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Posted By Rhino on 05/18/14 - Bookmark Virgins 19 – Virgin Pussy
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teenager getting her virgin pussy licked by another girl

Sofia Saint is one of those girls with a pussy so cute even other girls cannot help themselves when they see it. So pink and so tight Sofia’s virgin pussy must taste like Pepsi Cola mixed with cotton candy!

While most solo girls stick to doing softcore or nonnude Sofia does hardcore, softcore and everything in between. On SofiaSaint.com you will find her trailer with a good mix of what you can expect to see in her members area. All of her videos and photos are shot in high definition.

Along with having a sexy kitty this little solo model slut has some exceptional titties. They are capped with some sexy puffy-like nipples. I wouldn’t say they are full on puffies, but they have this… I dunno… quality about them. Take a look for yourself and tell me what you think below.

Posted By Rhino on 03/06/14 - Bookmark Virgins 19 – Virgin Pussy
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super smooth virgin pussy cleft of venus

Whenever I come across such a perfect specimen of a cleft of Venus pussy I have to post about it. My entire mind wraps around its structure. The beauty of it. The artistic qualities of the lines as they wrap around curvaceous hemispheres. It is a sight to behold. A mystery to be investigated.

The last time I saw a pussy this exquisite I was in college. The girl was a fellow classmate. She worked out daily. We both did. Sometimes we would work out six days a week, twice a day. For the first year we were together we fucked three times a day. Her pussy was so pink and perfect. The cleft was as perfectly formed as the virgin pussy above.

My girl wasn’t a virgin unfortunately. Actually, that might have been a good thing. Her pussy would have been so pristine I might not have wanted to fuck it.

If I had a nickel for every hour I spent licking it!

This pussy belongs to one of the girls on Met-Art.com. They update daily with several different sets and videos for several different girls. Their archives are filled with amazing specimens of cleft of Venus pussies. If you haven’t taken a look at them yet here is your personal invitation.

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Posted By Rhino on 12/02/13 - Bookmark Virgins 19 – Virgin Pussy
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That there is one tasty looking cleft of Venus. Everything about this girl is tasty from her virgin pussy to her deep tanned skin. I want to gobble on her perky tiny tits capped with inverted nipples. Her eyes are gorgeous. Her lips look so soft and inviting. There are so many reasons to plaster this girl in your cum!

I found her on KarupsHA. It is a site that collects large amounts of hometown amateur porn. They have both softcore galleries and hardcore videos. The site gets updated multiple times a week. There are so many girl next door models here that you will find girls you would swear you went to high school with.

spreading _her_virgin_pussy

Could you imagine being able to lick that tight teen pussy for as long as you want? I swear the little knobs on my tongue would eventually start to tear her skin. I could go for days on her vagina!

There are a lot of girls this hot and hotter. Check out KarupsHA!

Posted By Rhino on 10/29/13 - Bookmark Virgins 19 – Virgin Pussy
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Is this girl really a virgin? I am not sure. Her cleft of Venus pussy sure does look like a virgin pussy to me. But looks can be deceiving. Not that any of us really care. We go online to fulfill fantasies, not do mind numbing fact checking that will leave your dick soft. Seeing this girl’s finger dip into her pussy crack is just the kind of thing that makes fantasies feel fun and amazing. So who cares if she isn’t a true virgin? Just get into the moment and enjoy the spectacular view.

Almost the entire video is shot close up of her sliding in and out of her cleft. She starts out a little dry and eventually gets so wet her pussy lips are glistening.

There are lots of teen tube videos on the site I got this from. Some of them are about masturbation, but most of them feature girls having hardcore teen sex. Their partners range from fellow girls on their cheerleading squad to the older football coach. The free full length babe movies are also rather sweet. Many of them have some very well known porn stars in them.

So where did I find this juicy little morsel at? Well, you might have guessed it had you checked out the teen tube videos I referenced above. My first place to go for real GF porn is the aptly named RealGFPorn.com!

