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Posted By Rhino on 11/29/11 -
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I was looking at the site AndiPink.com and I came across this set of Andi Pink showing off her cute little feet. It reminded me of a special time I had with a girl back when I was in school.

My girlfriend informed me that she was going to get me off. I was so fucking ready to bang her. She was super cute and had a tight athletic body. Her small boobs were super perky. Now I was going to get to see her virgin pussy up close!

Little did I know she had other plans for me. When she said she was going to get me off she didn’t mean she was going to fuck me…

When I arrived at her house she took me to the backyard and said she wanted to lay out in the sun. We put suntan oil on each other and I had to concentrate super hard to keep my cock in check. I didn’t want her to think I was some kind of pervert sporting a huge woody while I rubbed oil into her legs.

My girlfriends pussy slit was clearly visible underneath her bikini bottoms. They road up into her vagina making for a wonderfully hot camel toe!

After about an hour my girlfriend asked if I was ready to get off. Boy was I ever! She cranked both sides of her pool lounger and asked for me to sit upright on one side while she positioned herself sitting up and facing me on the other side of the lounger.

As I went to sit down she suggested I should remove my shorts, which I did. My cock went from soft to hard in less than a second. My balls ached with anticipation. I sat down transfixed on her bikini bottoms waiting for her to remove them.

Instead of removing them she grabbed the suntan oil and began to liberally rub it into her feet and toes. I was puzzled. Was this some kind of foreplay? What was she doing?

Then she put both feet on either side of my cock and began stroking me off with them. It felt pretty damn good! I could tell she was getting excited too and she put her hand inside her bikini bottoms and began masturbating!

This was a time before camera phones. A time when a teenage boy could record video into his brain. I cherished that footjob for years. I never did get to band that girl, but the memories she left me with have always been my favorites!

Andi Pink is so much like my ex-girlfriend it is uncanny. I frequent her site often reliving the old times. Andi also gives you access to her friends sites too. Girls like Ariel Rebel and Kristina Fey are always fun to look at!

Relive your own favorite moments with Andi Pink!

Posted By Rhino on 11/20/11 -
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Now that is one heck of a cute virgin pussy!

This is Nika from MC-Nudes. They find the world’s hottest girls and somehow get them to bare it all for blokes like you and I. How fucking sweet is that?

MC-Nudes updates daily and shoot the pictures in resolutions suitable for posters! Every nook and cranny is captured in high definition. The videos are in true HD so you can watch them on a 56" HDTV and they’d be as crisp and clear as a DVD!




Get inside and find some exotic virgin pussy at MC-Nudes!

Posted By Rhino on 11/16/11 -
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So this girl in my P.E. class has this mad crush on me and she is pretty damn cute. The only downside is that she is a bit rambunctious making her completely lacking in impulse control. Like, if she gets the idea of slapping you across the mouth, she just slaps you… No thought on why it might be a bad idea…

Anyway… We are doing a run and she comes up along side me and seems pretty excited – even more than usual. She invites me to come over to her house after school so she can show me something she had figured out. Apparently it was really, really cool!

When I arrived at her pad she answered the door wearing a white bikini. It wasn’t very thick so I could make out her pussy slit and nipples without it being wet. I started hoping we would be getting it wet so I could see her private parts even better!

Sure enough she wanted to go for a dip and suggested I just go in my boxers since they covered just as much as swim trunks anyway. After making sure we’d be alone for a few hours I agreed with her and we both jumped in.


After swimming around for a while she suggested we skinny dip. I took off my shorts and she took off her bikini. She balled our clothes up and then threw them about 25 feet away. Now one of us would have to get out and get them… naked!

My friend Carmen could tell my cock was hard even under three feet of water. She looked at it and giggled. She made a comment about somebody being pretty excited. I blushed feeling a bit awkward. Then she bound out of the water a few feet and pointed at her rock hard nipples telling me it was OK, I wasn’t the only one excited.


What came next was pretty weird. She got behind me and positioned me so that my dick was in front of a water jet on the side of the pool. The bubbles and fast moving water felt awesome on the head of my cock.

She asked me if I was enjoying myself and I nodded yes. With that Carmen jumped out of the pool and walked over to the garden hose. She turned on the water and started walking back towards me. Her pussy was shaved bald and I could see her hard clit poking out of the crack.

I wondered if Carmen had a virgin pussy, and figured it didn’t matter either way. I was just happy to have some pussy to look at.

Carmen sat on the edge of the pool with her legs dangling over into the water. She spread her legs real wide and shot the water from the garden hose over her clit. I could tell this was making her feel as good, if not better, then I was feeling with my cock getting tickled by the water jet.


We spent the next few minutes quietly looking at her pussy and sometimes at each other studying each other’s facial expressions. Soon we were both breathing hard like we had just sprinted a mile even though we hadn’t moved an inch. I caught a glimpse of Carmen’s eyes rolling back as they closed before my own eyes did the same thing.

Both of us moaned and shook for what seemed like an eternity. Then it was over and we both started giggling. I told Carmen this new thing she had figured out really was pretty cool, and suggested that we should do it more often, to which she agreed!

