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Posted By Rhino on 01/14/15 -
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virgin pussy

Not many solo models allow you to literally follow them as they transition from being a barely legal girl looking more like jailbait than a woman, into being a sexy young piece of ass. Lil Candy is one of the few who give you unrestricted access to their lives. She has a video collection and photo gallery archive that spans those tender years. See her virgin pussy close up and notice how, in her case, it doesn’t change during her flowering period.

Candy struggled with her fame and fortune and what to do with it and herself. There was a time when it was all too much for her to cope with. Thankfully she has come to terms with herself and her new found fame. You can now watch her masturbate on her webcam chatroom shows as she interacts with her fans live!

Videos are shot in 1080p so you can get really close and personal with this girl. Lots of her videos and picture sets have closeups of her little girl pussy. It is so tasty your cock will think it is that of a virgin.

All of Lil Candy’s content is exclusive and shot for her by a trusted friend. Candy is one of the few girls out there – Ariel Rebel is another one – who are in complete control of their sites and their destinies. Support them!

Posted By Rhino on 08/18/14 -
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If you don’t know who Lil Candy is you haven’t been paying enough attention to the barely legal niche lately. For years she dominated the younger subset of teen and coed solo model sites. Now she is back and better than ever. After some gross mismanagement of her site she has regained control of her domain name, her content and her life.

Candy uses CCBILL, one of the most trusted payment gateways in the porn business, so you can feel safe knowing your credit card is secure and won’t be played with. What’s more, CCBILL has put in place a rock solid online cancelation system so that you don’t have to talk to a live person and you will receive instant confirmation that your request has been processed. Just another reason to try Lil Candy and her virgin tight pussy on for size!

Grab a Lil Candy password in seconds and download an archive of content you will cherish for a lifetime.

Posted By Rhino on 07/14/14 -
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Okay, I am not even going to try and lie to you. Lil Candy does not have a virgin pussy. Her pussy is far from being virgin. She first had sex at fourteen and has been allowing guys to dip their sticks into her tight pink vagina ever since. What I will say is that her pussy looks amazing and that, besides for not having a hymen, Candy has a virgin pussy look going on between her soft thighs!

In the gallery above Lil Candy shares her tight teen pussy with two guys who are all to happy to give her some cock bone. It reminds me of a girl I once fucked back in high school. This girl was a little on the tipsy side. A buddy of mine wanted to tag-team her. At first I wasn’t up for sharing, but then I saw her bright pink cunny and the only thing I cared about was going inside it first. Which also meant I could eat it for a few minutes in order to taste her teen nectar. Damn was it ever tasty!

On LilCandy.com you can watch Candy grow up from a rail thin teenager into a sexy hot young woman. All of her content is in one place. No need to go hunting all over the internet to find the specific video you are looking for. This is the only official Candy site out there which means you get to see her on webcam live!

Posted By Rhino on 01/30/13 -
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virgin pussy spread open

When Trisha Uptown got a chance to get up close and personal with Lil Candy and her virgin pussy she jumped at the chance. Trisha isn’t some kind of sicko or anything, but she did say it made her extra wet to play with such a young looking pussy. On top of that she really enjoys playing with Candy’s tiny tits. It reminded her of girls she had banged years before.


In particular it reminded her of the first time she ever kissed a girl back when Trisha’s own boobs were about as big as Candy’s are now. Not that they are extra big or anything now.

LilCandy.com has so many hardcore, lesbian and softcore videos of Candy having sex with friends that you won’t believe your eyes. Her body goes through changes over the months as she uploads new videos and you feel like you are watching a young woman blossom!

Posted By Rhino on 07/19/12 -
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Now that is one appetizing lunch right there. Trisha Uptown (if that is indeed her real name?) is about to dive into some virgin pussy with one of my favorite models, Lil Candy!

It is no wonder why LilCandy.com has become so popular. She has a barely legal look and both her super skinny look and her rounder cherub look are simply stunning. Candy has small boobs and an ass you want to spank. Surely this little angel has been a bad girl at some point.


