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Posted By Rhino on 12/24/14 -
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virgin pussy panties pulled down

Sometimes I come across a picture or I have one sent to me that I have to post. This one was forwarded to my mailbox by a girl who wanted to give you all a merry Christmas. Originally she told me she was going to wax it smooth, but then she saw the 40 Year Old Virgin and it scared her a little bit. You have to admit getting waxed down there is a pretty big deal. I assured her that we are all happy just the same. Waxing or no waxing she has a mighty fine virgin pussy.

About an hour after she sent me the photo she begged for me to fix one little issue with it in Photoshop. She forgot to wear fresh panties so you can see just a little bit of pee stain in the crotch. Again, I assured her that was better than a fresh pair. Guys would be leaning into their monitors, phones and tablets the worldwide trying to sniff her pussy’s scent. Besides, most guys won’t even notice. Unless they read this text. Oops!

I love the red bow on her panties, the cherry print – it goes so well with the virgin theme!

Anyway, I will try and see if I can get her to send up some more pictures of her cleft of Venus in the future. Don’t hold your breath, but most girls do send more than one. Lets just hope she never gets an asshole for a boyfriend. Until then here is to more of her virgin pussy pics!

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Posted By Rhino on 03/28/13 -
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Lots of girls are always pulling either their panties or their bikini bottoms out of their pussy, but not Samantha Gauge. She isn’t afraid of a little camel toe. In fact, she likes showing guys exactly where their big hard cock is going to go.

I once trained a girl to like having her panties in her crotch. It all started with showing her lots of celebrity camel toe pics and tons more camel toe models online. Eventually she warmed up to the idea that camel toe wasn’t as taboo as she thought it was. Most guys got hard for it and many girls were using it to capitalize on the changing view of a girls panties going up her crotch.

After a while she started to become nervous when her panties weren’t cleft up inside her pussy lips. Sometimes I’d catch her reaching down to pull them back in if they worked their way out of there.

In the end she came to me and started telling me about how having camel toe actually seemed more sanitary for her. She said it seemed that having the fabric up against her pussy lips, and her clit, wicked away moisture better. She stop getting clumps of smegma on her clitoral hood after pulling her panties into her pussy.

Then it hit me. Her pussy actually smelled better now that she was a champion of having camel toe. It tasted better. She was right. Her panties were working to wick away any moisture that otherwise would have harbored bacteria.

So there you have it. The next time your girlfriend is weird about the camel toe she is sporting just inform her that it is keeping her pussy fresh and clean. Offer her up a test. Then after a day of her riding her panties high you can tell her she smells fresher and cleaner even if it isn’t true!

Posted By Rhino on 07/17/11 -
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If you have never been to a site in the Only All Sites network you have been missing out… Especially if you are a fan of any of the following niches: panties, pantyhose, nylons, legs, upskirts, schoolgirls, costumes, uniforms, naughty secretaries, big tits, small tits, teens, coeds (co-eds), babes, lesbians, nonnude (nnude,non nude), naughty lingerie, artistic nudes… need I say more?

Every site in the Only All Sites network is the ultimate tease site in its particular micro-niche.

The set of Jodie Gasson above is from Only Tease. A site with over 700 models, over 1,000,000 photos and just under 2000 videos! Everything in the network is shot 100% exclusive. Only Tease features 3 to 5 updates every single day. There is always something new to enjoy!

Jodie happens to be one of my favorite models and she has shot with several of the sites in the network. Jodie has natural D-cups and a nice and curvy body. While she is a hottie, she also has a girl next door vibe going. You get the feeling you would have a chance with her.


I can only imagine what it must have been like for her teachers seeing this young babe wearing a schoolgirl uniform. I bed Jodie enjoyed flashing her lime green panties. A color so unmistakable you know you are seeing something special!


Jodie is one of those girls that enjoys watching you jack off. It makes her happy to know guys think she is hot. Personally she would like to lose a few pounds, but everyone keeps telling her to keep it. She wears it well!


