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Posted By Rhino on 08/31/11 -
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Growing up Natalia Forrest had no idea she would be masturbating in a bathtub on video. Seriously… What girl does? I mean, most girls have touched themselves in the tub and many even find out the water faucet hides some hidden pleasures, but they usually do it with  the expectation of privacy!

This U.K. born Asian hottie let her boyfriend videotape her masturbating once and she got hooked to the idea of having someone else pleasuring themselves to her sexy body!

Natalia updates her site several times a week and she often invites her girlfriends over for some kinky lesbian action. We aren’t talking simulated stuff without penetration and fake kissing either. No, we are talking about tongue on tongue, swapping spit and other bodily fluids!

Members of NataliaForrest.com also get access to her friends like Carol Goldnerova, Busty Ellen, Your Caitlynn and hardcore multi-model sites like Facial Friends!

Posted By Rhino on 08/25/11 -
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You don’t see many girls in the woodshop class and the ones you do see aren’t all that. However, I had a girl in my woodshop class that looked like Craving Carmen and she used to show me her virgin pussy under the table. A cleft of Venus so amazing it took all I had not to jump under the table and dive in it!


Posted By Rhino on 08/05/11 -
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So I show this particular photo set from 18 Only Girls to my girlfriend looking for her take on it. Right away I could tell she was flashing back to the past thinking about a friend she must have done something similar with. How fucking hawt!


So I bring up this pic. She laughs. Not a mean laugh, but a chuckle. Like she had done this sort of thing before!

Then it was time to ask her what she thought. Basically she used to do this same stuff with her girlfriends back in school. It wasn’t being a young lesbian per-se. They were just seeing what feels good…?

I will never understand that distinction, but whatever… At 18 Only Girls you can watch plenty of young lesbian porn, or not-so young lesbian porn, along with more hardcore stuff too!

The site is huge and updates several times a day. If you like young, barely legal girls in your porn you will find this site to be very stimulating!

Posted By Rhino on 08/01/11 -
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This is probably going to be one of the sickest reviews I have ever had the pleasure of doing. The site is called Night Invasion and it basically follows a guy that prefers to have sex with sleeping women in the dead of night!

In this particular episode he finds a girl with a virgin pussy, or at least it looks like it anyway. After uncovering that tight gash he tries to put a finger inside and finds it is absolutely too tight!

Not one to let a virgin pussy stop him from cumming he sticks his hard cock right into the sleeping girls mouth. It doesn’t take him long before he blasts her tits and neck with his load. He jumps out the window and she wakes up wondering what all of the sticky stuff is all over her boobs!

As a member of Night Invasion you get an Unlimited Access Pass good for other sites like Lesbian Assault. Still more sites include Wave Hos nad Insane Coeds. If you like crazy porn and Girls Gone Wild this pass is right up your alley!

Posted By Rhino on 07/31/11 -
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The Internet is one swift moving beast. It is hard to believe Little April has been online for seven years now! I remember when this site started like it was yesterday… Mainly because of the hoopla surrounding it’s introduction!

For those that don’t know it yet, Little April was the original solo model site featuring a real 18 year old girl. Up until then porn producers always erred on the side of caution by signing a twenty-something year old up to do the barely legal teen stuff. Yeah, pretty fucked up if you ask me!

So when this little cutie entered the scene there was an uproar. Porn people thought she would give porn a bad name. Members of government thought she would corrupt young minds and older ones too. Turns out the hoopla was all over nothing. LittleApril.com didn’t change the world. Instead the site allowed guys to "blow off steam" without harming anybody.

Since her sites debut Little April has seen many barely legal friends join her online. Girls like Chloe 18, Teen Topanga, Little Summer and Trixie Teen all owe their stardom to this pioneering hottie. Now you can celebrate with a Tiny Teen Pass that includes April and over 20 of her teen friends!

