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Posted By Rhino on 04/07/12 -
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One thing I really don’t appreciate when it comes to traditional porn is how fast everything happens. Like when chicks masturbate. I don’t want to see them go from 0 to 60 in five seconds! I want to see them take some time. Play with that pussy… long time! Long time!

At Joymii they have a more natural progression. It is art and it is porn at the same time. In the video above we get to see Dani D. spends some alone time with the wet flower petals of her pussy. She slowly rubs her finger through her pussy lips. Then she slowly works her finger tip in circles around her clit. Very sensual. Very satisfying!

Joymii isn’t one of those erotic nude sites packed with girls and that is it. They also have plenty of guy/girl videos, girl/girl videos and three-somes, foursomes and more!

Everything is shot in HD so you don’t miss a thing. You can literally count the little blonde hairs on this girls butt. If you are into that sort of thing. Being in such high definition means you can even stream these videos to your Internet ready 60 inch TV in the living room!

If that doesn’t make you horny… Nothing will!

It is Friday and time for me to let you go. Maybe I’ll see you in the members area? Who knows? For less than 20 bucks a month you’d be silly to pass on this deal!

Gotta go, Joymii is calling!

Posted By Rhino on 03/25/12 -
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Lets face it… If we all had a vagina this fucking nummy we’d never leave the house. Perhaps that is why guys don’t have vaginas?

I guess the same can be said about girls once they find out their clits feel amazing when rubbed up against things. Just about every girl I have ever dated have told me they had spent countless hours locked in their rooms trying to achieve the ultimate clitoral orgasm. Sometimes they would even go for back to back orgasms into the teens!

Jenni here from Errotica Archives has one of those truly special pussies that sucks her bathing suit bottoms into the top crease. It gives away the fact that she shaves her little pussy lips bare!


The Errotica Archives have been archiving erotic nudes for just over eight years now. They shoot in extreme resolutions since the girls are basically flawless. They have hundreds of models and they find them all over the world.

You know a site is good when it finds a Peruvian goddess and fly her to Bali for the video shoot. While there they find an exotic Balinese beauty and fly her to Sweden for her photo sets. I could keep going, but I am sure you have already realized that the Swedish babe ends up on a beach in the Bahamas.


If you like barely legal girls with small tits and a cleft of Venus they have plenty of them. If you like college coeds with perky C-cups and some cherry stem lips down there they have that too. They pretty much have it all, but you shouldn’t take my word for it!

Take the Errotica Archives tour and find dozens of your favorite babes!

Posted By Rhino on 03/09/12 -
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OK, so Kacey 18 definitely doesn’t actually have a virgin pussy. I mean, come on… She has hardcore sex on her web site!

But Kacey does have a very nubile looking pussy and isn’t that what we are really after, after all? Her perky tits, tan skin, smooth skin, braces and willingness to do just about anything asked of her makes Kacey 18 a very desirable babysitter!

Babysitter? Yeah, that is right. The perfect cover!

You can hire this little honey for $5 an hour to watch the kids, then bang her in the ass on the ride home! Not only that, she’ll do ass to mouth if you make it worth her while!

Kacey18.com is home to one of the sluttiest little cuties the Internet has ever seen. She comes across all sugar and spice, but once your wife isn’t around she is a little fuck-box-o-love. Did I say love? Maybe I should have said lust!

Along with Kacey 18 you get access to her friends when you get the Tiny Teen Pass. Girls like Lil Kelly, Little Lupe and Chloe 18 have made this pass the hottest ticket to nubile babes in town. Get it right now for just a buck and start stroking to some truly amazing teen bodies!

Posted By Rhino on 03/09/12 -
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Remember all of the countless hours you used to spend trying to catch a of a girls virgin pussy? Whether that glimpse came from a real girl right in front of you or a girl in a JCPenny catalog, you tried. You swore you could make out the folds of a girls pussy from beneath her panties.

Bailey is bringing those good old days back. She loves to lounge around her house wearing the skimpiest outfits. She is super flirtatious and swears she isn’t doing anything on purpose. Yeah right!

Girls at her school are always trying to get everybody to think Bailey is a slut. She isn’t really a slut, you know? It is normal for girls to experiment with their sexuality. A few years ago nobody even noticed Bailey. Now guys are trying to cop a feel of her boobs and that virgin pussy.

Personally I think it is all just jealousy on the other girls part. I mean Bailey isn’t jealous. She doesn’t mind if you play spin the bottle with her girlfriends. Baileysroom.com even gives you access to her friends sites!

Explore your perversions in Bailey’s Room!

Posted By Rhino on 03/01/12 -
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How often are you awe struck by a girls vagina? Here at Virgins 19 we aim to make this a common occurrence in your daily routine. Tell me this puffy pussy on Aubrey Taylor from ALS Angels isn’t mouth watering goodness and I’ll punch you square in the nose for being a liar!

Just imagine that your cock is buried balls deep in this girls wonderful vagina and those puffy pussy lips are gripping the base of your cock, begging you to shoot your load into her!

I can’t tell you that all of the girls at ALS Angels are hot. There are like four or five ugly ones out of the several dozen models. But I can tell you that they are all shaved. Some even wax their pussies bare!

The site has been around since 1997. Back then the background was in default gray and the pics were small. Since then things have certainly changed. Now the pics are several thousand pixels wide and they even have HD videos!

Get all fifteen years of content for only $24.95. Stay a member and enjoy the updates for only $19.95 a month. If you have a thing for smooth pussy this site is definitely for you.

Check out Aubrey’s pussy –


You could practically fuck this girl without even penetrating her vagina!

Find many more models like Aubrey Taylor at ALS Angels!