One look at her tits and you don’t want her to lose weight. You want her to gain another four or five pounds!

Watch Jodie Gasson get naked below!


Posted By Rhino on 06/02/11 -
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Some things never get old and boring. One of those things is looking at girls in their clingy panties. The way cotton panties find their way into a girls crevasses never ceases to amaze me!

This gallery from Virgin Off is a great example. Don’t you just wish you could happen upon a set of girls experimenting like this?


Posted By Rhino on 02/23/11 -
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The problem with most teen sites today is guys think they can find a chick with a virgin pussy and slap bright colors on her to create a hawt teen site. Unfortunately they don’t take into account that she has to have a pretty face and perky boobs like Andi Pink.

Fortunately for us Andi Pink models on the net and she has all of the above qualities not only met, she practically defines them!

When you join Andi Pink you get access to her friends sites too. Check out her free gallery above, then take the tour for all of the juicy details!

Posted By Rhino on 01/17/11 -
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If there is one thing I always enjoyed doing it was staying at my best friend Ken’s house on Friday nights. His older sister usually hosted a slumber party the same night and boy, oh boy, did his sister look fucking hawt!

Her name was Lisa and she usually invited two or three girls over at a time. Lucky for me Ken played soccer and had to wake up early for his game on Saturday. Being a total slacker I never went and that left me alone to spy on the girls since his mom was a single mother.

Since Ken had to wake up early, he also had to go to bed early. Once his mom headed off to her room I headed on over to Lisa’s room to take a peek at what they were doing.

One night I cracked open her door and found Lisa and three of her friends practicing the art of swapping spit. The site of teenage girls kissing made my cock so hard it was painful!

Not only were the girls sharing saliva with one another, they were also only dressed in their skimpy cotton panties and a t-shirt! I kept pinching myself as time went by. Minutes passed and they were still making out!

After several minutes of this I could clearly see Lisa was getting wet. Her panties were developing a wet spot and her cleft was sucking her cotton panties into it. I wondered if she shaved that thing or what?

Just as I was wondering that Lisa grabbed her kissing partner’s hand and put it on her crotch. Her friend pulled back and smiled at finding Lisa so wet. She quickly thrust her hand into Lisa’s soaked panties and started playing with her pussy. I could feel my precum running down my leg!

Lisa’s mom snored and so did Ken so I could tell both of them were fast asleep. It was time for me to unleash my member and give it some much needed relief!

As I was pulling out my cock it got stuck on a fold in my underwear. I looked down to inspect the problem and shake it loose when my elbow hit the bedroom door and it opened with a thud!

All of the girls broke their lip lock and stared at me with surprised faces. We sat there like a Mexican stand off, none of us knowing what to do or say…

Then Lisa jumped up from her bed and pulled me into her room quietly closing the door behind her. She then ushered me over to the bed as I tried in vain to hide my massive hardon.

Once we reached the bed Lisa grabbed both of my wrists and held my arms behind my back.

“Show us your hardon, boy!” She exclaimed in a whispered voice.

I was a bit embarrassed having my cock bob around and precum swinging off of it.

“Look how wet he is! Haha!” She chuckled.

One of her friends suggested to her that I should get naked and lay down so they can all see a real boy. I was hesitant so Lisa and a friend each grabbed an arm and pulled me onto the bed while the other two pushed me down flat.

They all seemed a bit fixated on my erect penis and even though each one of them wanted to be the first to touch it, none of them did. Lisa told me to show them what I was doing behind the door.

“NO!” I yelped.

“Shhh! You’ll wake everyone you idiot!” One of the girls whispered sternly.

“I can’t!” I whispered back.

Just then Lisa produced a Polaroid camera and snapped a picture of me lying there naked. It was so fast I couldn’t even react.

“Fine,” she said waving the picture in the air to process it faster, “We’ll just have to post this on the bulletin board in the girls locker room! Show everyone what a big dick you have!

All of the girls giggled at that.

