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Posted By Rhino on 08/20/11 -
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Today I was going through some galleries that didn’t make it into my blog and came across this picture of Emily 18. A lot of stuff went though my head…

First and foremost those puffy nipples jump out at you. I can’t imagine how sensitive Emily’s nipples must have been during this time in her life. I’ll admit that I am imagining what it would be like to suck and nipple on those things… feeling her amazing, perky, firm, new breasts!

Does Emily18 enjoy playing bondage games? Who cares! Tie her up anyway! After some tongue work on her clit she will be begging you to play tie-her-up games from now on!

Unlike most solo models Emily 18 is not a contract model. Together with her friend Alice she owns and operates her site. Emily updates her site several times a week. You won’t find this kind of devotion very often and certainly not with a barely legal solo model site!

The archives are filled with seven years worth of content. In these photos Emily is 19 years old. Her nipples are puffy because her breasts are just finally starting to grow! Imagine what they looked like when she was 18! Or don’t, see them for yourself at Emily18.com!

Posted By Rhino on 07/11/11 -
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Remember the first time a girlfriend of yours tried to be sexy? Sure, she wasn’t spot on as far as her strip tease impression went, but you didn’t give a shit! You thought she was Marilyn Monroe and you were the President of the United High Schools!

Emily 18 embodies that first crush and she does it well. Her small, yet perky boobs and her petite, yet fleshy body will leave you breathless and quite possibly cumless night after night, after night!


Check out that chunky pussy!

emily_18 (2)

See more pics! Next up, her fleshy tushy and a close up of that puffy pussy straining against her polka dot panties! Hubba-hubba!


Posted By Rhino on 03/22/11 -
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How would you like to wake up to this every day of the week? You can with a membership to Emily18.com. Imagine pulling those straps down and kissing her perky breasts. Watching her legs rub together as her juices begin to flow. Then imagine pulling off those panties and giving her a tongue lashing she would never forget!

Not long ago that last part would have seemed a bit elusive. Emily 18 didn’t get fully naked. Not that many minded. Sometimes what you imagine in your head can be so much better!

Emily gets completely nude and masturbates in her videos now and she looks just as I had imagined. So delicate and tasty! Take the tour and find out for yourself whether a wakeup call like this is just what the doctor ordered for you!

Posted By Rhino on 12/20/10 -
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It’s weird how the simple things in life can be the most alluring. When I was in high school I used to love watching a girlfriend get ready for the evening. Doing her hair, her makeup, getting dressed… the usual routine. Of course it helps when she does the majority of it in a pair of panties and a bra!

Back then there were no cell phone cameras so I never got any of my girlfriends on video. Bummer! But at least I have Emily 18!

Emily is the girl next door that just happens to be a solo model. She gets 100% nude and her site features tons of panty shots. Emily 18 has archives of her past work and updates with new stuff several times a week. The older stuff is… well.. darling!

Posted By Rhino on 12/28/09 -
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I have been waiting for this gallery for four years now. That wonderful pussy shot is of Emily 18. To be able to pull those panties over and taste her deliciously sweet pussy would be heavenly!

Up until now Emily 18 was always a topless model. She didn’t show her pussy and it didn’t matter. Countless numbers of guys from around the world were hooked on what ever she decided to show. A teasing little angel. Now the day has arrived. It is time for Emily 18 to show us what is underneath those panties!

Being a member of Emily18.com is like being a member of two sites at once. You get access to her old stuff and her new stuff. Four years ago this barely legal girl looked like total jailbait! Now she still looks barely legal and her puffy nipples are as inviting as ever!

You get a very tempting look at Emily’s pussy in the gallery above. Become a member and you get to see her pussy without the panties. She even masturbates now! Well, I am sure she masturbated before this, but she didn’t do it for us until now.

Emily 18 talks to her members on her private message board. She tries really hard to please and if you are a good boy, she will honor your requests!

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Posted By Rhino on 12/01/09 -
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Do not attempt to adjust your monitor. What you are seeing is real and she goes by the name Emily 18. She has pert tits with puffy nipples and an undeniably young look. Don’t worry though, Emily 18 won’t land you in jail. While she looks much younger than 18 years old she is indeed barely legal.

In the photos above Emily was just days over her 18th birthday. She was so excited to show off her body to the world. Previously she had exposed herself to boys on her street, but now she can legally expose herself for you too!

