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Posted By Rhino on 04/29/10 - Bookmark Virgins 19 – Virgin Pussy
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There are times that I day-dream about the times I had in college with Obsessed With Myself. Of having little hotties wanting to give me their naked pics. Back then they were Polaroids because cell phones didn’t exist yet.

You guys have it so damn easy these days. Chicks sex-ting their small tits and perfect, tight, little bodies. It is no wonder these photos keep popping up… It’s so damn easy to send them!

It is also easy to steal these pics if you know how… If you don’t, just grab a Obsessed With Myself pass and see all of the ones they have stolen from private Facebook, Myspace and Photobucket accounts. The variety is alarming!

Along with stolen photos, the girls often send in their own pics and videos! Today’s girls are much more slutty then girls in my days. I guess Paris Hilton made it “cool” to be seen on the Internet naked!

Hey, I am not complaining! I have a Obsessed With Myself membership and have had it since July of 2009. It is so hard to cancel the fucker when there is a ton of new stuff added weekly. You can join for free at and start enjoying this shit right now!

Posted By Rhino on 04/23/10 - Bookmark Virgins 19 – Virgin Pussy
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Have you ever gotten a girl drunk for her first time? I saw this gallery from Andi Pink and it totally reminded me of my first. I’ll call her Andi for the sake of anonymity.

Andi had small tits and a virgin pussy. No, she didn’t have a hymen. I think she popped that with a Prell bottle in the bathtub (hopefully dreaming about me).

She used to love to wear skirts and she seemed to equally enjoy “accidentally” showing me her panties. You know how girls do it, they sit Indian style in a skirt or get “comfortable” on the couch and try to pretend they don’t know…

Anyhow, she invited me over once and I suggested we raid her mom and dad’s liquor cabinet while they were out. It didn’t take long before she was super drunk and super flirty. She once again let me see her panties.

I let it be known that I could see her crotch and she tried to act all stupid and told me I couldn’t. When I, again, said I could she said I should prove it.

With index finger extended my hand missile launched towards the target. Upon hitting said target, gently, she moaned. A fake moan since I am sure I was too gentle.

My index finger began to trace the outline of Andi’s pussy slit and my cock grew into a thick pole. It badly wanted to trade places with my finger!

Now Andi Pink was moaning for real. Her virgin pussy let out enough juice to soak through her panties and I took that as a cue to pull them to the side and slide my finger home. I was amazed by how tight she was. My single finger was having a tough time making it inside. I couldn’t imagine how my dick was supposed to fit into such a small space.

By now Andi’s hand had found my cock and began stroking it through my pants. Over time my one finger turned into two and believe it or not, it was actually quite painful!

I unbuttoned Andi’s blouse and relieved her front clasping bra (God, how I love those!). Her small tits stood at attention waiting for me to suck on her hard nipples. I synchronized my tongue motions with my finger on her clit motions… It didn’t take long before she wanted to know what it’d feel like to have my tongue down there.

Andi Pink had shaved her pussy bare. Most likely she did so just before inviting me over, because there wasn’t a hair to speak of. Not even a hint!

Once my tongue found her love button it was like I was a puppeteer. Her body moved in rhythm with my tongue. Before long her breathing became labored and her whole entire body began to sweat. Andi came for the first time with a guy at the controls!

As we laid in her bed with our bodies entwined she began humping my leg. Her bare thigh was rubbing my cock and I began humping it. Nature took over and our bodies contorted until my cock was at the front door of her vagina.

“Knock knock?”

“Come in, the door’s open!”

The head of my cock sank into her waiting pussy without much effort. The rest of it was having a bit of trouble getting past the security. Andi straddled my hips and used her body weight to lower herself onto my cock. It was a tight fit, but she managed to get it all the way inside.

With such a tight pussy working on every square inch of my cock I had a big problem. I didn’t know what time of the month this was for her, I doubted a condom was going to work on such a tight snatch and I didn’t know if she was able to have multiples in a quick-like-fashion. The one thing I did know is that it was time for evasive maneuvers!

