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One of my favorite Lightspeed Girls is Ashley Lightspeed. She is one of the few girls in the network that actually had a virgin pussy when she started shooting with them. I guess you couldn’t say her pussy was completely virgin since she did have sex with the other girls?!?!

But that is how things are done at the Lightspeed Sorority. Each of the girls is initiated into the sorority with a very lesbian themed hazing. If you like seeing teen girls in their skimpy panties playing with each others pussies this is definitely a network you need to explore!

Ashley Lightspeed was one of the quirky girls. She kind of looks elven and while she has a cute little pussy she also has some pretty amazing natural tits. The other girls spend a lot of time sucking on those tits!

Some of my other favorites include Dana Lightspeed and a girl that goes by the name Little Troublemaker. Her real name is Joey. All three of these girls have a cleft of Venus. That is where their outer pussy lips are so puffy they hide the inner pussy lips and often their clits as well.


That is a picture of Dana’s virgin pussy. I trust you will find it is equally amazing!

If you haven’t spent time in the Lightspeed World I highly suggest you do. They have some pretty competitive pricing so you can get dozens of sites for a low price. Fire up those network drives because it is time to start downloading, son!



So what do you think the likelihood is of that being a virgin pussy? Judging from the pierced nipples and the cans of Budweiser in the background I am going to say this chick gets laid on a daily basis!

I just wish I was the one giving her the hot beef injection!

Back in my day I used to be pretty cool. Somewhere along the long ride of life I have been on I lost my edge. I can’t get a chick like this on my boat anymore


You don’t see many girls in the woodshop class and the ones you do see aren’t all that. However, I had a girl in my woodshop class that looked like Craving Carmen and she used to show me her virgin pussy under the table. A cleft of Venus so amazing it took all I had not to jump under the table and dive in it!




Seeing this gallery from Virgin Off of Nutella and her boyfriend having some sweet teen sex brings back memories of a girl I once fucked in high school. She was really coy and hard to get. Then suddenly one day, out of the blue, she asks to see my porn collection. Sadly I couldn’t deny that I had one because she overheard me and some friends talking about our personal stashes.

I went to my nightstand and reached inside the drawer hoping to pull out something softcore like Playboy. No dice! I ended up pulling out a Club International. This magazine was about as hardcore as they come!

My girlfriend let out a wow and then started thumbing through the pages. She stopped here and there to read some of the lame stories they put with the pics. Occasionally she stopped to look at the pics. Sometimes she’d smile and other times she’d wince.


After what seemed like forever and a day she stopped on a guy licking a girls pussy. She asked me if I had ever done anything like that and I nodded yes. “Good,” she said, “show me your best technique!”




If you find pics like the one above visually stimulating, you are going to love Joon Mali. This Thai teen is right up there with the likes of Emily 18 and Little Lupe when it comes to having a girly figure!

In Thailand Joon Mali is referred to as the Queen of the Camel Toe. Just about every photo shoot and video on her site features her world renown pussy sucking wet bikinis and Hello Kitty panties into its Cleft of Venus.

Unlike a lot of true Asian solo models, Joon Mali gets 100% naked and leaves nothing to the imagination. Of course, like most Asian solo models, she also knows how to tease!

The production quality that goes into is stunning. The videos are crisp and bright. The pictures are in high resolution and really shot off Joon’s perfect, tan skin.

Find More Joon Mali!



This year I bet in a BCS Bowl pool for the first time in my life. For those of you that don’t know what a BCS Bowl is, think Sugar Bowl, Rose Bowl, etc bowl, college football. I learned that you should bet on the corn fed motherfuckers. Unfortunately I learned that the hard way and didn’t cash in the pool.

So what does BCS Bowls have to do with Kylie James? Well, I’ll tell ya… Along with corn fed motherfuckers come the corn fed babes like Kylie James. This little hottie needs a cheerleaders outfit and some pompoms!

While Kylie James has some nice, pert big tits, she is unmistakably barely legal. One look at her little hiney and it’s off to the races!

This girls body is a yummy treat and she has a virgin pussy that is shaved bare. Camel Toe? Like none you have seen before! Her smooth Cleft of Venus thrives on soft panties!

You can see Kylie James getting completely naked in her members area and enjoy two updates a week. She loves to do themed shoots complete with uniforms. Watch as she plays the army brat, the secretary (from hell!), the schoolgirl, the Southern Belle and more!

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