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Posted By Rhino on 03/12/15 - Bookmark Virgins 19 – Virgin Pussy
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how virgins stay virgin

Fathers have the toughest time trying to keep their girls in line. Once a girl hits puberty she is going to become naturally curious about things. So it is good that women know exactly how to keep their little virgins, virgin. They cleverly set up play dates between girls they think will be good matches and the girls let nature take it course. The women pretend to know nothing about what is going on, but drop positive hints that girl on girl sex is okay and natural. Mom might even let on that she had her favorite girlfriends once before she went to college and met daddy.

Folks, if you want your daughter to keep her virgin pussy you are going to have to let her experiment with other girls. They can have their fun, empower each others and make each other feel good. Then when she is ready she can transition into boys with more knowledge about what feels good and how to have sex properly. It is a win-win for everyone. has lots of young girls having sex with other girls, with boys and with themselves. It is a huge mega-site that now includes the solo model sites of Natasha Shy, Sasha Blonde and many more!

Posted By Rhino on 09/28/13 - Bookmark Virgins 19 – Virgin Pussy
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Tara from showing her pink virgin pussy

I think I just died and went to heaven. No seriously. That has to be one of the tastiest looking virgin pussies I have ever laid my eyes on… this week!

Being that I work as a pornographer I get to see a lot of pussy throughout my work day. For the most part I have come to a point where I don’t even notice pussy anymore. To grab my attention a girl has to have something truly amazing. Her vagina has to appear to be the most succulent little morsel on the face of the Earth to get a rise out of me.


One girl that has been consistently able to achieve this not-so-simple feat is Tara from MPL Studios. She has shot for many different erotic nude sites, but her MPL shoots seem to go over the top. Especially in their portrayal of her virgin pussy.

Along with her sweet looking pussy Tara has a tight little ass. There is just enough chunk on it to take a good spanking, but not so much that it is saggy. She also has some very beautiful tits. But most of all, I think it is her super soft tan skin that brings it altogether into one hell of a hot package!

Posted By Rhino on 04/09/13 - Bookmark Virgins 19 – Virgin Pussy
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I think I had sex way too early in life. Because of that I am drawn to girls with a cleft of Venus. If a girl has meat curtains I have to be in a certain mood to even have sex with her. Usually it is because I am drunk that I overlook them and fuck her anyway.

This is why I am a frequent user at Amour Angels. The site never ceases to amaze me with the number of girls they have that look nubile. From their perky tits to their cleft of Venus pussies they all look so adorable. There are a good number with large vaginal lips, but the sheer number of them without them makes the site totally worth it for me.

If you are a fan of girls with barely legal looks, virgin pussies and perky boobs I think you will find Amour Angels to your liking!

Posted By Rhino on 12/30/12 - Bookmark Virgins 19 – Virgin Pussy
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Tara from MPL Studios has one of those virgin pussies you write home about. One look and you are hooked. It is time to call mom and dad and tell them you are brining a dinner guest this Holiday season. Their son has finally found a woman with a vagina worthy of marrying. Yes, you can marry a vagina!

Along with her virgin pussy Tara has a tight butthole that needs some stretching. Even a virgin pussy can’t match the tightness of a virgin bunghole. Shit, it can’t even match a used bunghole! (no pun intended)


From this position you can have your pick of the litter. You can even boink her little pussy for a bit to get your cock wet before pressing it into her butt. She might not be ready to receive your fat cock, but that just means you have to push a little harder. Harder! HARDER!


See, I told you it would fit.

Posted By Rhino on 11/29/12 - Bookmark Virgins 19 – Virgin Pussy
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That is one delicious little peach right there. As you can probably tell her body is a barely legal perv’s dream. Her tiny tits are extremely firm and perky. Her pussy looks as delicate as it did on the day she was born. She is Dana Lightspeed and she is open for business… finally!

As a member of the Lightspeed Sorority girls engage in lesbian sex from day one. Before they give their virgin pussies to the boys they first get their cherries popped by the senior class girls.

Opened in 2001 this lesbian sorority has been inducting members through some of the hottest initiations ever recorded. The freshman class is blindfolded and made to guess who’s pussy or boobies they are touching. Some of the seniors make it even more daring by making the newbies lick their pussies and guess by taste alone!

Try out Dana Lightspeed and nine other sites for only $6.95. If you find you can’t stop yourself let it rebill. If you find that you can’t justify looking at scantly clad teen coeds as they frolic around their dorms then cancel online. CCBILL is well known for being a trusted brand that won’t screw you over.

Now go eat that peach!

Posted By Rhino on 10/24/12 - Bookmark Virgins 19 – Virgin Pussy
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This here is Britney and fuck me if she doesn’t embody the look of an a-typical girl next door. This photo set was taken from Amour Angels and the original is shot in 5600 pixel width. That is a lot of pixels. Both of my 24" monitors side by side only hit 3840 pixels!

