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seventeen schoolgirl

The word seventeen and a naked schoolgirl?

This is something you can only do in Europe. These guys opened up a web site that features hot barely legal teens and then named it Club Seventeen. A name that would never be allowed here in the states. But remember, in parts of Europe you can model topless at age 16. Even though this site does not feature any girls under 18 years old they sure do look like it!

Club Seventeen got its start in 1976 as a magazine and went online in 1996. It features both softcore and hardcore porn with a lot of everything in between.

Looking at the schoolgirl above you have to agree this site has some pretty hot teens on it. If you think her pert small tits are nice wait until you see her pussy. Click the pic and scroll to the bottom of the gallery. A perfect smooth surface waiting for your cock, your tongue or anything else you desire to puncture it with. I half expected to see a hymen!

There are thousands of teen models at Club Seventeen and thousands of picture sets. Videos are into the hundreds and growing each day. Club Seventeen updates twice a day with new content. You can chat live with the girls and access bonus sites in the Club Seventeen network.

Club Seventeen is by far the internet’s largest collection of teen porn. Everything from softcore panty pics to sticky facials is represented here. Lesbians, big tits, small tits, schoolgirls fucked by teachers, voyeur videos, you name it and they deliver!



It is no shocker that what Candy Skye is hiding underneath those red panties of hers is sugar and spice and everything nice.

Candy is 19 and has a hot little body. While they say her tits are C-Cups I am pretty sure they are B’s. Don’t worry about them being smaller Candy, my surfers actually prefer small tits!

Because Candy Skye has such a petite figure she wears a size small panty. Which means her panties look just as good off of her as they do on. They are a bit tight and kind of go up her pussy crack sometimes. We won’t hold that against her!

Being an exhibitionist at heart Candy loves to get naked outdoors and occasionally has sex outdoors too. Everything is video taped and lots of high resolution pictures are taken to document her high jinx. I just wish I knew where that lake is that she keeps getting naked at. I’d love to be her fucking neighbor (pun intended).

As a member of Candy Skye you also get access to her friends sites and some bonus sites. Fuck the bonus sites, it is all feeder bullshit anyway. What you want to focus on is her friend Heidi Hottie and Hailey Hardcore. All three of these teen beauties do hardcore porn videos for you to watch for one low price!



Ask yourself, when was the last time you got it on with a really kinky teenager that looked like a virgin and fucked like a total slut? If the answer was never or too-fucking-long-ago you are definitely going to want to take a look at Alice Wonder Bang.

Alice is that teenage girl that lives next door giving you the eye. She knows you want to fuck her so bad. She knows you notice guys and girls packing into her house while her parents are away. She saw you peeking out of your window when Alice and her girlfriends were laying out lathered in suntan lotion.

Perhaps one of the best qualities about Alice Wonder Bang is that she doesn’t mind sharing. She even goes as far as to share her members with her friend’s sites!

As a member of Alice Wonder Bang you get to enjoy her friends like Ivana Fukalot, Sasha Blonde and more. In addition to the solo sites you also get the multi-model sites that launched all of these little girls careers. Sites like 18 Only Girls and Virgin Off practically wrote the book on barely legal porn!

When it comes to barely legal, look no further. Alice Wonder Bang as you covered, top to bottom and she intends to lick you into submission!



So there is this club where teenage girls are plucked off the street and conned into joining. The only catch is that they need to pass a ” rel=”nofollow” “/teeny-bopper-club/3120/teens.htm” target=”_blank”>video taped initiation. I am sure you already have a sense for where this is going…

Girls like Maxine Tyler above are found walking around the streets of the San Fernando Valley. With her small tits and sexy blue eyes she probably didn’t even need to audition. But why not fuck a teen when you can? It’d be a shame to waste it.

” rel=”nofollow” “/” target=”_blank”>Teeny Bopper Club updates weekly with a new teen and has been open for almost six years. On the porn site timeline that is a pretty fucking long time. Do the math. Fifty-two weeks in a year and almost six years of updates.

Not only does the ” rel=”nofollow” “/” target=”_blank”>Teeny Bopper Club have a ton of teen porn in its archives, you also get access to the entire Reality Pass Plus network of sites. So lets do the math again shall we? You take 26 sites with a four year average per site and multiply that by fifty-two weekly updates a year.

So now you are probably wondering what kind of quality we are talking about. After all, you most likely have joined other networks only to be let down. The Reality Pass Plus network of sites all shoot their own content so everything is top-notch and 100% exclusive.

As a member of ” rel=”nofollow” “/” target=”_blank”> you get access to several teen sites like Big Cock Teen Addiction, Casting Couch Teens, XXX Proposal and more. Plus, you also get sites full of hot chicks like Hot Chicks Perfect Tits, Mr Big Dicks Hot Chicks and Please Bang My Wife.