“You wouldn’t!” I told her.

“Oh yes we would!” She replied. “Now start pulling on it. We want to watch!”

I hesitantly pulled on my cock and once my hand felt the precum at the top, my hand instinctively rolled it around the head and brought it back down the shaft so I could “power slide” my cock.

“That’s it! Faster! Keep going! Wowwww!” The girls exclaimed.

I closed my eyes and began pumping as the girls continued to offer up praise and commands. When I opened my eyes I was surprised to see them rubbing themselves too. Lisa saw me scanning around the bed at their hands in their panties and she shot another quick picture of me. This time stroking off!

“Just in case you get mouthy with your friends; this ones going in the boys locker room!”

I closed my eyes again and wondered just what I’d gotten myself in to. When I opened them again the girls were moaning softly and had all picked up the pace in their panties. I wanted to see some pussy so I reached out to pull the closest girl’s panties over.

“Don’t touch me!” She quipped.

What the fuck, I thought to myself. One of the other girls seemed to take some pity on me and she pulled her panties to the side. She even pulled her pussy open showing me where my cock would go with her finger.

That was all I needed and I started shooting gobs of cum into the air. Two girls twitched and almost fell off the bed while Lisa and my pussy shot girl both edged in closer for a better look.

Right then Lisa’s mom closed her bathroom door and turned on the fan. Everyone bounced up except for me and Lisa’s friend hurriedly pulled off her panties to wipe up my cum with them. Once it was cleaned up they pulled me up and started handing me my clothes in reverse order of taking them off.

As I was leaving her room I heard her mom’s toilet flush and her bathroom door opening. I ran down the hall and bounded the couch, landing in a laying position. Her mom existed her room and busted the girls door open. After some chit-chat she closed it and headed on over towards me.

“Still up?” She asked me.

“Um, yeah. I love these nature shows.” I replied.

She headed into the kitchen for some water and then headed back to her room. I wondered what I should do. Should I try entering the girls room again? Should I just call it a night? Just then Lisa’s bedroom door locked and I figured that was her way of saying, thanks for the show!

At Virgin Off the girls make it easy to relive your old memories or to fantasize about new ones. Six teen girls share with each other what they know about sex. How to kiss, how to blow a banana, what fucking feels like and more!

With Virgin Off you also get access to 18 Only Girls and all of the hot teen content inside. Girls like Ivana Fuckalot, Sasha Blonde and Alice Wonderbang make this pass the ultimate teen-dream come true!

Posted By Rhino on 12/28/09 -
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I have been waiting for this gallery for four years now. That wonderful pussy shot is of Emily 18. To be able to pull those panties over and taste her deliciously sweet pussy would be heavenly!

Up until now Emily 18 was always a topless model. She didn’t show her pussy and it didn’t matter. Countless numbers of guys from around the world were hooked on what ever she decided to show. A teasing little angel. Now the day has arrived. It is time for Emily 18 to show us what is underneath those panties!

Being a member of Emily18.com is like being a member of two sites at once. You get access to her old stuff and her new stuff. Four years ago this barely legal girl looked like total jailbait! Now she still looks barely legal and her puffy nipples are as inviting as ever!

You get a very tempting look at Emily’s pussy in the gallery above. Become a member and you get to see her pussy without the panties. She even masturbates now! Well, I am sure she masturbated before this, but she didn’t do it for us until now.

Emily 18 talks to her members on her private message board. She tries really hard to please and if you are a good boy, she will honor your requests!

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Posted By Rhino on 12/15/09 -
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When I was growing up there was this girl that use to live on my block that caught my eye. She was cute, with puffy nipples on pert tits and a slender figure.

Abigail had never seemed to learn how to sit properly while wearing a skirt so I caught many glimpses of her cotton panties. Sometimes they had printed patterns on them like hearts or strawberries and other times they were solid with trim like above. Abigail always turned me on no matter what she was wearing!