What this means is you can really drill down into the nooks and crannies of her virgin pussy if you want to. And hey, nobody is going to stop you. What you do in the privacy of your own home with your next door neighbors barely legal daughter is between the two of you… consenting adults!


Posted By Rhino on 08/31/12 - Bookmark Virgins 19 – Virgin Pussy
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Every once in a while, and not nearly often enough, I happen on a girl with an amazing virgin pussy. Today’s virgin pussy belongs to Rosalin E. of!

I can’t testify to whether or not Rosalin is actually a virgin, but I can say that her pussy is obviously very hungry. So hungry, in fact, that it is chewing on her already see through mesh panties. We have to wonder why her pussy is so hungry and the only conclusion my mind can come up with is that it must be wondering why all of the other pussies out there are getting some cock and why it hasn’t even so much as touched one yet!

The camel toe created by her cleft of Venus is just as outstanding as seeing her virgin pussy 100% naked. Not a whole lot is left to the imagination, but what is left leaves you to conjure up all sorts of amazing possibilities.


Here is a tip for finding a girl that is going to age well. Does she have a cleft of Venus like Rosalin E. does? Good! Now, how about her hands. Do they look young or old? Young. Then you are on the right path. Marry this woman before you regret it!


Girls with virgin pussies like Rosalin E. can’t hide the fact that their pussy is in need of cock. No bathing suit is going to be able to stay out of the clutches of that hairless cleft. A lot of girls out there get jealous of girls like Rosalin because their camel toes generate a lot of buzz with men. It is sad if you ask me.

Enjoy hundreds of girls with virgin pussy at FemJOY. They update daily and both the videos and the pictures are shot in extreme HD. In her spread Rosalin opens that pink pussy of hers up and the close up shots are like works of art. I seriously had to restrain myself from printing them out on 8×10 glossy and putting them up around the house!

Posted By Rhino on 08/24/12 - Bookmark Virgins 19 – Virgin Pussy
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I think that in all fairness lesbian girls that are just experimenting with each other and plan to eventually bring their new found knowledge into the bed with boys should still be considered to have virgin pussies. We have to have some kind of rules on these sorts of things or we’d lose all of the virgin pussy to hairbrush handles!

Now there I go again getting all George Costanza on you. I tend to get all crazy and manic when I see a cute chunky girl with such a soft and wet virgin pussy showing interest in sex. Sue me!

Or better yet, join me. Sapphic Erotica is by far the best lesbian site on the Internet. The first time I joined it was back in 2003. They didn’t have nearly as many videos as they do now and back then HD didn’t exist. Now everything is shot in crystal clear HD, plus the archives are filled with hundreds upon hundreds of lesbian videos!

Take the Sapphic Erotica tour and see how lesbian videos are supposed to be!

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Posted By Rhino on 06/22/12 - Bookmark Virgins 19 – Virgin Pussy
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Talk about double the pleasure and double the fun!

That girl loosing her panties is Kimmy Teen. We will call her friend with the perky nipples Ginger. Both of these girls are always getting into all sorts of trouble. They love to talk to men they call at random while they get kinky with each other!

Kimmy Teen and Ginger both have little virgin pussies. The guys they call are always trying to get them to cough up Kimmy’s address so they can come over and pop their cherries.

Uh-uh-uhhh! These girls might be naughty, but they aren’t stupid!


These two little love nymphs got started by comparing their boobies one day. Before long it was time to check out each others pussies too! They both marveled at how their pussy hairs were the same color as the hair on their heads.


Kimmy can get super kinky at times. Once she tried licking her own nipples. It didn’t work out so well on account of her titties being so tiny, but Ginger sure did get a kick out of watching her!


If you are lucky, and you live near Kimmy Teen, you might be able to catch a glimpse of these two girlies showing off their little hineys to boys walking by the front of her house. They really love driving the postman out of his gourd!

He’d really love to share his gourd with these two gingers!

You can share your cock with Kimmy Teen and her friends like Little Danni and Debbie Teen. With one password you get access to an entire network of kinky little girls!

Posted By Rhino on 05/01/12 - Bookmark Virgins 19 – Virgin Pussy
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Do girls dream of eating out their friend’s virgin pussies?

I can’t speak for every girl out there, but my girlfriend was nice enough to relay to me some pretty sexy information on the subject!

As it turns out her first sexual experiences were with girls. She was already experimenting with eating pussy before her pussy even started growing hair!

Before she got her first cock inside her, my girlfriend had a guy eat her out. She said it left her dreaming of having her pussy licked by a girl. So instead of masturbating about having sex with this dude, she instead had dreams of licking another girls pussy while the other girl licked hers!

This went on until she finally got some cock inside her virgin pussy. The first time it wasn’t that great, but she knew it would get better like the girls in her brother’s porn videos. She wanted to scream and moan like that!

Once her wish was granted she slit her masturbation dreams between guys and girls. She still does… dream of licking another girls virgin pussy!

Watch Little Lexie lick Chloe 18 down there right now!

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