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Posted By Rhino on 09/20/11 -
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If there is one thing that never gets old it is watching teen girls kiss. Their nubile bodies are primed and ready for sex. Their small tits are perky and their tight pussies are made even better by being shaved completely bare!

Stacey Rocks makes moments like these even better with her edgy looks and her pierced nipples. She thinks she is pulling one over on the world, but in reality, it is us who are pulling on over on her!

With Stacey you get total nudity. She even invited girls over to play with her. She updates StaceyRocks.com several times a week and gives you access to her friends sites and multi-model sites like Teen Ambitions. Network members get even more action with even more friends!

Take the Stacey Rocks tour!

Posted By Rhino on 09/08/11 -
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extreme_puffy_nipples puffy_nipples

I don’t think anybody that meets this girl on the street has any idea of what kind of treat they are in for. Girls with puffy nipples are often shy about exposing them. They feel like they are some kind of freak because they are different. It isn’t until later on in life, after they have built up their self-esteem, that girls realize the difference is what makes them hotter than hell!

When I was in school I had a girlfriend that had a friend with puffy nipples. We were all at her friends house drinking and my GF suggested we go skinny dipping, only – the girls got to keep their shirts on, but nothing else.

This girl was understandably apprehensive about the idea in the beginning. After we all shared a joint and another round of brewskies she warmed up to the idea. Soon we all found ourselves in the pool.

It was a hot summer night so the pool was decently warm. I caught my GF’s friend trying to catch a glimpse of my hardon. This puffy nipple nubile suggested a game of truth or dare

After several rounds of truth people started accepting dares. Soon it was her turn to go and my GF dared her to stand up in the shallow end so we could see those puffies through her wet t-shirt. What a fucking sight to behold! Her nipples jutted out a least two inches!

[Did my GF just lick her lips?]

Over time we all had to completely expose ourselves and then the dares turned sexual. First it was just licking, then sucking and then we engaged in a full blown threesome. Before we got that far though, my girlfriend and I sucked on this girls nipples until she came! Talk about sensitive!

MPL Studios updates daily and has dozens of models. Sure, they don’t all have puffy nipples, but I certainly wouldn’t kick any of them out of bed for that!

Finding the perfect photo set, video or model is super easy with each of the girls and their content packages categorized on multiple criteria. Find only the blondes, with blue eyes and puffy nipples, or the brunettes with extra big boobs and hazel eyes. Hundreds of possibilities!

MPL Studios is making things possible!

Posted By Rhino on 09/06/11 -
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I can still remember the first time I found ALSScan.com! Way back when the Internet was brand spanking new to most people this site stood out among the rest. It was the first, and only, site to feature girls with shaved pussies and would hold this distinction for almost eight years!

I know it is hard to believe now, but back then most people associated shaving a pussy bare with lesbians. Girls in high school wouldn’t dream of doing more than a bikini wax. Now a’days girls wouldn’t dare grow a bush!

My how things have changed!

Girls like Aubrey Belle make this site one of the hottest on the net. Take the ALS Scan tour and see why this is pussy done right!

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Posted By Rhino on 09/05/11 -
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OK, obviously this isn’t a virgin pussy per se. It doesn’t have a hymen and we both know Lil Candy does hardcore. All of that being said, you are going to feel like this is a virgin pussy once you get your cock in there.

Look at Lil Candy‘s fingers. Those are a short, tiny, petite girls fingers. One finger to the last knuckle is having a good time. Two are finding it a bit cramped. Three fingers are feeling like a high school quarterback playing against an NFL defensive line. Four? Well, that’d be about the width of your cock and that just ain’t gonna happen without a lot of foreplay and some really good lube!


Posted By Rhino on 09/04/11 -
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We all want virgin pussy, but we don’t want to end up in jail looking for our obsession. That is why I prefer Nubiles.net when I am on the hunt! They have over 900 models! Sure, many of them have beef flaps, they have so many girls it is inevitable… But Nubiles also has hundreds of prime pussies to choose from too!

