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Posted By Rhino on 02/13/14 - Bookmark Virgins 19 – Virgin Pussy
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It looks like mommy and daddy were way too trusting with their little one on this day. She found a hot chat cam site on and started playing with the boys in the room. Her own room can be found here: Sunny_Delight.

At one point she starts flashing her virgin pussy for the camera. Later on she showed off her perky teen tits. They ended up being a little bigger than I thought they would be. That Spider Man t-shirt she has on doesn’t do them justice.

As more and more people began to tip her she began to peal off what little clothing she had on. Soon she was stark naked. I have to tell you, her little pussy was delightful!

I couldn’t upload the entire video because… well… I am afraid of getting sued. This is the first 9 minutes of her show though. This site has hundreds of free shows a day. Almost none of the girls go private because this site uses tips instead of private show payments. I have watched hundreds of shows and I haven’t had to pay a dime!

Posted By Rhino on 02/08/14 - Bookmark Virgins 19 – Virgin Pussy
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Have you ever set your eyes on such a perfect little peach ripe for plunking? This virgin pussy belongs to a one of the blonde bombshell babes of They find girls with exceptional looks whether they be amateurs or professional and have then masturbate in various ways while the show they put on is captured in HD video and high resolution pics.

I found the FTV Girls site many years ago while I was in internet newbie. This was way back before high definition became the norm. Even back then the photographer at FTV was shooting in unheard of resolutions with unmatched clarity. Back then DSL wasn’t all that fast compared to what we use now. You would have to download several videos at a time and come back the next day they were so fucking large!

Now you can enjoy lighting fast downloads in seconds. Videos can be streamed in a variety of formats and resolutions to match your viewing apparatus.



I have a tip for you after you join this premier porn site. When you get to the end of the month go through the online cancelation process. It will give you an option to take $10 off per month in order to keep you a paying member. Now enjoy a month or two more for less!

Remember where to go for more virgin pussy. We make the hunt for ripe peaches fun again!

No Login! No Credit Cards! Free Nude Teen Cams!
Posted By Rhino on 09/28/13 - Bookmark Virgins 19 – Virgin Pussy
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Watching young girls like Tiny Tabby get frisky and show off their pussy in public is a total turn on. While most girls are a bit frigged with it comes to exposing their virgin pussy to random guys out on the street, every once in a while you find a little gem like Tabby that is ready and willing to make your day, your week, shit, your entire year!


For about six months I had a girl that would expose her young virgin pussy to me. We would meet in the same place each day acting like nothing was going on. But then she would find a perfect time when nobody else was looking to show me her love making tool. I never actually talked to her so I have no idea what happened to her. I am just grateful for the short time we had together.

Do you have anybody you play sex games with? Tell me about them in the comment form below.

You can start streaming, downloading and enjoying all of the Tiny Tabby videos right now. She has lots of friends and you get access to each and every one them with the Premium GFs. It is the easiest way to surround yourself with barely legal girls looking to expose their pussies to dirty men!

Posted By Rhino on 08/09/13 - Bookmark Virgins 19 – Virgin Pussy
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Martina-4 Jessie-006

Being an adult webmaster I do a lot of traveling. We have conventions all over the world and I often have to fly into London. On one occasion I had the pleasure of using the Aurum Escort service. I had seen movies like Pretty Woman and I had dreamed of booking an escort, but I just never really built up the nerve to take the plunge. On this particular occasion I had a friend hook me up. Now I wonder how I ever got along without them!

Flying across the Atlantic is pretty stressful. The girls at Aurum Escorts help me to unwind before I have to give presentations, meet with clients or other business related functions. I get to work the least stressed out of the bunch. Save for the fellow that showed me their service in the first place.

Along with using the service to unwind I have also used it to look super impressive. Being in the adult industry I am judged not by my business prowess or my appearance, but by the appearance of the girl on my arm. On many occasions I have booked girls to accompany me to the parties and dinners the convention sponsors throw. Sometimes I bring along more than one girl!

As you can see from the pictures above the girls of Aurum Escorts are extremely hot. They have the widest selection of London escorts out there. As an escort agency they take privacy to ultra high levels. They go out of their way to ensure every transaction is a successful one.

If you ever find yourself flying into London, or if you live in the area, I can attest that you will find the girl of your dreams at Aurum Escorts. With their selection of high class girls it is impossible not to!

Posted By Rhino on 05/12/13 - Bookmark Virgins 19 – Virgin Pussy
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We can’t all move to Scandinavia and hangout with teenage water nymphs as they are frolicking in rocks by the ocean. What we can do is bring that experience, and all of the heavenly camel toe it entails, to your computer, or smart phone, no matter where you are in the world. A nice trade off if I do say so myself.

I don’t know about you, but I have been a lot less stress free than I was before Internet porn existed. Back in my youth I was always having to go to liquor stores to buy porno mags or I’d have to go to an adult bookstore for the same. I always felt like such a douche bag in doing so. Now it is possibly to enjoy porn in the privacy of your own home. Alternatively you can enjoy it in private in your hotel room without the people at the front desk knowing you were viewing porn. Something that you cannot do when you order it from the hotel.

Logon to from anywhere and experience the camel toe pussy at your leisure!






Sure it is a nasty habit, but it is a habit every guy with a cock and a pulse has. You can always tell the ones that don’t exercise their porn muscles because they are the ones always hating on everything. Don’t be one of those morons. Take care of yourself by enjoying yourself with some girls that would normally be out of your league.