Posted By Rhino on 02/25/12 -
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A friend of mine recently found out that I run several blogs having to do with girls that society would label as jailbait (in appearance). Along with this blog I run a small tits blog and Young Fiesta. I guess you could say all of the girls on my blogs have small tits and are usually barely legal.

So anyway… He was wondering what the deal was with my seemingly having an obsession with such young looking girls. Well, it isn’t really so much their looks as it is their frisky, spunky attitudes. Girls like Ariel Rebel don’t have to have a virgin pussy to make it onto my site. They just have to remind me of how fun it was to date girls back in my school days.

Even Ariel Rebel can’t stay young forever. She started modeling almost seven years ago! She graduated college with a degree in graphic design years ago. But look at her! She looks just as young and frisky as she did when she started!

I like it when I can just drag and drop a girls photo into my blogging software and I don’t have to make a single touchup. Ariel is one of the few girls I can do that with! Oddly enough her friend Andi Pink is another girl I can do that with and you get both girls for one low price.

Speaking of low prices… Along with those two you get 80 sites total with girls like Sandy Fair, Kristina Fey and many more. So many more it’d just be easier to check both AndiPink.com and ArielRebel.com for more info.

All in all there are gigs of barely legal porn waiting for you to explore them and download them all!

Posted By Rhino on 02/19/12 -
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One of my favorite Lightspeed Girls is Ashley Lightspeed. She is one of the few girls in the network that actually had a virgin pussy when she started shooting with them. I guess you couldn’t say her pussy was completely virgin since she did have sex with the other girls?!?!

But that is how things are done at the Lightspeed Sorority. Each of the girls is initiated into the sorority with a very lesbian themed hazing. If you like seeing teen girls in their skimpy panties playing with each others pussies this is definitely a network you need to explore!

Ashley Lightspeed was one of the quirky girls. She kind of looks elven and while she has a cute little pussy she also has some pretty amazing natural tits. The other girls spend a lot of time sucking on those tits!

Some of my other favorites include Dana Lightspeed and a girl that goes by the name Little Troublemaker. Her real name is Joey. All three of these girls have a cleft of Venus. That is where their outer pussy lips are so puffy they hide the inner pussy lips and often their clits as well.


That is a picture of Dana’s virgin pussy. I trust you will find it is equally amazing!

If you haven’t spent time in the Lightspeed World I highly suggest you do. They have some pretty competitive pricing so you can get dozens of sites for a low price. Fire up those network drives because it is time to start downloading, son!

Posted By Rhino on 02/17/12 -
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That is the order in which I would tack these virgin pussies!

Okay, so they aren’t exactly virgins anymore. They each waxed their tender pussy lips to the point where they look like virgins from their hips down!

All of the girls at ALS Scan either shave or wax their pussies until they are so smooth you’d swear they were incapable of growing hair… and that is just the beginning. After that they have sex with one another, or themselves, until they have a mind blowing orgasm!

The archives at ALSScan.com go back over a decade! This site was one of the first porn sites ever on the Internet!

Along with the archives you get constant updates and more bald pussy than you can shake your stick at. Most of the girls are complete amateurs that have never posed nude before. Some of them are your favorite porn stars like Little Caprice and Shyla Jennings!

Don’t spend another night wasting time looking for free stuff and ending up unsatisfied when the ladies at ALS Scan are willing to rock your world in ways you never imagined possible!

Posted By Rhino on 02/15/12 -
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There are billions of girls out there in the world with hot bodies. I guess you could say that they are a dime a dozen. One thing there aren’t enough of though are hot babes with hot bodies, and a hot pussy!

Aria from X-Art has a smooth virgin pussy ready to get poked. She gives it as much attention as she does the rest of her phenomenal body. Just look at her perky breasts! So full of pent up lust their nipples are begging to be sucked on!

I know I am kind of jumping around here, but Aria has so many good qualities they kind of pull your eyes, and your attention all over the place.

When the people at X-Art.com got started they were thinking softcore. The site was filled with hot nubile teens like Aria… but there was something missing. So they added a hardcore section!


I bet her pussy gobbles up panties like the Cookie Monster gobbles up cookies. I can only imagine how hot it’d be to see her in a wet bikini!

Oh wait! I don’t have to imagine and neither do you. Most of the models at X-Art do several photo shoots and videos so you can get to know them better!

The site updates several times a week and everything is shot in HD. They only use the world’s hottest girls and many of them are by far the most exotic babes in porn.

Take the X-Art tour and check the updates page. I am sure your attention span will drop down to micro-seconds as your eyes jump around the page. So many smooth pussies and they are all for the taking… so take them!

Blogged Under: Multi-Model,Shaved,Small Tits
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Posted By Rhino on 02/04/12 -
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All I can say is wow!

This video is very perverted. It appears to depict a guy breaking into a sleeping coeds dorm room and playing with her virgin pussy. The whole thing is shot with a night vision camera and I am not even sure if this site is legal!

The guy in the video runs Night Invasion. He lives in a college town with two universities nearby. Along with the college girls, he spies on, and plays with, sleeping women too!

I don’t know if he buys the ladies drinks at a night club and slips them the date rape drug or what. I mean, you have to be pretty ballsy to stick your cock into a sleeping girls mouth! The entire video you are just waiting for the chick to wake up and scream bloody murder!

Some of the girls actually do wakeup! Yeah! Fucking crazy right!

Luckily the girls are pretty wet and often know him so they let him fuck them hard.

NightInvasion.com is the ultimate voyeur site. If you have a thing for watching girls without them knowing you are there you will definitely find this site appealing. Especially if you are crazy enough to get in bed with them!

Watch the video here => (more…)

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Get Selina 18 and Little Summer, plus 18 more girls for a $1