Once while I was at her house she seemed extra clumsy with letting her panties be seen. I know she caught me letting my eyes stray while we played Connect Four. She would slightly adjust her skirt like she didn’t want me looking, but then she would make so much movement it just went back again and gave me a full view of her pantied pussy.

The phone rang and she went to answer it. She came back with it tucked between her shoulder and her ear letting me know she needed to talk on it for a few if I wanted to get something to drink or use the restroom while I wait.

Perfect! She just gave me a reason to excuse myself to the bathroom so I could do something about the raging hardon in my pants!

Once she turned back around to focus on the caller I bolted for the bathroom and locked the door. I put down the lid to the toilet and sat on it. Right there on the counter was some lotion. I squirted some into my palm and started working away at my cock.

Thoughts of her panties entered my mind. I went through the archived pictures in my head like a panty carousel slideshow. Every few minutes I would stop and listen for her on the phone. Once I heard her still talking I would go back to my fantasy of seeing what she had underneath those panties.

Soon I lost track of time and just kept thinking about her panties and the slight impression her pussy cleft imprinted upon them from below. I was pretty sure she shaved her pussy and left only a stripe on top.

Just as soon as I had decided it was time to kick my stroke into high gear there was what I had thought was a knock at the door. My eyes opened up and standing right in front of me was Abigail 18. The subject of my wildest, most lustful fantasies. Suddenly I felt sick and was unsure of what would happen next…

She had apparently popped the locked on the door with her hair pin. I had a cold feeling in my chest. Anything could happen. She could call her mom or worse, my mom! She could tell the entire school that I am a pervert and that I masturbated at her house while sneaking peeks at her panties. Microseconds turned into eons… Just tell me how bad this is going to be Abigail… I told her I was sorry…

“Can you please tell me something, Jake?”

“What?” I asked trying not to cry.

“What do you think about when you do that with your winky?”

“Stuff…” I couldn’t tell her the truth. She would think I was the biggest pervert in the world. I had to lie.

“What kind of stuff, Jake? Do you think about what my pussy looks like?”

“No,” I lied.

“Really? So then you just think about what color my panties are or something? That is really weird. Are you sure you don’t think about my pussy underneath?” While she said underneath she tapped her clit with her finger gently three times accentuating the syllables.

This gave me the green light to look down at Abigail’s panties again. Her clit was pressing on them from below. It made a slight bump and there was some wetness about a half an inch below that bump. Was she turned on by me wanting her pussy?

“Well?” Abigail stammered.

“I guess so. I mean I don’t want you to think I am some kind of sicko or anything, but sure.”

“I will make you a deal, Jake. You get totally naked and masturbate your winky until you cum and I will let you look at my pussy. Does that sound good?”

“I dunno. I don’t want to get naked in front of you and I have never jacked off in front of someone before. This is all too weird…”

“So then you want me to call my mom and tell her that I caught you looking at my panties and then caught you jacking off with them?

I wasn’t jacking off with them!” I quipped back.

“You are if I say you are. So, get naked, Jake. Now!”

I could tell Abigail 18 wasn’t kidding. The last thing I needed was for this secret to leave this house. I did as I was commanded and began taking off my clothes. When I went to sit back down on the toilet lid she grabbed me by the hand.

“Oh no you don’t, my little pervert boy. You have to jack off for me in the living room.”

I tried to pull her back to the bathroom, but Abigail gave me a look that said she wasn’t going to change her mind. I knew her mom and dad would be gone for another hour or so, so I went along without anymore hesitation to make this go faster.

Her parents had one of those couch setups where it is huge and wraps around the room complete with corner sections. Abigail quickly reconfigured several of the sections to make a large bed like area. She pointed for me to lie down.

The last time I was naked in front of a girl was when my mom still gave me baths. That was a long time ago. I felt very nervous and kept looking back towards the bathroom where my clothes were waiting for me. She seemed to pick up on this.

“You can have your clothes back once you show me what you do with your winky, Jake. The faster you go the sooner you get them back.”

