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Posted By Rhino on 03/03/13 -
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I have written about the site Errotica Archives before, but I have never written about a pussy this sweet. Just about the only thing that would make this picture better is to see her bright pink pussy hole and maybe a little wetness. Would you look at those goose bumps? Sticking your dick in there would be like sticking it into a Hostess apple pie and squeezing real hard. Pull out? I think not!

How could anybody pull out of this girls virgin pussy? I know I couldn’t do it. I’d gladly pay 18 years for our kid. It would be totally worth it!

Not only does this girl have the most beautiful cleft of Venus I have ever seen, she also has a set of tits that are equally wonderful. Imagine meeting this girl at the river during the summer. I bet you she lets those tits of hers loose for all to see. Look at her skinny arms. How can they be so thin with tits like that?


I can’t say all of the girls at Errotica Archives are this visually appealing, but I can say they are all naked. They have dozens more babes with virgin pussy like this one. Most have small tits, but many do have big tits. A buffet of stimulating babes waiting for you to tap them all.

Posted By Rhino on 01/09/13 -
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This post on Southern Brooke comes straight out of the search function here at Virgins 19. I will often go through the logs of what people search for and then post about it here. I guess you could call it our own little piece of democracy.

Upon seeing Brooke’s name the thought occurred to me that I hadn’t posted about a big boobs, chunky teen in a long time. I guess I got into the whole virgin pussy kick and forgot about everything else.

Southern Brooke started modeling for her site when she turned 18 years old in 2006. Since then her smooth skin is still as smooth as ever. She has grown a bit more full figured, in a good way. Overall I would have to say she looks better now than she did back then. I like how she has filled out her fluffy body.


You can’t talk about a southern woman like Southern Brooke without showing her in a satin baby doll outfit. Her body was made for this kind of lingerie that shows off a woman’s curves.


Speaking of curves. Look at that ass canvas. I love this girls skin. I want to rub lotion, hot oil, my sperm… anything creamy into that phat ass of hers. Imagine lotioning up her thighs and then dropping your pecker in there. Eventually it is going to pop inside of something!

The AVN Awards Show is coming up January 19, 2013. Go there now and you can cast your votes on who you think should win!

I hope throwing Ron Jeremy groping a boob of Southern Brooke didn’t make you want to throw up. Love him or hate him, the truth is that Ron gets more pussy in a year then you will in your entire life. Not only that. Think of every porn star you have ever stroked off to before. I am talking the hottest ones in history. Ron fucked every last one of them. He doesn’t have to jerkoff about it. He lived it!

Of course being a man I am sure he does jerk off about the best ones.


When you go to the AVN Awards Show you might be able to get into the industry parties. Often all you have to do is be a little creative. This picture is from a house party in Vegas. To be at parties like this all you have to do wait at a hotel all of the stars seem to be staying at. A party bus will come to pick up the stars. Follow it. It is really that easy!

Once you get to the party it is like any other house party with drunk fucks all over the place, with one major difference. This house party will have a porn star or two for every fifty square feet. Do the math. 2500 sqft home. 50 porn stars!

You might have to do some finagling to get in. One year I forgot my pass to the show and I had to jump the fence in the backyard. I did so on the side yard and everybody out back just figured I was using nature’s toilet.

Once inside someone did ask me about my lack of lanyard with a show pass. I told them I left it on the bus with my backpack. They were like, dude, WTF? I acted like I dipshit and went to the front window. Fuck! The bus left! What do I do? I became the laughing stalk of the group of 30 or so people nearby and they shipped me some Jager shots.

After an hour or so everybody knew I was that dumbass that left his shit on the bus. It was OK. Some of the porn stars took pity on me and let me nuzzle their tits. Nice!

Wondering what porn stars wear at the AVN Show?


Some where actual lingerie and others, that aren’t doing so well financially, paint some lingerie on. We try not to gawk at them or make them feel weird about it though. Everybody is real cool there.


Get a Spunky Pass and you can enjoy Southern Brooke and all of her friends like Craving Carmen and Shyla Jennings. Carmen has the most fuckable cleft of Venus ever. In fact, I think I will post about it right now!