Get the entire set along with all of the Lil Candy videos straight from the source: LilCandy.com!

Hurry because it doesn’t look like these two teens can wait!

Posted By Rhino on 12/13/11 -
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I can already hear your griping already…

"Where am I supposed to put my cock? It won’t fit in this girls tight pussy!"

Lookie here, pal. I am sure you are going to make due. This isn’t the first virgin pussy you have ever played with. It starts with one… finger. Then two… Eventually she is going to be able to take your entire cock inside her tight little pussy. But not before you give her some kisses!

Lil Candy is re-launching her site. Not that it was bad before. It is just that she handles all of the responsibilities and… well… her prior past experience was being an Internet model, not an Internet mogul.

Now she is ready to rock your world with weekly updates and live cam shows you can watch for free! LilCandy.com is the only place you will find this barely legal hottie!

Candy has all of her pics and videos in the members area from the beginning. Her bra size is 34/A. She stands a mere 4 feet and 11 inches. You could literally fold this cutie up and put her in your shirt pocket!

Watching her 18yo videos in POV style of her sucking cock is an amazing way to spend the weekend. Trust me on that!

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Posted By Rhino on 09/05/11 -
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OK, obviously this isn’t a virgin pussy per se. It doesn’t have a hymen and we both know Lil Candy does hardcore. All of that being said, you are going to feel like this is a virgin pussy once you get your cock in there.

Look at Lil Candy‘s fingers. Those are a short, tiny, petite girls fingers. One finger to the last knuckle is having a good time. Two are finding it a bit cramped. Three fingers are feeling like a high school quarterback playing against an NFL defensive line. Four? Well, that’d be about the width of your cock and that just ain’t gonna happen without a lot of foreplay and some really good lube!


Posted By Rhino on 04/09/11 -
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You like virgin pussy. The only problem with that is that the porn business isn’t exactly filled with virgin pussy. So we have the next best thing and that is the pussy of a nubile teen like Lil Candy!

A true girl next door, Lil Candy hails from Lexington, Kentucky. Her baby blue eyes melt even the hardest of hearts. Like most teen girls these days she is bisexual. Not that we mind. After all, who doesn’t like watching two teen girls making out?

Lil Candy isn’t some prudish tease. She goes all the way on her site and she really likes to please men with blowjobs. Her warm mouth, wet tongue and soft lips will have you cumming in no time!

Posted By Rhino on 12/08/10 -
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OK, so this is actually a facsimile of a virgin pussy. The real deal would get us both into a lot of trouble, but this one from Lil Candy will do the trick. If ya know what I mean…

Finding solo models like Lil Candy isn’t easy apparently. There are lots of models out there, but very few of them have a virgin pussy look like Candy does. She also has A cup tits to go with that tight pussy of hers!

While she might look too young to be experienced, Lil Candy does hardcore and has videos with her girlfriends too. Become a member and you can talk to Candy on her teen webcam. Who knows, she may even go private with you!

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Posted By Rhino on 11/23/10 -
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I don’t have many hardcore reviews here for a reason. I actually prefer softcore and tons of teasing panty shots… But today it is time to make an exception!

This little teenager’s name is Lil Candy. A fitting name for a girl with training bra sized tits and a petite figure that begs you to fuck her… Even if it means a little stint in the joint!

Don’t worry though… Just like 18 Eva this barely legal girl is 100% as legal as they cum! Speaking of cum… She loves to gobble the stuff up! Lil Candy does some very hardcore videos on her site and the photo sets are… well… darling!

If you plan to join only one site this year, I highly suggest you make it Lil Candy. Hurry, the years almost over!

Posted By Rhino on 10/27/10 -
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Been awhile since you had a nice virgin pussy like that of Lil Candy above? This girl is the entire package. Her small boobs look like they just started growing this year, her cute little bum still has some baby fat on it. She is the definition of barely legal!

You get all of Lil Candy including her pics and videos, her webcam shows where you can interact with her live and stare into those baby blue eyes of hers all month long! Take the tour and tell her how beautiful she is!

Pop This Virgin’s Cherry!