Along with the softcore barely legal models like Carley above, you also get hardcore models like Abby and full figured girls with virgin pussy like Angel Kiss, the girl vibrating her pussy on the next page!


Posted By Rhino on 08/31/11 -
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Growing up Natalia Forrest had no idea she would be masturbating in a bathtub on video. Seriously… What girl does? I mean, most girls have touched themselves in the tub and many even find out the water faucet hides some hidden pleasures, but they usually do it with  the expectation of privacy!

This U.K. born Asian hottie let her boyfriend videotape her masturbating once and she got hooked to the idea of having someone else pleasuring themselves to her sexy body!

Natalia updates her site several times a week and she often invites her girlfriends over for some kinky lesbian action. We aren’t talking simulated stuff without penetration and fake kissing either. No, we are talking about tongue on tongue, swapping spit and other bodily fluids!

Members of NataliaForrest.com also get access to her friends like Carol Goldnerova, Busty Ellen, Your Caitlynn and hardcore multi-model sites like Facial Friends!

Posted By Rhino on 08/25/11 -
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You don’t see many girls in the woodshop class and the ones you do see aren’t all that. However, I had a girl in my woodshop class that looked like Craving Carmen and she used to show me her virgin pussy under the table. A cleft of Venus so amazing it took all I had not to jump under the table and dive in it!


Posted By Rhino on 08/05/11 -
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So I show this particular photo set from 18 Only Girls to my girlfriend looking for her take on it. Right away I could tell she was flashing back to the past thinking about a friend she must have done something similar with. How fucking hawt!


So I bring up this pic. She laughs. Not a mean laugh, but a chuckle. Like she had done this sort of thing before!

Then it was time to ask her what she thought. Basically she used to do this same stuff with her girlfriends back in school. It wasn’t being a young lesbian per-se. They were just seeing what feels good…?

I will never understand that distinction, but whatever… At 18 Only Girls you can watch plenty of young lesbian porn, or not-so young lesbian porn, along with more hardcore stuff too!

The site is huge and updates several times a day. If you like young, barely legal girls in your porn you will find this site to be very stimulating!

Posted By Rhino on 08/01/11 -
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This is probably going to be one of the sickest reviews I have ever had the pleasure of doing. The site is called Night Invasion and it basically follows a guy that prefers to have sex with sleeping women in the dead of night!

In this particular episode he finds a girl with a virgin pussy, or at least it looks like it anyway. After uncovering that tight gash he tries to put a finger inside and finds it is absolutely too tight!

Not one to let a virgin pussy stop him from cumming he sticks his hard cock right into the sleeping girls mouth. It doesn’t take him long before he blasts her tits and neck with his load. He jumps out the window and she wakes up wondering what all of the sticky stuff is all over her boobs!

As a member of Night Invasion you get an Unlimited Access Pass good for other sites like Lesbian Assault. Still more sites include Wave Hos nad Insane Coeds. If you like crazy porn and Girls Gone Wild this pass is right up your alley!

Posted By Rhino on 07/31/11 -
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The Internet is one swift moving beast. It is hard to believe Little April has been online for seven years now! I remember when this site started like it was yesterday… Mainly because of the hoopla surrounding it’s introduction!

For those that don’t know it yet, Little April was the original solo model site featuring a real 18 year old girl. Up until then porn producers always erred on the side of caution by signing a twenty-something year old up to do the barely legal teen stuff. Yeah, pretty fucked up if you ask me!

So when this little cutie entered the scene there was an uproar. Porn people thought she would give porn a bad name. Members of government thought she would corrupt young minds and older ones too. Turns out the hoopla was all over nothing. LittleApril.com didn’t change the world. Instead the site allowed guys to "blow off steam" without harming anybody.

Since her sites debut Little April has seen many barely legal friends join her online. Girls like Chloe 18, Teen Topanga, Little Summer and Trixie Teen all owe their stardom to this pioneering hottie. Now you can celebrate with a Tiny Teen Pass that includes April and over 20 of her teen friends!

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