pull off the virgin pussy look better than others can. Debbie Teen is one of those girls that pulls it off easily. Her cleft of Venus is simply stunning. When most girls shave their pussy it still shows a bit of stubble here and there. Not Debbie!

Debbie’s pussy is perfectly smooth! She must wax or maybe she is unable to grow hair on her pussy? Click the picture and watch the video if you don’t believe me!




Bald virgin pussy and baby oil go together like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I remember the first time I shaved a girls pussy for her back in high school. She reached down and felt her soft outer lips, and she was surprised by how strange and kinky it felt. Wanting a show I squirted some baby oil into the crack and told her to rub it around so her skin wouldn’t chafe. Without realizing it she gave me the show of my life!

I watched mesmerized by this girl rubbing oil into every nook and cranny of her virgin pussy. My cock was so hard it hurt! My balls were aching at the site of it.

After a bit she began to realize she was putting on a show, but she wasn’t getting one herself so she told me it was my turn. She lathered my cock in shaving cream and shaved it down completely. I am talking not a hair on my nutsack even!

When she was done washing the shaving cream off she squirted a glob of baby oil over the top of my shaft. As I watched it drip down all sides of my cock she told me to rub it in so I wouldn’t chafe. Smart girl!

We watched each other intently as we masturbated in front of each other for the first time. It was so erotic. Both of us were wondering if the other would go all the way. If it was some kind of trick. Twice she told me I had better not be recording it. LOL

But I was recording it. In my brain. That show she put on got burned into my brain cells. Every little thing about her masturbation show got recorded. Like how her stomach twitched as she ran her finger over her clit.

After several minutes of toying with ourselves we got a little bit more serious. Our breathing quickened and sweat began to bead on our foreheads. I started pumping harder, and she spent a lot more time and effort on her clitoris.

My cum was shot out at her and hit her inner thigh. She gasped in surprise at the violence of the display. Successive wads of my cum shot out with less distance until it was dribbling out of the hole onto my fingers which were tightly wrapped around my manhood.

Within seconds of my orgasm she hit hers just as hard. She doubled over and fell into the tub. Her face contorted in ways that made it hard to tell if she was in agony or enjoying herself. Her body humped her hand uncontrollably. I noticed a little bit of pee in the water!

When she came to we both giggled a little and kissed a lot. It didn’t take long for my cock to get hard again and when it did I felt her grab my wrist and place my hand on my cock. It was time for round two!

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No, this isn’t Daisy from the Dukes of Hazard. It’s not even Jessica Simpson for that matter. These Daisy Dukes belong to Ariel Rebel. I figured I’d post some photos of her from back when she had a virgin pussy.

Teenage girls love to flaunt their virgin pussies for boys and men. They will even show it off to guys they don’t even know!

One of my girl next door friends used to have a pair of those dark blue shorts made out of that really soft material where they are super short and have small slits on the outside of the leg holes. I think they are for soccer or running or something.



If this girl doesn’t make your dick hard and keep it hard there is a good chance you might be gay. Just saying!

So who is she? Her name is Annabelle. I found her on the GND GF Vids site. They basically bring the girl next door into your home and this time they found a doozy.

Annabelle has a cleft of Venus with a small patch of hair on top. To be honest I am not sure if she really has a virgin pussy or not, but that patch of hair actually leads me to believe it is more than if she had shaved it all off. Why? Because the last time I banged a girl with any hair on her pussy she was a virgin!

GND GF Vids is giving away access to their entire 21 site network when you grab a password right now. The girls range from very petite (just look at Annabelle’s itty bitty titty!) to slightly chunky and very curvy. Many do softcore only and there are a lot that go all the way.

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pierced pussy

You know a girl loves you when she gets both her nipples pierced and her pussy pierced! Hailey Leigh is back. I say back because some of you might know her by her old site Hailey’s Hideaway. Truth be told, I enjoyed her a lot more without so many tattoos on her old site, but I also love the pussy piercing so it is a toss up!

I am not sure how much experience Hailey Leigh has had with boys since her old site. Check out her virgin pussy camel toe pics though. Damn this girl has a sexy pussy with or without the piercings!

Her old site gives you access to some of her friends from back in the day. Obviously it isn’t updated anymore, but contains her barely legal pics and, again, those of her friends. Her new site Hailey Leigh gives you updates and live web cam shows. You can also watch her new friends live cam shows as well!

Time for you to make a choice and stick to it!



If you have yet to have heard about Wet & Puffy you must be living under a rock or you just aren’t really a fan of virgin pussy. While most of the girls at are not actually virgins, the succulence of their wet vaginas will leave you feeling like they are!