Posted By Rhino on 07/25/11 -
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We can’t all be playboys. That is just how the world works. I stopped trying to convince myself that I am still viable on the coed market years ago… Though I still do catch the eyes of girls looking for a father figure, I know I am no Adonis.

These days you don’t have to be Casanova to look at dozens of young hotties while they are naked. With sites like Me and My GFs you can enjoy the small breasted girls from afar. Sometimes very, very far… Like half way around the world!

Makes you really love the Internet doesn’t’ it? Back in my day we all used modems and they ran from .3 (point three) to 56,000 bytes through my years of BBS (bulletin board systems) use. Or make that abuse. Today’s Internet connections run about 3,000,000 bytes or more. Usually more. My current connection is 30,000,000 bytes. Kind of strange that my first was .3 bytes…

What was the point of that trip down memory lane? Well, today you can watch chicks getting fucked in crisp HD. I was lucky to have a grainy photo of some alcoholic/drug addicted skank. Not that I was complaining back then. Anything was better than the same old JCPenny catalog!

Not only do you get HD videos these days, but you also get a ton of variety we never had. In fact, with a Mega Porn Access pass you get access to a wide variety of sites for the price of one! Niched sites so different you can’t get bored!

The Mega Porn Access pass includes 60 exclusive sites like Mother Daughter Fuck, College Fuck Fest, Me and My GFs, Big Cock Crew, Mommy Loves Cock, Cummy Pantyhose, Fucked Tits, Penetration Tease, Riley Rebel, Britney Bangs, Hot Shemale Sluts, Banned Celebs, and many, many more!

So put away the catalogs and cyber-slide your cock into the young hotties the guy at Me and My GFs is banging!

Posted By Rhino on 07/19/11 -
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As with most of the sets on AndiPink.com, this little cutie likes to tease and then deliver the goods. Andi is the queen of tease. Her fans are many and you could be one of them!

When Andi Pink started her site years ago she had no idea so many people would fall in love with her. She is very flirtatious and most guys love her open mouth pics. Not many people in the world can look sexy leaving their mouth open like that!


Even better than Andi’s purdy little mouth is her tight pussy. She shaves it completely bare and sometimes she even waxes it. Even the most lubricated hand can do no justice in simulating how soft her vulva is. I personally use a Fleshlight with lube and I still can’t imagine how terribly soft her tasty pussy must be!

Along with Andi Pink you get access to sites like Ariel Rebel, Sandy Fair, and 80 more! Most of the sites are solo models, but with so many, dozens are multi-model in a variety of niches. Take her tour and check the bottom of the page for a rather huge list!

Posted By Rhino on 07/15/11 -
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OK… So Kacey 18 doesn’t exactly have a virgin pussy. She did when she first started her babysitting career and it didn’t take long for her to pop her cherry for some cold, hard cash. Speaking of things that are cold and hard, nice nips, Kacey Lynn!

On the fateful night that Kacey18 lost her virginity she was waiting to get off work at her babysitting job. Kacey had just turned 18 years old that day. The kids grandmother came to pick them up for the weekend right as the father came home from work. He asked Kacey what she was doing that night and she didn’t know since she didn’t have much cash… He had an idea on how she might make more money and asked her to stick around after grandma and the kids left.

After they were alone the father found the courage to just come right out and say it. He told Kacey that he could obviously tell she had a crush on him. He also told her that he had one on her too! All she had to do was name the amount and he’d pay it. He even went out on a limb with, "Who knows, perhaps we can go on dates… if you want?"

Kacey18 was shocked. She had never even kissed a boy before. Kacey had practiced kissing with some of her girlfriends before, but would it be the same kissing a man? Would he know she was new at this? She threw herself into his arms and looked wantonly into his eyes.

Very quickly things moved from the entry way to the bedroom. He singled to first base rather quickly, then he stole second like nobodies business. After a few strikes, foul balls and an out he managed to make it to third base, but was stopped cold by a patch of grass.

"Kacey," he asked, "have you ever shaved down there?"

