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Posted By Rhino on 03/11/10 - Bookmark Virgins 19 – Virgin Pussy


Every boy in the world should have a play friend like Teen Topanga. I had one and she rocked my world in many different ways!

On one day in particular she invited me into her backyard. Her mom was just about as lazy as they come and extremely addicted to soap operas. This left me and my Topanga with plenty of free, unrestricted time.

So… We got to her side yard and she plops down in the grass with a bag of grapes. She toys with me and pretends to blow a grape off. By now I already know this sexy bitch and her games. Well… All but the one she was about to show me!

Teen Topanga pulled her panties over and asked me if I dared her to stick a grape inside. Of course I said yes and she immediately stuck a grape up her snatch. Did I just see that? She fucking did it way too fucking fast. But like I said, this bitch was a tease!

The next grape she went slower on and pretty soon I got an eyeful of eight or nine grapes going up her tasty snatch. I say tasty because I would know…

After Topanga pushed the grapes up inside her she invited me to eat them out. Again, I was all too happy to oblige her. I varied my focus from her clit to her vulva, occasionally stealing a grape. This was fun!

Once I ate the ones closest to her opening it was time to dig a finger in and find out how many where left. After some poking and prodding around in there I counted three more.

Over the years we tried all sorts of fruits and vegetables. Next, we moved on to whipped creams, chocolates and frosting. We could be at a cake and ice cream party together and suddenly feel the need to go to the bathroom together… with a piece of cake!

Teen Topanga has dozens of videos and tons of pics. She has sex with lots of girls. Grab a Tiny Teen Pass and you can see Teen Topanga having sex with her friends Chloe 18 and Little Summer. As a member you get access to Topanga and all fourteen of her barely legal friends!

Posted By Rhino on 03/09/10 - Bookmark Virgins 19 – Virgin Pussy


We both know why you come here day after day. Girls so cute and cuddly they look at home in a set of print bra and panties. Girls with tits so small their training bras look natural on their barely legal bodies. We are both looking for girls like Ariel Rebel.

Ariel is about as cute as they come. Her eyes look like marbles from a China doll. Her dainty feet conjure up memories of nubile cheerleaders in middle school. If you are looking for a girl that still updates and still looks just as young as the day she turned 18, you won’t find a better specimen than Ariel!

Joining Ariel Rebel solely for what Ariel is bringing to the table is pretty much a no-brainer. But get this, as a member you also get access to her barely legal friends like Andi Pink and Kristina Fey. Members of get unrestricted access to all 30 sites in the network, some of which are multi-model sites!

So stop acting like Ariel’s photo above doesn’t have an effect on your cock. You know you want her, don’t keep her waiting!

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Posted By Rhino on 03/01/10 - Bookmark Virgins 19 – Virgin Pussy


When I was growing up I had a friend that looked very much like Cute Cristina above. We liked to play “games”. One of them was show me yours and I will show you mine. This pic above of Cristina showing you hers totally reminds me of my friend and I.

My Cute Cristina also had small budding boobs. She shaved the small amount of hair that grew on her pussy, probably because she wasn’t used to how it made her pussy look or something like that.

We spent a lot of time checking each others body parts out. Particularly the parts in the pubic area. We touched, tasted, kissed and rubbed our parts together. In the beginning we didn’t shoot for orgasms, but once we got started, we were hooked!

I remember tasting her pussy for the first time. We were swimming and once we were done, we went inside to change. We stripped down in front of each other and I asked if I could see her clit. Cristina parted her pussy lips and there it was. Her clit stood out like a pink colored pea.

To get a better look I got on my knees in front of her. I asked if I could taste it and after several seconds of thought, Cute Cristina said yes. My dick went from pretty-damn-hard to super -fucking-hard in an instant!

As I bent forward she pulled away from me and giggled, so I flicked my tongue out and planted it right on her clit. She yelped and fell back on her bed.

“I didn’t even get a good taste,” I complained.

“Try it again,” she suggested.

This time I gabbed her butt with my hands and lowered my face into her waiting crotch. My tongue contacted her clit much softer than the last time and instead of pulling away and yelping, she pushed her pubic mound into my face and moaned.

My soft wet tongue stroked up and down on her hard clit while she moaned and pulled on my hair. After a few dozen stroked I ventured out and stuck my tongue into her vagina. I felt the muscles contract around my tongue. She was enjoying this, “tasting” session!

After alternating my tongue from her vagina to her clit I went back to settling solely on her clit. Not long after that she had her first cunnilingus orgasm. It washed over her in waves and once her clit became too sensitive I kept my tongue in her vagina for a while longer.

Cute Cristina let me taste her pink pussy a few more times before she “tasted my cock” for her first time. That is a whole other post in itself.

You can experience your youthful games with Cute Cristina and all fifteen of her youthful friends with a Tiny Teen Pass. With it you get Little Lupe, Selina 18, Little Summer, Lil Emma and many more.

If you enjoy teen girls as much as I do, the Tiny Teen Pass is a no-brainer!

Posted By Rhino on 02/23/10 - Bookmark Virgins 19 – Virgin Pussy


If you find pics like the one above visually stimulating, you are going to love Joon Mali. This Thai teen is right up there with the likes of Emily 18 and Little Lupe when it comes to having a girly figure!

In Thailand Joon Mali is referred to as the Queen of the Camel Toe. Just about every photo shoot and video on her site features her world renown pussy sucking wet bikinis and Hello Kitty panties into its Cleft of Venus.