The site classifies each wet pussy they have into one of three categories: Big Taco, Juicy Cherry or, my personal favorite, Puffy Peach. Victoria Blaze above fits into the Puffy Peach category for sure. In fact, her pussy might define it!

Wet & Puffy gets back to the old school with extreme close ups of some very sexy pussies. Having them oiled up only makes things better. The girls will often masturbate with things like glass dildos, vibrators or just use their fingers. One thing always stays consistent though and that is the succulence of their puffy pussy!



Do you remember the first time you went skinny dipping with a girl. My first time was with Tiny Tabby. She had the most darling little body with perky little tits and a cute little butt. Before Tabby I had never before seen a virgin pussy. The only pussies I had seen were in my dad’s porno mags he left around the house hoping they would peak my interest in girls. Which they did. A bit too young!

To say I was obsessed with girls and their bodies parts would be an understatement. I don’t think my dad knew just what kind of monster he had created in me.

Tiny Tabby invited me over for a swim and while she always seemed to be interested in me, I never really knew how much up until the day we went skinny dipping. She often sat in positions where I could take advantage of her lack of modesty. If I had a nickel for every time she gave me an upskirt shot of her panties!


On this day her parents had went out to a baseball game and left her at home. While we were nervously sitting opposite of each other before getting in Tiny Tabby suggested that we should go skinny dipping. While I really wanted to see her naked I was a bit nervous about her seeing my hardon. I mean, I wasn’t supposed to have one right? We were just platonically having a swim?!?!

Tabby could tell I was nervous about getting naked in front of her and she reassured me that she was just as interested in me and I was in her. I kind of looked puzzled there for a moment and she pulled off her bathing suit and sat spread eagle on the side of her chair with her legs wide open.

As I watched she deftly spread the folds of her pussy lips and showed me her clitoris and vulva. First she pointed to her clit and informed me that it was currently very hard. Almost painfully hard. Then she pointed to her hole, but instead of a hole there was a hymen. At that point I realized she was showing me her virgin pussy!

Even though there was a flap of skin covering her vulva there was still plenty of wetness escaping and she pointed it out. Her pink pussy was glistening in the summer sun with wetness from her excitement about seeing my hardon!

Now I was ready to show her my cock. I pulled off my shorts and stood in front of her so she could see it close up. She looked up at me and asked if she could touch it. Of course I said yes!

Just as she grabbed my cock some precum dripped out and sat in the eye of my penis. I wasn’t sure if this was a good thing or a bad thing until Tiny Tabby flicked out her tongue and licked it off. This made my cock jump as blood rushed in to engorge my glands even more.

She asked if that tickled and I said it did, but it also felt like a good tickle. I had never received a blowjob before so I didn’t really know what to expect. Tabby had braces so I was afraid since friends in school always called her motor mouth or Black and Decker pecker wrecker.

As it turns out girls keep their teeth, and braces, far away from your cock and just use their lips and tongue. I was relieved there for a moment. But then I had to cum and I didn’t know what to do. I tried moving her head back, but Tiny Tabby seemed somewhat determined to blow me and make me cum into her mouth. Which I did!

When my cock stopped shuttering and my balls were empty of all of my goo she pulled away from my rapidly shrinking penis. I had just received a blowjob from a girl I had an infatuation with for years. I couldn’t believe my lucky stars!

Just as I was coming to from my orgasmic trans like state I heard Tabby telling me it was my turn. I eagerly got on my hands and knees going to work on her virgin slit.

I traced my tongue up and down Tabby’s pussy slit spending the majority of my time flicking my tongue over her love button. Every time I did so she would whimper and jerk her body. If I stopped she would grab my head and push it, almost painfully, into her crotch as if to say, "Don’t stop!"

Soon I could tell her body was ready to orgasm as she quivered violently. Her moans got a lot louder and I began to worry one of her neighbors would hear her. Tabby gyrated her pussy into my face before clamping her legs shut as if to say, "Stop!" Which I did.

I didn’t get to pop her cherry that day, but I would eventually. You can watch all of the cherry popping videos at and if you get a Tiny Teen Pass you can enjoy Tabby and her friends like Paulina 18 and Little Lorie.

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Some parents get all flustered when their daughters experiment with lesbian sex in high school. They are scared their little girl won’t get with boys later and be normal or heaven forbid someone sees them and tells everyone!

The reality of it is, if you want your little girl to have a virgin pussy lesbian sex might just be the ticket! Let her be with girls until college when she is better able to keep track of her responsibilities like birth control.

