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Posted By Rhino on 06/29/11 -
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Having a single father for a dad can have its advantages. Just ask Teen Topanga. This little cutie has all of the time she needs from the time school lets out until daddy comes home to experiment sexually!

First, Teen Topanga started her experimentation on herself. She tried putting things into her vagina to see how deep it way. As it would turn out it was about five inches deep. Don’t ask!



Posted By Rhino on 06/11/11 -
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Seeing this gallery from Virgin Off of Nutella and her boyfriend having some sweet teen sex brings back memories of a girl I once fucked in high school. She was really coy and hard to get. Then suddenly one day, out of the blue, she asks to see my porn collection. Sadly I couldn’t deny that I had one because she overheard me and some friends talking about our personal stashes.

I went to my nightstand and reached inside the drawer hoping to pull out something softcore like Playboy. No dice! I ended up pulling out a Club International. This magazine was about as hardcore as they come!

My girlfriend let out a wow and then started thumbing through the pages. She stopped here and there to read some of the lame stories they put with the pics. Occasionally she stopped to look at the pics. Sometimes she’d smile and other times she’d wince.


After what seemed like forever and a day she stopped on a guy licking a girls pussy. She asked me if I had ever done anything like that and I nodded yes. “Good,” she said, “show me your best technique!”


Posted By Rhino on 06/02/11 -
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Some things never get old and boring. One of those things is looking at girls in their clingy panties. The way cotton panties find their way into a girls crevasses never ceases to amaze me!

This gallery from Virgin Off is a great example. Don’t you just wish you could happen upon a set of girls experimenting like this?


Posted By Rhino on 05/28/11 -
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OK, last night I was pretty tired. Not that I wouldn’t fuck Daisy in a New York minute, but you gotta admit, Angel Kiss has one hell of a rocking body! And, her tight little pussy is a great way to start off Memorial Weekend!

Again, Nubiles has over 900 models! Sure, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but with that many models I am sure you will find a lot of girls that get you in the mood!

My favorite thing to do while at Nubiles is use their multiple-aspects search feature. You can look up big tits, brunette masturbating and get Angel Kiss, plus dozens more girls!

Posted By Rhino on 05/28/11 -
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Get excited because, you are about to see this girl naked! Not only will Daisy be getting naked, she will also be masturbating for you!

Nubiles allows girls like Daisy to get noticed. Think of them as a Playboy magazine for barely legal teens. Three new girls are added each week and one of them does hardcore. There are over 900 models in the archives so chances are good they have dozens of girls that will float your boat.

Join the Nubiles community and start chatting with a barely legal teen or two in their members only forum right now!

Posted By Rhino on 05/18/11 -
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If the world were a perfect place every girl on it would have a virgin pussy. Unfortunately some of them have to get laid and we men are not outnumbered 72:1 like we will be in Heaven…

So Club Seventeen gives us access to girls that look like nubile virgins and guess what? I’m not going to cry about it and neither will you once you see the Club Seventeen video below the pics!


Posted By Rhino on 05/14/11 -
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Bald vagina and grass. Two of my most favorite things in the whole wide world!

This little cutie pie showing you her sugar and spice is from Upskirt Collection. They started out as a members collective and have transformed into the largest upskirt community ever created!

See more upskirt pics of this little cutie below!


Posted By Rhino on 05/06/11 -
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If there is one thing you can love about girls that look like jailbait, it is that they won’t land you in jail! Real Teenie Girls is filled with high school seniors and college coeds that look like 16 (year olds)…


Posted By Rhino on 04/22/11 -
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I think yourself rude for having dirty thoughts about this little cutie. Her name is Little Lupe and she enjoys all of the attention her nubile looks bring her. In fact, she is probably dirtier than you are when it comes to sex!

Little Lupe is part of the Tiny Teen Pass. Over twenty solo model web sites make up the network and with girls like Lupe headlining it, it’s no wonder the Tiny Teen Pass is very popular among perverts us!

Grab your LittleLupe.com password for just one dollar. You can cancel if you want to, but I am pretty sure that once you lay your eyes on a naked Little Lupe or Little Summer you will want to stay a member for a long time!

Posted By Rhino on 04/18/11 -
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When looking for the hole on fat chicks one can use a few handfuls of flower. Just start throwing them at her and then find the wet spot. With girls like Craving Carmen and their virgin pussy it is a bit different. Her cleft is so tight and nubile I am not sure if I am going left or right?

Over the years my perverted mind has been on a mission. A mission to find hot babes with virgin looking pussy and small tits. I do believe Craving Carmen fits both of my criteria and guess what? She has friends!

Why is that important? Because money doesn’t grow on trees anymore! Hey, I admit, I had eight memberships to solo model sites going at all times back in 2006. Not anymore! I can’t afford it! So it is nice when girls like Craving Carmen team up with friends to help us all spend a lot less!

Take the tour and enjoy her pussy cleft!

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