Ever since the old days I have been Craving Carmen. Now I can watch her eyes roll back as she moans when ever I want too. You can watch her on her live web cam and even tell her what to do!

Posted By Rhino on 11/06/11 -
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Those are some of the luckiest pantyhose in the world. Imagine, being thrust into one of the tightest pussies in the porn industry. This particular pussy is owned by Pinky June, aka, Ingrid from Wet and Puffy. Sure, she doesn’t have a truly virgin pussy, she has sex at PinkyJune.com, but a boy can dream right?

At Wet and Puffy they find the hottest pussy around and expose it in all of its glory. We aren’t only talking about peaches here Wet and Puffy also finds the hottest cherries and tacos too!

Take the Wet and Puffy tour or see some more of Ingrid’s tight snatch below!


Posted By Rhino on 11/01/11 -
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Someone was searching for My Precious Virgins model Scarlett and once I did some "leg work" it wasn’t too hard to see why. This girl is one of the lucky ones. Such a sweet and tasty looking virgin pussy!

As it turns out Scarlett has been modeling for quite a few sites, but the best stuff is on My Precious Virgins and Met Models. Check out the pics on the link below!


Posted By Rhino on 10/28/11 -
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Damn it has to be cold out there! Part of me feels sorry for this hot teen with a virgin pussy, and another part of me is glad to see her being so brave!

Not only are her nipples rock hard with the cold, she is naked at a lake! Probably a state park lake judging from the fact that it has paddle boats. If it weren’t for her pussy cleft staring me in the face I’d say she has some real balls for doing this!


Club Seventeen is burning up the Internet with naked girls like the one above. They update twice a day and have been updating since 1996 making Club Seventeen one of the oldest Internet porn sites in the world!

Before the Internet was here they used to be a magazine (and still are). The name? Well, before Europe consolidated its currency into the Euro most European countries allowed models as young as sixteen to pose nude. So Club Seventeen met in the middle with seventeen year olds. Since then they removed those underage girls to comply with the new laws, but girls like the one above are plenty hot enough to make up for it!


There are thousands of naked girls at Club Seventeen and many of them are available for free live chat! Everything is shot exclusively and there are no digital rights management. Once you download something it is yours to keep even if you cancel!

Take the Club Seventeen tour and see how their experience can pay off in dividends for you!

Posted By Rhino on 10/26/11 -
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With Halloween right around the corner I feel like this gallery from Virgin Off is perfect. I don’t usually like getting it on when messy food is involved, but with Nutella from VirginOff.com I will make an exception!

Nutella started her site with the idea of showing girls as they really are. She does her videos and galleries in a natural way. Her and her girlfriends run around her house in their panties and do silly things they do when no cameras are around, like play spin the bottle.

Since starting the site Nutella merged it with 18 Only Girls. Now you get all of her content, plus other sites content and everything that had already been on 18 Only Girls! The new site updates several times a day!

Time for a tongue lashing!

Posted By Rhino on 10/25/11 -
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So… Is that a virgin pussy? There is only one way to find out. Time to pull this little girls panties over and see what lies behind them!

18 Only Girls started as a great place to find barely legal girls doing the sorts of things teenagers do. Girls frolic around in their panties. They compare boobs and pussies. Some even have sex with boys… Oh my!

The problem was, 18 Only Girls did their take on real barely legal sex so well that the United States government actually thought they might be using real jailbait! When the owners came to the US for an adult awards show they were arrested for suspicion of you know what!

After some faxing of documents and what not the owners were let go under one condition. They change the name of their site to 18 Only Girls. No use in getting mixed up in another nonexistent underage sex scandal again!

So enjoy all of the great photos and videos under the new name. The site updates several times a week and the content is simply out of this world!

18 Only Girls, it’s what’s for dessert!

Posted By Rhino on 10/23/11 -
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When you can’t find a girl with a virgin pussy to pound, you can always turn to Nubiles.net and enjoy some nubile pussy like the one above. Just think, this little cutie wears bathing suits like this one at the beach and regular guys like you and I get to see what is underneath!

Unfortunately the beach isn’t packed full of girls with nubile pussy at 2 A.M. so, again, Nubiles has you covered by offering up that delicious teen pussy no matter what time of the day it is!

Nubiles adds not just one new girls a week, but three new girls, and they add updates several times throughout the day! At least one model added each week does hardcore. All of the girls look hawt, and with over 900 models, you can always find one that satisfies your hunger!

Posted By Rhino on 10/21/11 -
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Ever checked out your secretary or the plain-Jane girl sitting next to you in class and wondered what kind of fuck bunny she is when she is in bed? The Backroom Casting Couch is going to help you find that out each and every week with a new video featuring the girl next door.

In the Toni Backroom Casting Couch video this cute college coed is tricked into fucking for $5,000 dollars. What she doesn’t know is that this is just the test video… and what she really doesn’t know is that this is actually the real video! LOL… Hope she isn’t getting a law degree, yikes!

Don’t try this kind of stuff at home. These guys are trained professionals. Trust me on this one. How would you explain away this bitchy mother storming the Backroom Casting Couch to your wife and neighbors?

Just get the pass and enjoy yourself!

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