Unlike a lot of true Asian solo models, Joon Mali gets 100% naked and leaves nothing to the imagination. Of course, like most Asian solo models, she also knows how to tease!

The production quality that goes into is stunning. The videos are crisp and bright. The pictures are in high resolution and really shot off Joon’s perfect, tan skin.

Find More Joon Mali!

Posted By Rhino on 02/19/10 - Bookmark Virgins 19 – Virgin Pussy

Obsessed With Myself - Pool/Bikini Pics

If there is one thing I never tire of, it’s looking at barely legal teens in bikinis. Right now it is 40 degrees Fahrenheit outside, but inside, these girls make it feel like it is a nice Summer day in California!

Obsessed With Myself has four modes of operation:

In mode one the girls upload pics and videos of themselves doing kinky things or just hanging out by the pool like this little lady.

In mode two the girls ex-boyfriends, or current boy toys, upload the pics so the whole world can know what they are, or were, banging the shit out of!

In mode three the owners of the site and some members scour Photobucket, Myspace, Facebook, etc hacking accounts and uploading pics and videos the owners never intended the world to see!

And mode four? Oh yeah! That is where you come in! In mode four you get to login for free and fap-fap-fap to everybody else’s Obsessed With Myself! How fucking fan-fucking-tabulous is that?

Stop fucking around and start fapping!

Posted By Rhino on 02/18/10 - Bookmark Virgins 19 – Virgin Pussy


When was the last time you dug into a teen pussy and buried your cock juice in there? It’s been quite a while for me. My 20th high school reunion has come and gone. WTF? Where has all of the time gone?

Nothing left to do now but dream of yester-year and nobody helps you do that like Lil Emma. She is a brand new solo model and you know what that means… She is also barely legal and just days over 18. I swear, I need to open one of these fucking sites. Where in the fuck do these guys find these girls just days after their 18th birthday?

I’d imagine the readers of my blog would L.O.V.E. it if I found some barely legal tart with small tits and a tight fanny and put her on the net… naked! Until then Lil Emma will have to do!

Actually, that isn’t right. Lil Emma doesn’t have to do. When you get the Tiny Teen Pass for $1 you get Emma and fourteen of her barely legal friends. My second fav is Cute Cristina. Fucking sweet pussy on that girl!

Posted By Rhino on 02/09/10 - Bookmark Virgins 19 – Virgin Pussy


When it comes to satisfaction there is one thing that always rings the bell. Receiving a blowjob in the front seat of your car. You can be driving, or parked, it doesn’t matter. If she will blow you there she either loves you or she needed the money. LOL

I had a girlfriend back in high school that loved me. She blew my cock in the front seat just like Little Hell Cat is doing for the guy above. She was a kinky little bitch. God I loved her!

She is long gone now, but Codi from Little Hell Cat is here to stay and since you can download all of her videos and watch them even after you cancel, she is yours for a lifetime!

Posted By Rhino on 02/03/10 - Bookmark Virgins 19 – Virgin Pussy


You have to love it when a guy asks his Kinky Gfs to kiss for the camera and one of them feels the other one up. You know if either you or I did it, she’d slap us across the face!

But that is the beauty of Kinky Gfs. We don’t have to do a damn thing! We can sit in our chair and watch as guys and girls from around the world submit their own pics and videos.

Obsessed With Myself has homemade sex videos, candid beach videos, college dorm romp videos and more. They have a massive collection of hacked Myspace, Facebook and Photobucket accounts. The kinds of pics and vids the girls never intended to let out into the wild!

The sheer magnitude and the massive variety of content make this site a keeper. As usual, uncheck the extras on the join form and you can be in the members area for free!

Posted By Rhino on 02/03/10 - Bookmark Virgins 19 – Virgin Pussy


When it comes to virgin pussy you won’t find one any better than Cindy Cupcakes. Well, Andi Pink is pretty sweet too, but when you add on Cindy’s braces, she steals the show!

Cindy Cupcakes is well aware that we are all perverts. She doesn’t mind dressing up like the little girl she is in her heart if it makes us feel horny… oops, I mean better! LOL… Her petite body can fit into all kinds of cute clothes!

You can watch Cindy as she strips and masturbates on her live web cam and even see her friends for free. Her site is included in a 12 site network. Most of the other girls also have small tits and virgin pussy looks too!

Posted By Rhino on 01/31/10 - Bookmark Virgins 19 – Virgin Pussy


I review a lot of teen solo model sites and one of my favorite networks is the Tiny Teen Pass network. It features cute barely legal girls like Little Bree above. With one password you get access to twelve girls. Twelve little girls!

Some of the girls have been around for a few years and helped to define the barely legal solo model niche. Girls like Teen Topanga, Little Summer and Chloe 18 would appeal to anybody. The Tiny Teen Pass features tons of videos of the girls ranging from solo masturbation to lesbian love and girls kissing.

With the Tiny Teen Pass you also get the new additions. Girls like Little Bree, Little Lupe, Tiny Tyler and Kacey 18 are not only the newest barely legal girls on the net, they are also into hardcore!

The Tiny Teen Pass delivers on all of your favorite niches. Panty shots, naked with socks/shoes, schoolgirls, teen sex, hardcore sex, softcore posing, teen masturbation, sapphic sex and more!

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