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Posted By Rhino on 01/14/12 -
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So what do you think the likelihood is of that being a virgin pussy? Judging from the pierced nipples and the cans of Budweiser in the background I am going to say this chick gets laid on a daily basis!

I just wish I was the one giving her the hot beef injection!

Back in my day I used to be pretty cool. Somewhere along the long ride of life I have been on I lost my edge. I can’t get a chick like this on my boat anymore… much less get her to show the goods on cue!

So to find this kind of nummy goodness I head on over to Real Teenie Girls. The site is huge and the backend has so many niches covered it isn’t funny! Everything from barely legal jailbait to hot moms is submitted and you get unlimited access to all of it!

I’d say you should stop beating yourself up about the old times, but right now beating off sounds like a great way to spend a few minutes!

See you in the Real Teenie Girls members area!

Posted By Rhino on 01/13/12 -
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I think I can speak for all of us, Cherry, when I say that you have the most inviting pussy at Club Seventeen. Sorry, guys, I don’t mean to put words in your mouth, but when I am putting pussy this delightful in front of your face, can you blame me?

While Cherry doesn’t have a virgin pussy, she does have a petite body and perky little boobies that more than make up for the lack of a hymen. In this ClubSeventeen.com gallery she stretches her pussy out in order to get it ready for your big fat cock!


Imagine walking into the locker room and finding this cute little bunny in mid-dress. Cherry is just barely old enough to have sex legally, but in most of her galleries she looks like total jailbait.

Club Seventeen has been around as an offline magazine for decades. Long enough, in fact, that shooting naked pics of 17 year old girls was legal when it got started. These days the times and laws have changed, but the girls still look younger than ever!

Enjoy the daily updates of the cutest teens from around the world!

Posted By Rhino on 01/10/12 -
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If you are wondering what is so fucking funny, don’t… Teen girls always get giddy when they get naked. Besides, there ain’t nothing funny about that virgin slit of hers!

Anouk had been resisting… I know… Anouk? What happened to stripper names? Anyways… Anouk had been resisting having sex with her boyfriend for years. She kept telling him they should wait. She didn’t want to be a teen pregnancy statistic. Once they graduated she would reward him with some serious delayed gratification.

For their graduation present to each other they headed out to her uncle’s cottage in the woods. They had only been there for an hour and already Anouk’s pussy slit was getting moist. Her vow of celibacy went out the window once she saw her boyfriend fishing with his shirt off.

Most guys would call this guy a weasel, but she was young. To her he looked like a rock hard stud doing manly stuff. She couldn’t resist her urge to feel his cock inside her and she let him know by finally making a grab for his package.

As if it were a floatation device on an airplane his cock instantly inflated to full strength. She felt her panties get wet at the thought of her boyfriend having such a reaction for her. She knew the time was finally right to let him have his way with her.


Anouk shocked herself with how horny she was. She had never tasted a cock before and usually the thought of doing so was yucky to her. Now she was straddling her boyfriends head and blowing him off 69 style!

Isn’t that just how it is with teenagers though? They never know just how much they can accomplish and once they put one foot in front of the other they end up going a lot further than they initially thought they would!

What is next? Anal?

Find out at ClubSeventeen.com!

Posted By Rhino on 01/03/12 -
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Ahh… Too cute!

I used to think was nothing cuter than a teen girl building sand castles in her itty bitty bikini, but now I know the truth. The cutest is when that bikini comes off!

Don’t get sand in your little pussy, sweetie!

This little cutie is Caprice from X-Art. You might also know her from her own solo model site Little Caprice. She is a shining example of what you hope to find when you go trolling the nude beaches of the world!

At X-Art you can expect to find little hotties like Caprice all throughout the members area. They stock the members area with super cute girls several times a week and they even have hardcore videos now!

Watch a girl get her virgin pussy poked or watch as a young teenie plays with her friends pussy as they experiment on one another. You know what they say… Practice makes perfect!

Posted By Rhino on 12/22/11 -
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It’s a mixed up, muddled up, shook up world except for Loda,

Lo-lo-lo-lo Lola!

Say hello to Lo-lo Lo-Lola. She is just one of the many gifts under the tree this year from Teen Dreams and it looks like all of your gifts are going to be unwrapping themselves!

There are over 5,600 models at Teen Dreams. There are over 1,400 Movies and well over 1,400,000 images. How are you ever going to contain yourself? Well, I don’t know about that one, but I can tell you that finding what you want is going to be a smash with their search features and their category system!

Teen Dreams has tons of hot teens with virgin pussy. They also have plenty of them devirginized too!


Damn! Franke has a nice virgin pussy too!

The girls at Teen Dreams are known to do hardcore too!

Posted By Rhino on 12/17/11 -
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Our never ending quest for virgin pussy has brought us to a site with a name that says it all – 18 Only Girls. Recently the guys at 18 Only Girls rebranded the site to be 18 Only Girls just to make sure everybody knows they don’t sell porn featuring underage girls.