In the beginning Emily 18 was a softcore topless model. Over the years she has listened to her members, who she talks to regularly on her private members only message board, and now you can see her virgin pussy.

Emily shoots her videos in high definition and also shoots her pics in high resolution. She updates her site two to three times a week. Join now and start conversing with this barely legal beauty!

Posted By Rhino on 11/17/09 -
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Growing up I had a special friend. She lived down the street and when my mom and pop went on their weekend retreats to Vegas I got to stay at her pad. We knew each other since we were little kids, her parents never suspected a thing.

My friend, I will refer to as Emily, use to prance around the house during the summer months wearing one of her dads oversized t-shirts and a pair of cotton panties. Her parents always assumed she was like a sister to me…

While watching TV Emily would lay on her stomach facing the TV set. I would always choose a spot on the couch behind her. Once her parents went to bed and Emily had kicked her legs, rubbed her feet and other sorts of things for comfort or blood circulation her t-shirt always road up and I could see her panties.

I used to study those panties. I had seen pictures of naked women in magazines before and I studied Emily’s panties trying to see her pussy underneath them. Eventually I chose a certain girls pussy in a College Girls of Playboy magazine and it became Emily’s pussy in my fantasies.

One night while her parents were sleeping Emily’s shirt road way up. The light from the hallway was streaming right up her legs and I could clearly see the folds of her pussy through her panties. After what seemed like several minutes of gazing at that sweet sight I realized I was rubbing myself through my pajamas!

Previously I had never touched myself in Emily’s presence, but now that I was doing it, it felt doubly good. More exciting I guess. Something came over me and I pulled my dick out of my pajama pants and started stroking it. I told myself I would stop when it was time to cum. Tuck it into my waistband and excuse myself to the bathroom to finish.

Over and over I brought myself to that point where I should have executed the second portion of my plan. However, instead of doing that, I would stop for a minute or so and then resume. Each time it felt better than the last. I wondered how long this could go on. If I could just stop time and live in this moment fore-…

She turned around!

The object of my fascination just caught me masturbating to the site of her in panties. I was stunned. Like a deer in headlights I just froze, waiting for her to yell for her mom.

Instead she shifted herself a bit and lay her head down on the pillow in front of her still looking at me. One of her hands went under her belly and I could see her fingers through her stretched panties. She was rubbing herself!

My breathing started again. I wondered if my heart also started again or had it been beating the whole time? She smiled. That was my queue. It was time to do more than just fantasize about Emily. She wanted to share these feelings with me.

It didn’t take long before my cock was ready to spurt and I didn’t have anything to spurt into. I slowed down my strokes and I think that actually turned her on. To see me “playing” with myself.

I could tell she was ready to cum and I wanted to cum with her. In a quick decision I let it go and my cum shot all over my shirt. Emily began bucking her hips and shut her eyes. I hoped her moans wouldn’t bring her parents.

Emily 18 and I shared many moments like this as the years went by. We never actually had sex with one another. We always touched ourselves and told each other about our fantasies… even if they weren’t about the other person.

This also meant that we could enjoy phone sex. Even if we hooked up with someone else. Emily 18 and I still hook up via her webcam. Still sharing our fantasies.

You can share your own fantasies with Emily. She updates her site several times a week and she answers her fan mail. Everything is shot in HD and Emily looks just as young and barely legal now as she did back then!

Posted By Rhino on 11/24/08 -
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I have written many a post about many a girl, but I always come back to Emily 18 because she is the love of my life. Emily first started in porn when a photographer friend thought she could sell a lot of memberships. Turns out her friend was right and Emily because progressively more and more provocative.

In the beginning Emily18.com was about a barely legal brunette with small tits and puffy nipples… She would temp and tease the cum out of you and all along the way it was an exhilaratingly fun experience.

For those of us who have been there since the beginning, we have seen Emily 18 grow up into a remarkable young woman. For those of you who weren’t there, no worries. Her progression is well documented in her members area for all to see.

Now that Emily is older she has grown much bolder. It seems all of those requests for full nudity have finally paid off and I have to say, her pussy is even more delightful then I have ever imagined.

Members of Emily 18 get to talk to her on her message board and make requests for new videos and picture sets. Many of those requests have made their way into the members area content.

If you are looking for a personal experience with a personable young lady then Emily18.com is one site you are going to enjoy.

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