The way the room was set up anyone on the street could see in. I didn’t mind so much being naked for Abigail, but I certainly didn’t want some neighborhood friends walking by and seeing me jacking off.

“The window shades stay open, Jake. Do you want one of the neighbors calling my mom because they are closed when they are usually open? Now start jacking off or the deal’s off!

With that I grabbed my cock. I was surprised to find it not only still very hard, but also very wet too! I guess the anxiety and the fear of getting caught was kind of exciting at the same time.

“That’s a good boy. Do you want to see my panties now?”

I couldn’t wait too. I didn’t say it out loud, but she knew this was true once my hand started hammering my hardon. Her legs parted and I could see her panties were much wetter then they were before. This bitch was getting turned on by making me squirm. Has she been thinking about doing this to me for as long as I have been stealing the way to easy peeks at her panties?

Abigail 18 traced her fingers along the edges of her panties. My dick twitched hard at the thought of her rubbing her pussy. She smiled at me and told me to jack off faster. She informed me that the call was her mom and that she was leaving work early. She would be home in ten minutes!

A large part of me wanted to jump off of the couch and head to the bathroom. To put my clothes on and to tell Abigail this was insane and that we should just wait until tomorrow. A smaller part of me wanted to stay here and finish. To possibly see her pussy for the first time. To give myself the ultimate jack off food for tonight and all of eternity!

That smaller portion of me quickly outgrew the other portion and I increased my jack off speed. Suddenly I realized that I didn’t have anything to cum into. Surely she didn’t want me to blow my load all over her mom and dad’s couch!

Right about the same time I was having that thought Abigail tucked her thumbs into either side of her panties and pulled them off. Her legs were closed but I could see her pussy plain as day since her slender legs left quite a gap!

Abigail got an inquisitive look on her face and reached down with her hand to feel around her pussy. When her finger hit her wet pussy lip she smiled.

“You can see my pussy! I was going to tease you a bit more. Oh well, here you go!”

With that Abigail opened her legs and I saw the most tasty looking thing I had ever seen in my life. Just as I suspected the bottom was hairless and as smooth as a plum. The lips were slightly parted and the inside looked as soft and as wet as a ripe peach.

“Do you want to taste it?”

I couldn’t believe my ears! I quickly moved my hips to scoot myself closer for a lick of that sweet pussy nectar. At the same moment she surprised me by closing her legs again.

“No, silly! You aren’t going to put your dirty, pervert mouth on my clean pussy! Get back down there!”

Wow. Did I move too fast? Was I too eager? Did my perverted little mind blow this fantastic opportunity?

Abigail fiddled with her panties and then produced them to me with the crotch portion turned towards me.

“Go ahead. Stick out your tongue!”

Oh my god. I wanted so badly to taste her pussy and if I had found these panties in the clothes hamper I probably would have done this very thing, but in front of her? That is just way to perverted!

“You taste my pussy and get back to whacking off fast or my mom is going to bust in here and see us!”

I stuck my tongue out and tasted her sweet pussy. I didn’t know what to expect as far as the taste went. I guess I kind of thought it might taste like pee or something. Instead it tasted like strawberries. I had heard that some pussy didn’t taste bad, but strawberries?

“What did it taste like?” She asked.

“Um… Strawberries?” I wondered aloud.

“I put some of my moms strawberry lotion on it. Thought you might like that.” She threw the panties towards my cock. “Now finish up! Hurry!!!”

My God, she actually planned this!

I grabbed her panties and wrapped them around my cock. She reached down and spread her pussy so I could see her clit and the soft folds of her skin inside.

It didn’t take much longer and my cock blew its load. I couldn’t believe how much cum shot out. Glob after glob spurted into her panties and I wasn’t sure they were going to be big enough to hold it all. Plus, every glob that shot out reminded me that her mom was due home at any minute!

Once the last drip oozed out the tip I got up and ran towards the restroom. While I was in there putting my clothes back on I heard her mom come in through the door. Her and Abigail were making some chit chat about when dinner would be ready and at what time.