Hey, I love looking at ” rel=”nofollow” “/teeny-bopper-club/3125/teens.htm” target=”_blank”>barely legal teens. Obviously! I have been writing about them for years now. But I also like variety. The Reality Pass Plus network gives me that and you will give it to you too.

Take the ” rel=”nofollow” “/” target=”_blank”>Teeny Bopper Club tour and try the 3 day trial. If you don’t like it you can cancel online!


sandy-fair puffy nipples

Remember playing that game, you show me yours and I’ll show you mine? Well, Sandy Fair wants to play it with you!

Sandy Fair is one of those girls where it isn’t a question of whether you’d hit it or not, it is a question of whether or not she’d hit you. Well, let me answer that question for you. Sandy created a site just so that you can hit it any time you want to! Anywhere you have a connection to the Internet, Sandy Fair is there. Waiting for you to hit it!

You can watch this little puffy nipples vixen get naked in 137 photo sets and 27 videos. Sandy seems to have a thing for satin which is awesome because, so do I!

One of the things you will notice right away at is that she is a softcore model. In other words, a tease. A good tease, but if you are looking for something a bit more hardcore you can check out her friend Cofi Milan.

Or… You can buy a Sandy Fair membership and enjoy Cofi Milan and nine other girls for the price of one! Take her tour and check the bottom of the page for all of the sexy details!


teenage-decadence sexting pics

Yeah, we were surprised your naked pics ended up on the Internet too! Actually, to be brutally honest, we pretty much expected this ever since your self shot topless pics ended up on every school phone on campus. Slut!

Teenage Decadence receives the sexting pics of teenagers from all over the world and puts them all in one convenient location. You can browse, look at and download them any time you are feeling horny!

On top of the sexting pics are the amateur videos, girls peeing, drunk chicks, chubby chicks, bikini pics, lingerie pics, sorority initiation pics and more. So many categories you have to see them for yourself at Teenage Decadence.

For only $20 a month you get access to the collected material of over 170,000 contributors! That means you probably have not seen 98% of this material before. These are not newsgroups photos or shit from other websites. These are pics uploaded by the people that took them!

There are currently over 52,000 threads in the forums and it is only going to take you about 4 years to weed through them all. But don’t worry, with the search function you can zero in on exactly what you are looking for and if your moods change from day to day, 50,000 threads you haven’t seen yet have you covered!

Teenage Decadence. It is what horny chaps do when they aren’t hanging out at the pool at the local YMCA!



Growing up we all had a friend with a sister like Mandi Collins. A total girl next door, she wasn’t exactly a hottie. However, she was more attractive than you!

Kind’a sucks too. Mandi Collins has a natural set of Double-D sized tits. Being young her tits are don’t sag too much. You could say that they hang just right! Especially for a set of big tits.

Despite Mandi’s red hair and tope skin she still has more guys after her than you have girls after you. That is why you keep popping in her room unannounced. Hoping to relive that one time when she was sitting Indian style in her bra and panties on the bed. It took her at least five seconds to tell you to get lost. Plenty enough time to burn the image of her pussy lips pressing on her panties into your dirty little mind.

It took a while but Mandi is finally ready to let you see her naked. You have to love what those leftist professors teach their students in college. It almost seems like all she wants to do now is get naked in front of you!

Mandi Collins has two girlfriends that also enjoy frolicking around in their underwear. Chrissy Blooms is an exotic hottie and Staci Plays has small tits. No matter what the size of their tits, one thing is certain, their pussies are 18 years young and tighter than ever!

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That, my friends, is why I love my job. I really fucking love my job!

That tight pussy belongs to Ariel. One of the many amateur babes at Karup’s Hometown Amateurs. For those of you that have never heard of, wake up… there is this thing called the Internet and you might want to explore it for a while. is short for Karup’s Private Collection. Back in 1997 (yes there was an Internet back then) there was a guy that decided to make his private collection of porn available to everyone. Well, that is, everyone willing to pay for access to it. became the first porn site I ever joined.

The site updated (and still does) with several new photo sets and videos every week. When I say several I mean dozens. Sure there were one or two dogs here and there but with so many updates you could always find something hot.

Now that collection has grown so big they had to open Karups Hometown Amateurs. A place where you can watch real amateur teens and coeds doing porn for their first time. If you are a perverted deviant like me and get off on chicks that look nervous and maybe need a little help, Karup’s Hometown Amateurs is the place for you.

The collection at is updated five times a week. Each update consists of several picture updates and more videos. There are a total of 30 full length videos added each month.

No porn stars and no glamour babes, just 100% raw amateur sex!

Girl Cum!