Posted By Rhino on 09/03/13 - Bookmark Virgins 19 – Virgin Pussy
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Today’s issue (post) is all about girls with puffy nipples. I even found one with what looks like a nice virgin pussy. Oops. Make that two of them. Very nice cleft of Venus girls. You will enjoy this update!

Pretty much the girls in this update are evenly split between Met-Art and FemJoy. Both sites are excellent if you are looking for girls in the erotic nudes niche. Met-Art has recently changed up its format a bit to include lots of hardcore sex videos as well. But they are still done in the erotic mood that has made them famous. Think Playboy videos over Vivid videos, only with copious amounts of sex on screen!


Puffy nipples are caused by a medical condition where the process that begins breast development, and creates a breast bud underneath the nipple of a girl in the second stage of the Tanner Scale, never reverses the bud on the third stage. It is a rare condition that can make a girl feel self-conscious about her appearance. However, most boy and men find the condition to be highly erotic due to its exotic nature.

Puffy Nipples on Alexis Adams from Karups Hometown Amateurs

I found these excellent specimens of both a set of puffy nipples and a cleft of Venus on Alexis Adams from KarupsHA. Karups Hometown Amateurs is filled with hot babes that are mostly of the girl next door type. You will find some girls that aren’t truly amateurs in that they have done some porn work, but not many.


Don’t be shy about your nipples, girl. They look delicious. I’d eat them suckers up like candy apples!


FemJoy has a lot of girls with puffies. Instead of hiding them they show them off. Being that FemJoy has millions of present and past members the site also has millions of fan Emails for the girls. New models like the one above can read these Emails and gain confidence in their puffy condition.


This shot is great. My next door neighbor had puffy nipples and the amount that this girl resembles her is uncanny. My neighbor used to wear frilly pink panties and no bra when we would swim in her pool. Their family was kind of hippy. Mom would swim completely naked. Later on my neighbor told me she used to wear those panties because he pussy was so bare. It made her embarrassed not to have a full patch of hair like her mother. Crazy girl. Nobody has hair on their pussy these days. You were just ahead of the times!


Macy B from Met-Art is not afraid to show off her puffies. She also has a very nice pussy with tiny inner lips. They don’t even protrude when she is sitting spread eagle!


I used to think puffies were a trait associated with girls with red hair. As it turns out girls with puffy nipples can have all sorts of hair colors. They also can have different body types as well. You really can’t use the condition of their nipples as a good indicator for their other personal traits.


Even puffy nipples have lots of different attributes. Some girls have fully developed nipples and others have barely any at all. Lots of puffies have very little pigmentation, while others are very dark like this girl above. She also has a very nice cleft of Venus.


Lastly we have a little lovely from Fedorov HD. The girls at Fedorov are mostly from the Eastern European area of the world. There are lots of girls with puffies and even some with puffy pussies as well. You will find their site to be of your liking if you are a puffy nipples fan.

So there you have it. Many great choices on where to go when you need a puffy nipples fix. This is the last day of Summer so get ready for some candid beach pics coming soon!

Posted By Rhino on 07/13/13 - Bookmark Virgins 19 – Virgin Pussy
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002 010dd
008 010

Pussy, pussy, pussy, pussy. To your cock it is all the same. It doesn’t matter if the girls clit it up top, down below or how much lippage she has. Your cock only cares about two things. Is it sufficiently wet without being overly wet, and is it tight. There is nothing worse than a hot dog in a hallway. Except maybe getting speed burns in a dry pussy.

I have dated girls with all types of pussy. Every kind of pussy you can think of. While my brain prefers the cleft of Venus, no lips pussy, my cock is equally happy to cloud my brain with beer goggles and let me deal with the strange pussy I end up with in the morning.

If there is one redeeming quality I can bring up about that last pussy with the extra lips and high clit, it is that she can cum by rubbing her pussy up against things without having to straddle them. One of my past girlfriends had this kind of pussy. She also had a virgin pussy. She said it was so easy to bring herself to orgasm in other ways that she didn’t need to fuck.