The things we have to do now in society to appease the small minded!

18 Only Girls is growing on a daily basis. The site is like a black hole for barely legal porn. Sites like Natasha Shy and Virgin Off have been literally sucked right into its core. A members area already the size of the sun is now the size of an entire barely legal galaxy of porn!

This is well made porn. They tackle all kinds of niches. Specifically they tackle the teen sex niche. 18 Only Girls takes you inside the closed doors of teenage bedrooms all over the world!

Watch young couples having sex. Watch girl experimenting on each other with fits of giggles and giddiness. Come along as girls with virgin pussies explore their inner depths!

18 Only Girls… It’s what’s for dinner!

Posted By Rhino on 12/13/11 -
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I can already hear your griping already…

"Where am I supposed to put my cock? It won’t fit in this girls tight pussy!"

Lookie here, pal. I am sure you are going to make due. This isn’t the first virgin pussy you have ever played with. It starts with one… finger. Then two… Eventually she is going to be able to take your entire cock inside her tight little pussy. But not before you give her some kisses!

Lil Candy is re-launching her site. Not that it was bad before. It is just that she handles all of the responsibilities and… well… her prior past experience was being an Internet model, not an Internet mogul.

Now she is ready to rock your world with weekly updates and live cam shows you can watch for free! LilCandy.com is the only place you will find this barely legal hottie!

Candy has all of her pics and videos in the members area from the beginning. Her bra size is 34/A. She stands a mere 4 feet and 11 inches. You could literally fold this cutie up and put her in your shirt pocket!

Watching her 18yo videos in POV style of her sucking cock is an amazing way to spend the weekend. Trust me on that!

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Posted By Rhino on 12/11/11 -
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Tuta lets Valdemar pleasure her orally at Teenburg Tube

Back when I was in school I had a girlfriend with a virgin pussy. I was in no particular hurry to pop her cherry because I wanted to enjoy that pussy in its virgin state first!

Over time I worked my tongue into her tight little hole and managed to stretch her hymen out just enough to finger her without breaking it. Of course I got too hot and heavy one day and busted that thing with my cock! Oops!

You can watch hundreds of Teen Burg videos for free and if you join, the quality and length is on par with DVD’s! Thousands of teen sex videos and all in one spot. Get your own pass!

Posted By Rhino on 12/02/11 -
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I know… I know… Her pussy is fucking awesome right? She also has so sweet dick sucking lips, perky boobies and get this – she likes to take it in the ass! And your wife wonders why you look at this stuff? Bitch, please!


I’ll tell you what, I could fuck this hottie all night long!


You can put your cock into her cyber-ass or anywhere else you’d like. At Errotica Archives there are over 300 models and they all like kinky things. Things your wife won’t do.

Go ahead, tap that ass!

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Posted By Rhino on 11/29/11 -
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I was looking at the site AndiPink.com and I came across this set of Andi Pink showing off her cute little feet. It reminded me of a special time I had with a girl back when I was in school.

My girlfriend informed me that she was going to get me off. I was so fucking ready to bang her. She was super cute and had a tight athletic body. Her small boobs were super perky. Now I was going to get to see her virgin pussy up close!

Little did I know she had other plans for me. When she said she was going to get me off she didn’t mean she was going to fuck me…

When I arrived at her house she took me to the backyard and said she wanted to lay out in the sun. We put suntan oil on each other and I had to concentrate super hard to keep my cock in check. I didn’t want her to think I was some kind of pervert sporting a huge woody while I rubbed oil into her legs.

My girlfriends pussy slit was clearly visible underneath her bikini bottoms. They road up into her vagina making for a wonderfully hot camel toe!

After about an hour my girlfriend asked if I was ready to get off. Boy was I ever! She cranked both sides of her pool lounger and asked for me to sit upright on one side while she positioned herself sitting up and facing me on the other side of the lounger.

As I went to sit down she suggested I should remove my shorts, which I did. My cock went from soft to hard in less than a second. My balls ached with anticipation. I sat down transfixed on her bikini bottoms waiting for her to remove them.

Instead of removing them she grabbed the suntan oil and began to liberally rub it into her feet and toes. I was puzzled. Was this some kind of foreplay? What was she doing?

Then she put both feet on either side of my cock and began stroking me off with them. It felt pretty damn good! I could tell she was getting excited too and she put her hand inside her bikini bottoms and began masturbating!

This was a time before camera phones. A time when a teenage boy could record video into his brain. I cherished that footjob for years. I never did get to band that girl, but the memories she left me with have always been my favorites!

Andi Pink is so much like my ex-girlfriend it is uncanny. I frequent her site often reliving the old times. Andi also gives you access to her friends sites too. Girls like Ariel Rebel and Kristina Fey are always fun to look at!

Relive your own favorite moments with Andi Pink!

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