Sofia Saint knows all about birth control. She has boys use the rhythm method where they pull out and shoot their load all over her face and tits! You can watch her hardcore videos on her site and get access to her friends as well. Why watch one porn star when you can watch several. And sometimes two at a time!



Now that is one appetizing lunch right there. Trisha Uptown (if that is indeed her real name?) is about to dive into some virgin pussy with one of my favorite models, Lil Candy!

It is no wonder why has become so popular. She has a barely legal look and both her super skinny look and her rounder cherub look are simply stunning. Candy has small boobs and an ass you want to spank. Surely this little angel has been a bad girl at some point.


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Talk about double the pleasure and double the fun!

That girl loosing her panties is Kimmy Teen. We will call her friend with the perky nipples Ginger. Both of these girls are always getting into all sorts of trouble. They love to talk to men they call at random while they get kinky with each other!

Kimmy Teen and Ginger both have little virgin pussies. The guys they call are always trying to get them to cough up Kimmy’s address so they can come over and pop their cherries.

Uh-uh-uhhh! These girls might be naughty, but they aren’t stupid!


These two little love nymphs got started by comparing their boobies one day. Before long it was time to check out each others pussies too! They both marveled at how their pussy hairs were the same color as the hair on their heads.


Kimmy can get super kinky at times. Once she tried licking her own nipples. It didn’t work out so well on account of her titties being so tiny, but Ginger sure did get a kick out of watching her!


If you are lucky, and you live near Kimmy Teen, you might be able to catch a glimpse of these two girlies showing off their little hineys to boys walking by the front of her house. They really love driving the postman out of his gourd!

He’d really love to share his gourd with these two gingers!

You can share your cock with Kimmy Teen and her friends like Little Danni and Debbie Teen. With one password you get access to an entire network of kinky little girls!


Girls make for perfect lawyers. They have to deal with all of the hard stuff that guys never have to deal with like: Will using a tampon take my virginity? Even if my hymen breaks? Or, my hymen broke while climbing a tree, or humping the banana seat on my bicycle, do I still have a virgin pussy?

These questions get even deeper (no pun intended) when girls start fooling around with their little pussies. They want to know how far they can stick things into themselves. They want to know how wide it can get. How is a baby supposed to come out of my tiny twat?

Some girls like Teen Topanga like to invite a friend over from school to explore with. Things can get pretty competitive.

“Oh yeah? I can still the entire handle of my hairbrush in mine!”

“Oh yeah? Well, I can put my entire fist in mine!

“What? No way! I have to see this!”




Do girls dream of eating out their friend’s virgin pussies?

I can’t speak for every girl out there, but my girlfriend was nice enough to relay to me some pretty sexy information on the subject!

As it turns out her first sexual experiences were with girls. She was already experimenting with eating pussy before her pussy even started growing hair!

Before she got her first cock inside her, my girlfriend had a guy eat her out. She said it left her dreaming of having her pussy licked by a girl. So instead of masturbating about having sex with this dude, she instead had dreams of licking another girls pussy while the other girl licked hers!

This went on until she finally got some cock inside her virgin pussy. The first time it wasn’t that great, but she knew it would get better like the girls in her brother’s porn videos. She wanted to scream and moan like that!

Once her wish was granted she slit her masturbation dreams between guys and girls. She still does



OK, so Kacey 18 definitely doesn’t actually have a virgin pussy. I mean, come on



Remember all of the countless hours you used to spend trying to catch a of a girls virgin pussy? Whether that glimpse came from a real girl right in front of you or a girl in a JCPenny catalog, you tried. You swore you could make out the folds of a girls pussy from beneath her panties.

Bailey is bringing those good old days back. She loves to lounge around her house wearing the skimpiest outfits. She is super flirtatious and swears she isn’t doing anything on purpose. Yeah right!

Girls at her school are always trying to get everybody to think Bailey is a slut. She isn’t really a slut, you know? It is normal for girls to experiment with their sexuality. A few years ago nobody even noticed Bailey. Now guys are trying to cop a feel of her boobs and that virgin pussy.

Personally I think it is all just jealousy on the other girls part. I mean Bailey isn’t jealous. She doesn’t mind if you play spin the bottle with her girlfriends. even gives you access to her friends sites!

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A friend of mine recently found out that I run several blogs having to do with girls that society would label as jailbait (in appearance). Along with this blog I run a small tits blog and Young Fiesta. I guess you could say all of the girls on my blogs have small tits and are usually barely legal.

So anyway

Girl Cum!