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Posted By Rhino on 09/25/13 -
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Virgin Pussy

It is particularly hard to find virgin pussy in the porn industry. I think the reasons why go without saying. There is, however, plenty of cases where girls have such a perfect little cleft of Venus you can fantasize about them having a virgin pussy. The girl from Met-Art above has such a smooth vagina you almost wonder if she can grow hair on it yet.


There are lots of tender looking pussies to dream about out there. They are on many different sites like MPL Studios and Nubiles. With the later you don’t have to stretch your imagination much to know what their core demographic is.

Have a great hump day!

Posted By Rhino on 09/03/13 -
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Today’s issue (post) is all about girls with puffy nipples. I even found one with what looks like a nice virgin pussy. Oops. Make that two of them. Very nice cleft of Venus girls. You will enjoy this update!

Pretty much the girls in this update are evenly split between Met-Art and FemJoy. Both sites are excellent if you are looking for girls in the erotic nudes niche. Met-Art has recently changed up its format a bit to include lots of hardcore sex videos as well. But they are still done in the erotic mood that has made them famous. Think Playboy videos over Vivid videos, only with copious amounts of sex on screen!


Puffy nipples are caused by a medical condition where the process that begins breast development, and creates a breast bud underneath the nipple of a girl in the second stage of the Tanner Scale, never reverses the bud on the third stage. It is a rare condition that can make a girl feel self-conscious about her appearance. However, most boy and men find the condition to be highly erotic due to its exotic nature.

Puffy Nipples on Alexis Adams from Karups Hometown Amateurs

I found these excellent specimens of both a set of puffy nipples and a cleft of Venus on Alexis Adams from KarupsHA. Karups Hometown Amateurs is filled with hot babes that are mostly of the girl next door type. You will find some girls that aren’t truly amateurs in that they have done some porn work, but not many.


Don’t be shy about your nipples, girl. They look delicious. I’d eat them suckers up like candy apples!


FemJoy has a lot of girls with puffies. Instead of hiding them they show them off. Being that FemJoy has millions of present and past members the site also has millions of fan Emails for the girls. New models like the one above can read these Emails and gain confidence in their puffy condition.


This shot is great. My next door neighbor had puffy nipples and the amount that this girl resembles her is uncanny. My neighbor used to wear frilly pink panties and no bra when we would swim in her pool. Their family was kind of hippy. Mom would swim completely naked. Later on my neighbor told me she used to wear those panties because he pussy was so bare. It made her embarrassed not to have a full patch of hair like her mother. Crazy girl. Nobody has hair on their pussy these days. You were just ahead of the times!


Macy B from Met-Art is not afraid to show off her puffies. She also has a very nice pussy with tiny inner lips. They don’t even protrude when she is sitting spread eagle!


I used to think puffies were a trait associated with girls with red hair. As it turns out girls with puffy nipples can have all sorts of hair colors. They also can have different body types as well. You really can’t use the condition of their nipples as a good indicator for their other personal traits.


Even puffy nipples have lots of different attributes. Some girls have fully developed nipples and others have barely any at all. Lots of puffies have very little pigmentation, while others are very dark like this girl above. She also has a very nice cleft of Venus.


Lastly we have a little lovely from Fedorov HD. The girls at Fedorov are mostly from the Eastern European area of the world. There are lots of girls with puffies and even some with puffy pussies as well. You will find their site to be of your liking if you are a puffy nipples fan.

So there you have it. Many great choices on where to go when you need a puffy nipples fix. This is the last day of Summer so get ready for some candid beach pics coming soon!

Posted By Rhino on 06/13/13 -
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Virginia Sun from Met-Art

This is Virginia Sun from Met-Art. She is one of the hottest babes I have ever seen. She looks like a nubile angel. Her sets on Met-Art number into the dozens. It doesn’t surprise me one bit since she has to be one of the more popular girls there.

When she isn’t looking dazzling with her virgin pussy she is looking too sexy for words in wet galleries. It is one of her favorite kinds of galleries and videos to make. Think Flashdance. Lots of water, wet hair, cold nipples, hard tits. Her teen buns also look mighty fine when wet.

But like I said… Go to Met-Art.com and get plenty more of her. Psst, she also has hundreds of hot friends!

Posted By Rhino on 11/27/12 -
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Imagine if you will that Paris Hilton had a younger sister that did porn and was hotter than her actual younger sister is in real life. Dream about sucking on her cute little titties while her virgin pussy grips your hard cock so tightly it feels like it is going to pull that sucker right off of your body!

While we can only imagine what that would feel like in real life we don’t have to imagine how superbly hot this theoretical little sister would be. We can view her HD videos and look at her 22MP pics to enjoy her in the flesh (so to speak).


With your membership to MET-Art you get unlimited access to their entire archive. Over a decade of erotic art. The site updates up to six times a day and each girl does several videos and picture galleries. This is one web site that won’t leave you craving more.

Just in case you are thinking this site is a one hit wonder I found this for you to enjoy:


Blonde, brunette, redhead, raven hair, no matter what hair, body type, breast size or skin tone MET-Art has plenty of girls with virgin pussy and tight slits. Stop searching for the perfect site. You’ve found it!

Posted By Rhino on 03/27/11 -
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Wait until you see how gorgeous this virgin pussy girl is. Her body is athletic, yet soft. Her lips are amazing. Her small, perky breasts wait in anticipation for a kiss – nipples aching!

Met-Art is literally filled with virgin pussy girls. With thousands of girls to choose from it is quite likely you will fall in love with hundreds of them.

Getting bored is not an option at Met-Art. They update the site up to six times a day, so you often have a lot of new stuff to look at!

If you are going to look, make sure you are looking at Met-Art!

Posted By Rhino on 01/12/11 -
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I came across this picture of Lena L. from Met Art and thought to myself, “Oh, fuck me! Oh, please, please, please fuck me!”

Met-Art.com is well known for finding sweet gems like Lena. They have over 10 years experience on the web and have shot over 2,350 models. Pictures go up to 50 mega pixels! Not even the smallest hair follicle is left out!

Just imagine zooming if on a virgin pussy like Lena’s until it literally takes up your entire monitor and it is still crystal clear!

Anybody for a gynecological exam?

Posted By Rhino on 12/16/10 -
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When I look at a barely legal specimen such as Marsha from Met-Art.com my head goes cloudy and the only thing that comes to mind is the word dreamy. Her small tits and her bald beaver compliment her youthful face and overall appearance!

Met Art has been in business for over a decade. With that kind of time behind them, they tend to get a lot of things right. The site updates six times a day, which means you never get bored with a Met Art membership!

I can’t say all of the girls are this dreamy, but I can say they have over 2,000 models to choose from! With over 855 movies and almost 10,000 photo sets this site is un-fucking-believable!

You would think this much content would leave you in a puddle of your own drool as you stare at the screen unable to concentrate, however, Met-Art.com is laid out well and has both a navigation system and a search function that make finding what you want super easy!

Time for you to dream a little dream of Marsha!

Posted By Rhino on 12/09/09 -
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You don’t see many virgin pussies like the one Nessa is sharing with us. She is a model at Met-ART, the birthplace of erotic art.

Virgin pussy like Nessa’s is a trademark of Met-ART. They add new models monthly and shoot as many as 38 updates with as many models. With so many girls coming and going you are sure to come across a virgin pussy every week.

Imagine that. You having a new virgin pussy to explore every week!


Pop This Virgin’s Cherry!