At a high school dance she orgasmed just by doing a slow dance with me on a packed dance floor where everybody danced real close with their partner. I knew something was up when she began to stumble. I lifted her slightly off of the ground so she could cum and it was amazing.

MPL Studios has pussy of all shapes and sizes. You will find your own personal tastes met by hundreds of models in thousands of videos and picture sets. As always, enjoy the pussy!

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Posted By Rhino on 06/21/13 - Bookmark Virgins 19 – Virgin Pussy
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Miela A Metart

What do you think the chances are of Miela A being the kind of girls that can’t keep a virgin pussy intact with hymen and all? I have seen her all around the Internet lately on sites like FemJoy Girls and I haven’t seen her taking a bone in the vag yet. I am not sure if that is proof enough to say she isn’t using her cooter to boink guys though. She looks a little on the devious side if you ask me.

MetArtHunter.com has a lot of her galleries. They keep the places stocked with fresh galleries all day long. It is the kind of site you bookmark and keep coming back to over and over again. They have just about every Miela A Metart update I know of and then some.

It is hard keeping track of girls and what they put in their crack, but hey, somebody has to do it. Might as well be me!

Posted By Rhino on 03/06/13 - Bookmark Virgins 19 – Virgin Pussy
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I know I keep coming back to Craving Carmen and her virgin pussy, but it is good enough to see it over and over again. She is one girl on a small list of them that can spread their legs and still have a cleft of Venus. She tight slit looks amazing when she wears tight panties or a wet bikini bottom.

You can see Carmen is dozens of wet bikinis and hundreds of panty galleries. She gets 100% nude and often masturbates her pink pussy. The great thing about her pussy is it looks good closed and it looks even better when she spreads it wide open.

Carmen also has a perky set of boobs. They aren’t real small or real big. You could say they are just right. See more of this coed hottie on her site at CravingCarmen.com!

Posted By Rhino on 03/03/13 - Bookmark Virgins 19 – Virgin Pussy
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I have written about the site Errotica Archives before, but I have never written about a pussy this sweet. Just about the only thing that would make this picture better is to see her bright pink pussy hole and maybe a little wetness. Would you look at those goose bumps? Sticking your dick in there would be like sticking it into a Hostess apple pie and squeezing real hard. Pull out? I think not!

How could anybody pull out of this girls virgin pussy? I know I couldn’t do it. I’d gladly pay 18 years for our kid. It would be totally worth it!

Not only does this girl have the most beautiful cleft of Venus I have ever seen, she also has a set of tits that are equally wonderful. Imagine meeting this girl at the river during the summer. I bet you she lets those tits of hers loose for all to see. Look at her skinny arms. How can they be so thin with tits like that?


I can’t say all of the girls at Errotica Archives are this visually appealing, but I can say they are all naked. They have dozens more babes with virgin pussy like this one. Most have small tits, but many do have big tits. A buffet of stimulating babes waiting for you to tap them all.

Posted By Rhino on 01/26/13 - Bookmark Virgins 19 – Virgin Pussy
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I am one of those types of guys that prefers to know what I am getting into before I make a deal on something. Full disclosure I believe it is called. I want transparency and that also goes for my relationship transactions as well.

Nothing is better at giving you the kind of information you need when trying to decide if you want to bed a girl than a nice wet pair of white panties. Here this girl’s camel toe is telling us that she has a cleft of Venus. Her pussy looks like it is virgin. Whether or not it actually is will require some more investigating, but at least we know there won’t be any extra baggage sprung on us.

Find tens of thousands of hot pics like these at WatchMyGF.com. They accept submissions daily so the members area always has something new each time you login. Some girls are even sending in multiple pictures of themselves just to see what kinds of dirty things the guys will say about them.

Get your own password and start giving some well deserving girls some compliments on their cute little pussies!

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