My heart was racing. Did she have enough time to put the couches back?  I told myself to stop being do paranoid. To just calm down and walk out of the restroom like it was any other day.

I shoved her panties into the clothes hamper and made sure my fly was secure. I was just about to open the door when I remembered I hadn’t flushed or washed my hands. I was too fucking nervous! I needed to calm the fuck down and act natural. Toilet flushed. Hands washed. It was now time to exit the restroom before the amount of time I was in there became an issue in itself.

When I opened the door I fully expected everyone I ever knew to be on the other side laughing at me. Instead there was an empty hallway. I walked into the family room where we had our game set up and sat back down.

Soon Abigail 18 came back into the room and sat opposite of me. Instead of seeing her panties I saw her naked pussy. My face went pale. She smiled at me and acted like nothing was odd.

Abigail’s mom walked into the room and asked me if I wanted something to drink. Abigail shot out that I sure did and that I was super thirsty. Her mom got a weird look like that didn’t compute for her and went to get me some ice water. Abigail smiled and me and laughed.

And here I was thinking she might think I was perverted?

As a member of Abigail 18 you get to see lots and lots of her panties. She has friends that like to show theirs off too. You get access to them ass well. So what are you waiting for? Abigail wants to see you play with your winky, you perv!

Posted By Rhino on 11/17/09 -
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Growing up I had a special friend. She lived down the street and when my mom and pop went on their weekend retreats to Vegas I got to stay at her pad. We knew each other since we were little kids, her parents never suspected a thing.

My friend, I will refer to as Emily, use to prance around the house during the summer months wearing one of her dads oversized t-shirts and a pair of cotton panties. Her parents always assumed she was like a sister to me…

While watching TV Emily would lay on her stomach facing the TV set. I would always choose a spot on the couch behind her. Once her parents went to bed and Emily had kicked her legs, rubbed her feet and other sorts of things for comfort or blood circulation her t-shirt always road up and I could see her panties.

I used to study those panties. I had seen pictures of naked women in magazines before and I studied Emily’s panties trying to see her pussy underneath them. Eventually I chose a certain girls pussy in a College Girls of Playboy magazine and it became Emily’s pussy in my fantasies.

One night while her parents were sleeping Emily’s shirt road way up. The light from the hallway was streaming right up her legs and I could clearly see the folds of her pussy through her panties. After what seemed like several minutes of gazing at that sweet sight I realized I was rubbing myself through my pajamas!

Previously I had never touched myself in Emily’s presence, but now that I was doing it, it felt doubly good. More exciting I guess. Something came over me and I pulled my dick out of my pajama pants and started stroking it. I told myself I would stop when it was time to cum. Tuck it into my waistband and excuse myself to the bathroom to finish.

Over and over I brought myself to that point where I should have executed the second portion of my plan. However, instead of doing that, I would stop for a minute or so and then resume. Each time it felt better than the last. I wondered how long this could go on. If I could just stop time and live in this moment fore-…

She turned around!

The object of my fascination just caught me masturbating to the site of her in panties. I was stunned. Like a deer in headlights I just froze, waiting for her to yell for her mom.

Instead she shifted herself a bit and lay her head down on the pillow in front of her still looking at me. One of her hands went under her belly and I could see her fingers through her stretched panties. She was rubbing herself!

My breathing started again. I wondered if my heart also started again or had it been beating the whole time? She smiled. That was my queue. It was time to do more than just fantasize about Emily. She wanted to share these feelings with me.

It didn’t take long before my cock was ready to spurt and I didn’t have anything to spurt into. I slowed down my strokes and I think that actually turned her on. To see me “playing” with myself.

I could tell she was ready to cum and I wanted to cum with her. In a quick decision I let it go and my cum shot all over my shirt. Emily began bucking her hips and shut her eyes. I hoped her moans wouldn’t bring her parents.

Emily 18 and I shared many moments like this as the years went by. We never actually had sex with one another. We always touched ourselves and told each other about our fantasies… even if they weren’t about the other person.