While she was thinking of how great it feels to have me inside her, with her clit rubbing on the hilt of my cock, I was thinking about ants, colonies of them. I was also thinking about cockroaches, fire walking (with glass shards included) and just about everything else I could think of to slow my roll.

Andi Pink reached her orgasm and her entire body began to shake. It rolled over her in waves. After a few sets she slumped on top of me. I had survived the ride!

I was ready to blow my load myself and Andi began to realize sex with two people meant two people had orgasms. She rolled off of me and grabbed her panties. To my surprise she gave me my first panty job. Not as good as being in her pussy, but at least she wore silky smooth panties!

You could say that Andi Pink is in my Fav-Five for solo model sites. Along with Andi is her friend and co-worker Ariel Rebel. As a member of Andi Pink you also get Ariel and many more sites. Take the tour and see what kinds of memories this girl’s virgin pussy conjures up for you!

Posted By Rhino on 04/15/10 - Bookmark Virgins 19 – Virgin Pussy
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I will never forget the first time I walked in on a pair of teen girls kissing. I was in high school and we were out on Spring Break. A few of us rented a beach front condo and two of the girls decided to get a little frisky!

Since it was high school and not college I was able to strong arm the girls into continuing their kissing by threatening to tell the whole school about them if they didn’t. Boy, the difference a year can make!

Chloe 18 is no stranger to kissing girls with boys and grown men around. She isn’t shy about her bisexuality. Her friend Little Lexie also isn’t shy and when you grab a Tiny Teen Pass you can watch her sharing kisses with girls on several different sites!

You can even join Little Lexie separately and get even more sites as her personal site is in a different network. On her site she goes all the way with both boys and girls.

The Tiny Teen Pass gives you access to fifteen solo models sites including Lil Emma, Cute Cristina, Selina 18, Little Lupe, Tiny Tyler, Little April, Little Summer, Little Bree, Trixie Teen and more!

Posted By Rhino on 04/14/10 - Bookmark Virgins 19 – Virgin Pussy
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Wow. It has been a long time since I reviewed Hennessie and her small tits. This girl still has her barely legal body. Tits that fit in a training bra better than a cupped one.

Hennessie is still updating with weekly updates. In her latest stuff she goes all the way. Originally this girl was a non-nude model. Then she went topless, started masturbating and now she goes full hardcore. A dream come true!

As a member of Hennessie you also get access to her friends sites, as well as, some multi-model sites. Nice to see she is still going strong and looking as young and tight as ever!

Posted By Rhino on 04/09/10 - Bookmark Virgins 19 – Virgin Pussy
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As you might have noticed, most of my previous galleries I posted for this site stopped working. Well, chalk one up for the man!

Turns out Obsessed With Myself payment processor gave them a bitch slap because they thought the girls in their promotional material looked too young. WTF? That is because half of the girls that submit their photos to are barely legal!

As in they just turned 18 years old. So why is that a problem? Barely legal is legal none the less!

So anyway… Be rest assured the members area is unchanged and still features your favorite hotties wearing next to nothing or… nothing at all!

Obsessed With Myself started out a hobby for one man and has grown into a huge archive of homemade amateur porn. Guys post their ex-girlfriend pics, girls post themselves, couples post their videos, Spring Breakers post their pics, horny old men post their pics taken at beaches from around the world, college dorms, fraternities, sororities post their party pics… This thing is getting out of hand!

You can access Obsessed With Myself for free. What? It’s true. They are so sure you will enjoy the girls they have decided to give you a three day taste for free. Free! My favorite price!

Posted By Rhino on 04/06/10 - Bookmark Virgins 19 – Virgin Pussy
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Do not attempt to adjust your monitor. What you are seeing is an illusion. A nice and good illusion. Tobie Teen is not jailbait, she just looks like it. Her small tits and virgin pussy are completely legal!

Tobie Teen is the princess of fantasy. You can spend countless hours gazing at her barely legal features and feel like only seconds went by. She loves to play dress up and she goes all the way!

You can sample Tobie Teen for free! That’s right, FREE!

Along with Tobie Teen members get access to her teen friends like Little Lexie and Little Lara. You will also get access to a very hardcore multi-model teen site called Cock Rocking Teens. This is one deal you don’t want to pass up!