"Sometimes." She felt so embarrassed. Was she supposed to shave down there? "Like when I wear a bathing suit." She told him.

"Come with me to the bathroom, my girl!" He said as he led her into the bathroom and began to undress her nubile body.

Every square inch of her body was covered in smooth, tan skin. Her ass was even better than he had imagined and her tits stood at attention!

He got naked too and they both jumped into the tub. After soaping and washing each other off he put her on the edge of the tub facing him. He pointed to a razor and some shaving cream on the counter and she bent over to retrieved it for him. Then he lathered her pussy up and began removing her already closely cropped hair until her pussy was completely bare!

Kacey noticed how cold it was down there without her hair. She felt so naked. She wanted to close her legs, but she could tell by the size of this guys hardon that he enjoyed looking at her bald pussy. Then she got a little giddy and told him that if he loved it so much maybe he should kiss it.

That was all he needed and he buried his tongue into her tight teen snatch. She could feel his mustache whiskers where her muff used to be. They both tickled and pricked her. She likened it to acupuncture.

From time to time Kacey had seen Playboy style porn on her TV at home, but they never actually showed contact. Watching this guy that she had a crush on for years tongue her pussy was like watching a personal porno with her as the starlet!

It didn’t take long before Kacey 18 had her first orgasm from a member of the opposite sex. Waves of warmth and numbness washed over her. For a few seconds she passed out and woke up curled around the head and shoulders of her new friend with benefits. Suddenly she giggled with happiness.

"What’s so funny?" He asked.

"I have been dreaming about this for ages! Now we can finally have sex when ever we want! I am so happy and looking forward to being with you!" Kacey Lynn exclaimed.

With that he picked her up and carried her to his bed. His cock had already found her cunny hole during the move from bath to bed, so once her ass hit the bed his cock drove its way inside her. They moved a few inches forward in the bed and each time his cock moved another inch or two further inside her. By the time their feet were on the bed he was to the hilt in her cunt. She could feel his balls touching her butt cheeks!

Kacey had heard from friends that the first time can feel quite painful, but all she could think of was how great it felt to have him inside her. It was like a void was finally being filled. It felt so special. Again she couldn’t wait until tomorrow and the next day, and the next day, and the…

You can watch Kacey 18 working men for money on her web site. She even does anal now! Of course they have to buy her things, but at least Kacey will let them do things to her that their wives won’t let them do.

With a Tiny Teen Pass you get Kacey Lynn and all of her tiny teen friends like Little Lupe, Little Summer, Selina 18, Paulina 18, Lil Maya, Lil Emma, and the list goes on and on and on!

Try out the pass with the $1 trial. The only thing you have to lose is your multi-site virginity!

Posted By Rhino on 07/05/11 -
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9 15



I don’t like surprises. I like to know what I am going to get just by looking at the package. If it looks good in the package, it should look just as good, if not more, out of the package. Perhaps this is why I really like the current fashion trend of girls shaving their pussies!

Properly done, a shaven pussy leaves nothing to surprise. Even with underwear or some yoga pants on they still let you know what kind of nummy goodness you have waiting for you!

G-Queen broke the shaven pussy mold in Japan a few years ago. If you know anything about Japanese porn, you know they keep a full bush on the girls. Personally I find that so fucking disgusting! I want something smooth!

Something I can lick from top to bottom, side to side and not get a hair in my mouth!

With G-Queen you also get a lot of the old school charm you’ve come to expect from JAV porn. They punish the girls. They show girls experimenting with each other. They show girls experimenting with themselves. They show it all!

Posted By Rhino on 06/29/11 -
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Having a single father for a dad can have its advantages. Just ask Teen Topanga. This little cutie has all of the time she needs from the time school lets out until daddy comes home to experiment sexually!

First, Teen Topanga started her experimentation on herself. She tried putting things into her vagina to see how deep it way. As it would turn out it was about five inches deep. Don’t ask!



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Get Selina 18 and Little Summer, plus 18 more girls for a $1