Tour right now!

Posted By Rhino on 04/29/13 - Bookmark Virgins 19 – Virgin Pussy
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When I read the news I usually get it from the Google news page. On the phone it parses it to look sweet and easy to read. Why am I telling you this? Because lately porn has been making the news more and more. I am not talking about a porn star infecting others with STD’s or some shit. I am referring to mainstream newspaper articles on porn subjects like ATM and DP.

This article I was reading from the Los Angeles Times was telling people about porn acronyms mean. So DP is double penetration. Having multiple cocks inside a girl at the same time. Usually referring to one in the pink and one in the stink. Then there is ATM or A2M. They are short for ass to mouth, or when a girl sucks her butt stink off of a cock that was previously inside her ass.

There are many more short codes for porn, but these are all we will need to explain what is going on in the Reality Kings video above. Super petite teen Anita Berlusconi takes some cock DP style before going ATM on them, ending with a messy facial.

I don’t put a lot of hardcore on this virgin pussy blog, but hopefully this video will do more than just get you off. Hopefully you learned something and have a better understanding of what you kids might be talking about right in front of you without your knowledge.

That actually gave me a chuckle. Think about it. When your kids were super young you spelled stuff out to keep them from spazzing out over your conversation about candy or other sweet things. Now they are doing the same to you!

BTW, that is a might fine camel toe if I do say so myself!

No Login! No Credit Cards! Free Nude Teen Cams!
Posted By Rhino on 02/14/13 - Bookmark Virgins 19 – Virgin Pussy
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There are over thirty girls in the Premium GFs network, but I have a special place in my heart for Trixie Teen. She is the only girl with a virgin pussy there as far as I know. She also is the only one there that didn’t do hardcore to keep it that way. That I am sure of.

Trixie is the perfect mix of cock tease and putting out. She always leaves you wanting more of her. She has a very sexy teen body with some very perky small tits. She reminds me of girls in school that had no idea just how hot they were.

I guess the best thing though is that she is part of a network so not only do you find yourself always wanting more of, you find yourself wanting more of every girl in the network!

Posted By Rhino on 02/14/13 - Bookmark Virgins 19 – Virgin Pussy
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I get a lot of guys searching for Indian girls so I figured I would throw up a gallery from Asha Kumara. She has the most beautiful dark skin I have ever had the pleasure of seeing. Her boobs are perky and she has a very sexy virgin pussy. Yes, a virgin pussy!

One of Asha’s stipulations for doing her site is that she is not going to break her hymen for anybody. She wants to get married some day and Indian’s are pretty big on having that thing intact. The nice thing for you is that she has been online now for a few years and you still get to see it.



You can see she stated modeling when she was barely legal with that bikini picture above. She is a little older now, but still looks young enough to check her I.D. before banging her.

Now I have to misspell some shit because Indian misspell their queries when they search for her all of the time. Indian pussys, Indean pussy, Indian girls, Indian ggirls, Indian pussies. is loaded with her pictures and videos. Make sure to give it a try. If you like Indian girls or just like dark skinned girls she is their version of Emma Watson.

Posted By Rhino on 01/26/13 - Bookmark Virgins 19 – Virgin Pussy
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I am one of those types of guys that prefers to know what I am getting into before I make a deal on something. Full disclosure I believe it is called. I want transparency and that also goes for my relationship transactions as well.

Nothing is better at giving you the kind of information you need when trying to decide if you want to bed a girl than a nice wet pair of white panties. Here this girl’s camel toe is telling us that she has a cleft of Venus. Her pussy looks like it is virgin. Whether or not it actually is will require some more investigating, but at least we know there won’t be any extra baggage sprung on us.

Find tens of thousands of hot pics like these at They accept submissions daily so the members area always has something new each time you login. Some girls are even sending in multiple pictures of themselves just to see what kinds of dirty things the guys will say about them.

Get your own password and start giving some well deserving girls some compliments on their cute little pussies!

Posted By Rhino on 01/04/13 - Bookmark Virgins 19 – Virgin Pussy
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Brenda is a sweet little girl from Sweet Apples. She wants to lose her virginity to her boyfriend, but first she wants to tease him a little bit with her virgin pussy. Girls are like that. They love to play with wild beasts and are completely naive of just how wild a boy can get.

Being that Brenda is a good girl she hasn’t let her boyfriend do much with her body. He figured he would be smarter than the average bear and get her a dildo to masturbate with. His reasoning went that if she played with it she would eventually want the real thing. Instead of fucking herself with that big fat dildo Brenda fucked him with it instead.

No not literally you sicko! She did it figuratively by sending him naked pics of herself sucking on that big fat fake cock. She figured he would be the one busting his nut over it, not her. She even sent him pics of her virgin pussy.

Then Brenda completely fucked up. She met her boyfriends best friend for a date and they hit it off. She figured she would hookup with him instead and give her virginity to a guy with a better car, a better job and better prospects. That is when Brenda’s big fat dildo pics hit the Internet. Life got turned upside down and that new boy of hers dumped her lickity split.

Now Brenda is on Sweet Apples where you can check out the naked pics and videos she was sending her boy toy. They collect all of the best ex-girlfriend content and hand deliver it to you on a silver platter.


That picture is of Minka. She is of no relation to Brenda other than she also fucked over her ex. Now her kinky camel toe pics and boob shots are on Sweet Apples as well. When will girls learn?

Hopefully never!

Get a password and find more virgin pussy!

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