Posted By Rhino on 03/30/10 - Bookmark Virgins 19 – Virgin Pussy
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I was wondering what to write about and checked the search logs for something juicy. Someone was searching for Ashlynn Brooke and they weren’t finding her… So here she is!

Ashlynn is relatively new to porn. She got her start in 2006 and within a year she was voted into the top 20 actresses in porn. By 2008 her boobs won the award for best breasts. Now Ashlynn is not only doing porn, she is directing it!

If you like Ashlynn Brooke the best way to experience her is on her very own site, She loves to interact with her fans and her DVD’s are available for downloading and streaming!

Ashlynn Brooke loves to role play. Many of her videos feature her as a cheerleader, a naughty schoolgirl, a sexy secretary, etc. She also likes to shoot many of her new videos in point of view style. Like the gallery above, you can really get into the video and feel her hand and lips on your cock!

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Posted By Rhino on 03/22/10 - Bookmark Virgins 19 – Virgin Pussy
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Believe it or not sights like this one are the norm in many European countries. Hot, young babes with perky, naturally big tits showing them to the world… But wait… To get sights like these out to the rest of the world you need a vehicle and that vehicle is called Obsessed With Myself. The world’s leading candid photography site!

At Obsessed With Myself they have tens of thousands of bikini candids, topless candids and 100% nude candids! There are thousands of homemade amateur porn videos. You can have it all for free!

Free? WTF? They are so sure you will enjoy yourself at Obsessed With Myself that they are offering you the keys to the castle for free. If you want to stick around, do nothing and get billed monthly. Should you want to cancel, do it online with instant confirmation.

You gotta love the fucking Internet, man! How many strip clubs let you in for free and give you this much free porn? Obsessed With Myself makes living in this day and age a freak’in pleasure!

Posted By Rhino on 03/22/10 - Bookmark Virgins 19 – Virgin Pussy
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Ever wondered why teen girls are such good kissers? While you were practicing with your inner elbow skin the girls were practicing with each other. At Chloe 18 you can watch teen girls kissing and doing all sorts of other things like fondling each others boobs and giving each other orgasms!

If you really enjoy watching teen girls kissing I highly suggest you get a Tiny Teen Pass. It unlocks a membership to fifteen teen girls sites. Not one of them is ugly. Teen Topanga, Trixie Teen, Little Summer, Tiny Tyler… All of them are beautiful and all of them like to kiss!

Posted By Rhino on 03/11/10 - Bookmark Virgins 19 – Virgin Pussy
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Are girls becoming more and more kinky today or were they always acting this slutty? I am sure if I polled my grandparents they’d say girls are much bigger sluts today then back in their day, but then they are the ones always telling me the craziest stories from their childhoods.

I think everyone has an aunt Judy, or a version of one, that snuck out and took dads car for a joy ride. She wore her fishnets and lace undergarments. She wore a ton of makeup and she gave herself to uncle Henry. That is why your cousin is a few years older than you are. Because your auntie was a slut!

Had aunt Judy had a digital camera back in the 50’s and 60’s or even the 70’s…. wow! The images that thing would have captured!

Today’s Obsessed With Myself are no more slutty than our parents and those that came before them. They just have the means to display themselves to a much larger audience.

Of course the girls never imagined just how large that audience would become. These Obsessed With Myself thought they were sending their boys a kinky little picture to whack off to. I am sure they didn’t know was going to hack their Photobucket accounts and show their kinky photos to the world!

What started out as a repository for hacked Myspace, Photobucket, Facebook, etc accounts has turned into an amateur porn site like no other. Now the girls upload their own photos and videos!

Girls Gone Wild made it into the big time because their owner new a dark little secret, girls want to be kinky! While he was able to capitalize on this fact in public places like Spring Break celebrations, Obsessed With Myself took things to the next level. They have the stuff these girls never intended you to see. Girls getting kinky because they didn’t think their boyfriends would ever betray them or because they thought their online accounts were safe.

Too bad for them. So fucking awesome for us!

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