This also meant that we could enjoy phone sex. Even if we hooked up with someone else. Emily 18 and I still hook up via her webcam. Still sharing our fantasies.

You can share your own fantasies with Emily. She updates her site several times a week and she answers her fan mail. Everything is shot in HD and Emily looks just as young and barely legal now as she did back then!

Posted By Rhino on 10/17/09 -
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Bathtub pics from Kinky Gfs.

Do you have a girlfriend? If not, no problem. Keep reading…

If you do have a girlfriend, does she send you pics like these? If not, keep reading…

If she does, are her girlfriends as hot, if not hotter, than your own girlfriend? If not, keep reading…

No matter if you answered yes or no to any of the above questions you need an account at Kinky Gfs. They are the premier homemade porn site when it comes to obtaining other people’s girlfriend pics and videos!

What are they doing differently to win this dubious honor? For starters, they give you free access to the site so you can see for yourself whether you want to take the plunge and join or not. Next, they have porn you haven’t seen before because they got it from the source: Kinky Gfs willing to submit their homemade porn for money!

This place gets so much porn they frequently have to turn the submission form off so they can catch up with these Kinky Gfs. You get daily updates and many of the submissions include the entire series. Nothing sucks worst than having one pic of a hot chick and that is it. Here at Kinky Gfs you get a few to a couple dozen per girl!

Just make sure to read the fine print on the join form and start whacking off for free tonight!

Posted By Rhino on 09/30/09 -
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Like most teenagers Andi Sins developed a mean streak not long after puberty. It was time for her to buck the system that had so faithfully sheltered her parents and strike out on her own. She found out who she was, or wasn’t, through acts of self expression that drove her parents insane. Little did they know that their growing hatred of her “ways” were only fueling the fire!

Eventually Andi Sins opened her own web site where she could express herself. Andi quickly grew a fan base and with most of her sets featuring fan requests, I am sure you will be a fan too.

As with most of the models I review Andi has small tits and an athletic body. It would be save to say this girl could outlast you in an all night rump session.

Andi’s favorite fetishes are smoking, bondage, pantyhose, panties, feet and shaving. Yes, shaving. She has plenty of video footage documenting her deftness with a razor. Just don’t get your Johnson too close to the screen and you should be alright!

Andi Sins updates several times a week. On update days she adds several picture sets and several videos. Honestly, I have never seen any other solo model that updates as much as this girl does. She really does love posing for her fans!

This is great because she looks good and we enjoy seeing her teasing us in a pair of skimpy panties!

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Posted By Rhino on 01/07/09 -
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There is nothing like a good pantyjob to perk up your day. I used to have a girlfriend that was an expert in giving them. My current GF tries, but nobody will ever compare to my first pantyjob girl.

What made her so special? Well, she used all of the tricks in the book. And maybe it is because she was also my first sex partner.

While I spent a good length of time dreaming about my next panty job from her, it seemed like she spent her time dreaming up how she would perform it. Finding a girl that dedicated to my enjoyment and at such an early age was like hitting the lottery!


One thing about her that really stood out was her ability to mix the right amount of lotion, oil and/or water to counteract the level of softness in the material. Water? Yeah… She was the one that taught me water and oil don’t mix… in her own special way.

I always enjoyed seeing her pussy crack through her see thru panties. However, see thru panties can also be quite scratchy. She would soak them in warm water and wring them out lightly. Next she’d spread something thick like Cocoa Butter all over my penis.

When those warm panties met my cock skin fireworks went off! She’d always have me sit opposing her with both of us spreading our legs so we both had a good look at the others genitals. Feeling those warm, soft panties slide on my cock with her firm grip squeezing me while I had a full view of her bare naked pussy was almost too much. I’d cum in under a minute!


Some of the best times were when she’d ride me with her panties on. She’d rub her hot pussy on my cock and hold her panties against the other side making a pussy and panty sandwich.

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