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Posted By Rhino on 04/22/11 -
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I think yourself rude for having dirty thoughts about this little cutie. Her name is Little Lupe and she enjoys all of the attention her nubile looks bring her. In fact, she is probably dirtier than you are when it comes to sex!

Little Lupe is part of the Tiny Teen Pass. Over twenty solo model web sites make up the network and with girls like Lupe headlining it, it’s no wonder the Tiny Teen Pass is very popular among perverts us!

Grab your LittleLupe.com password for just one dollar. You can cancel if you want to, but I am pretty sure that once you lay your eyes on a naked Little Lupe or Little Summer you will want to stay a member for a long time!

Posted By Rhino on 03/11/11 -
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Let’s face it, you don’t come to the Internet for reality, you come here for fantasy and what warm blooded man doesn’t fantasize about banging a barely legal teen with a smoking hot body?

Little Lupe is practically the embodiment of your fantasies. She has a very youthful appearance with her small tits and her tight little ass. She loves to play dress up just as much as she loves sucking cock!

Lupe’s videos are so true to form that they actually cost a man his freedom. Luckily Little Lupe heard about his predicament and flew in to act as a witness at his trial. Yes, she really is legal… But just barely!

Hey, there ain’t no law against that, right?

Anyway, with one password you can access Little Lupe and all of her barely legal friends like Little Summer, Teen Topanga and Chloe 18!

What’s stopping you? It certainly ain’t your dick because, from the looks of it, it’s telling you this is a sure-fire go!

Posted By Rhino on 06/18/10 -
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You wanna talk about extra virgin olive oil? Little Lupe is the perfect little fuck-toy. Check out his hands cupping her little ass. He can almost touch his fingers from each hand together!

Little Lupe was born with a condition. She doesn’t seem to age and believe it or not she is nineteen years old in the photos and video above!

A guy in Puerto Rico was recently arrested for the possession of child pornography. Guess who the actress in the video was? Little Lupe! Lucky for him she was all too happy to fly down and testify on his behalf that she is indeed barely legal.

So here’s a tribute to the youngest looking girl in porn and the pass that gives you access to her and twenty one of her little friends. Grab your own Tiny Teen Pass and check out the new girls Sammy 18 and Teen Lilly!

Posted By Rhino on 12/19/07 -
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Little Lupe

Fuck if I know… Your guess is as good as mine.

It appears that when girls in Spain reach maturity, like Little Lupe here, a hot busty MILF takes her home to show her how to make love properly. This is the type of stuff they need to get on pay-per-view channels. I’d pay to see it.

For those of you who don’t know who Little Lupe is, she is the barely legal one on the left. The busty MILF, that’d be the one on the right. Me? I’d like to be in between the two of them. Naked and covered in oil.

LittleLupe.com has been an instant success. It debued as the 2000th busiest web site on the Internet. Not bad for a 5′ 2" girl whos only previous experience was in sucking cock. Now she is steadily in the top 5 lineup of solo models. Again not bad for someone who just came online this year!

So why all of the buzz? She is hot! No denying that. She is a sweet escape from the usual hustle bustle. But that isn’t the real reason. I am sure the biggest reason is that she looks young. Nothing wrong with that… What is she supposed to do? Wait 3 years just because she looks young?

Unlike most models, Lupe does hardcore. So you can really explore those fantasies without having to stretch the mind out to far. Not only does she go hardcore with men but she does women too, as well as herself!

Lupe has weekly updates and after you join you can upgrade to the pass that gives you access to her friends sites as well. If you are into barely legal done right, I suggest you do the upgrade. I believe it is still $10 and that means you will have barely legal updates on a daily basis!

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Little Lupe

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