Posted By Rhino on 07/17/11 -
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If you have never been to a site in the Only All Sites network you have been missing out… Especially if you are a fan of any of the following niches: panties, pantyhose, nylons, legs, upskirts, schoolgirls, costumes, uniforms, naughty secretaries, big tits, small tits, teens, coeds (co-eds), babes, lesbians, nonnude (nnude,non nude), naughty lingerie, artistic nudes… need I say more?

Every site in the Only All Sites network is the ultimate tease site in its particular micro-niche.

The set of Jodie Gasson above is from Only Tease. A site with over 700 models, over 1,000,000 photos and just under 2000 videos! Everything in the network is shot 100% exclusive. Only Tease features 3 to 5 updates every single day. There is always something new to enjoy!

Jodie happens to be one of my favorite models and she has shot with several of the sites in the network. Jodie has natural D-cups and a nice and curvy body. While she is a hottie, she also has a girl next door vibe going. You get the feeling you would have a chance with her.


I can only imagine what it must have been like for her teachers seeing this young babe wearing a schoolgirl uniform. I bed Jodie enjoyed flashing her lime green panties. A color so unmistakable you know you are seeing something special!


Jodie is one of those girls that enjoys watching you jack off. It makes her happy to know guys think she is hot. Personally she would like to lose a few pounds, but everyone keeps telling her to keep it. She wears it well!


One look at her tits and you don’t want her to lose weight. You want her to gain another four or five pounds!

Watch Jodie Gasson get naked below!


Posted By Rhino on 07/11/11 -
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Remember the first time a girlfriend of yours tried to be sexy? Sure, she wasn’t spot on as far as her strip tease impression went, but you didn’t give a shit! You thought she was Marilyn Monroe and you were the President of the United High Schools!

Emily 18 embodies that first crush and she does it well. Her small, yet perky boobs and her petite, yet fleshy body will leave you breathless and quite possibly cumless night after night, after night!


Check out that chunky pussy!

emily_18 (2)

See more pics! Next up, her fleshy tushy and a close up of that puffy pussy straining against her polka dot panties! Hubba-hubba!


Posted By Rhino on 09/09/10 -
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It is time to unveil what I consider to be one of the hottest sites of 2010 and quite possibly the hottest teen to ever do porn!

Her name is Tegan Brady and her huge boobs are phenomenal. She has lots of hand holds on her chunky body where a guy can get a grip and settle in for a long ride. I have been examining this barely legal wonder and I can’t see any hint of a skin blemish except for the usual little mole here or there. How she manages to package that much chunk and steer clear of stretch marks is beyond me. If you are asking me – I think Oil of Olay needs to get involved here and find out how she is doing it for the good of all womenkind!

Tegan Brady is as barely legal as they come. She had been secretly planning on creating a porn site for a while and on her 18th birthday she landed in the offices at Candy Girl Cash and a deal was struck. She literally began shooting content that day!

Her members area includes a forum to chat with her on, a live web cam show to make special requests of her and lots of candid pics she shoots of herself throughout the day. It’s safe to say this girl is as excited to get naked for you as you are excited to see her naked!

Wondering what the catch is? There is none. In fact, along with access to her site you get access to Emily’s Dream, Dors Feline and more big tits solo models, plus, access to the multi-model site Big Boob Teenies!

Posted By Rhino on 11/22/09 -
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I have no idea what possesses girls to take these kinds of photos. Back when I was in high school I use to go through my current girlfriends things and I would always find a stash of photos like these. They didn’t take them for me and they often had their friends in them like the photo above. I always made sure to keep a few from each stash for myself.

Obtaining photos like that was easy back in the day. Now I am much older and most girls this age wouldn’t give me the time of day. That isn’t to say that obtaining these kinds of photos is any harder these days. In fact, Obsessed With Myself is making it almost too easy!

Members of Obsessed With Myself are treated to an ever expanding archive of self shot photos, candid beach photos, girls on the pot photos and more. They even have homemade porn videos!

You can try Obsessed With Myself for free! Yes, you read that right. Already I have found two girls my daughter played softball with on this site. The girls send in so many of their photos and videos they had to close the submission form!

As I was wondering in the first started this post, what possesses girls to not only take these kinds of photos of themselves, but to also send it in?

Posted By Rhino on 10/24/08 -
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Pop Quiz, hot shot: What do you get when you mix a Latin man with a Thai woman?

Answer: A really hot, exotic daughter named Lana Lopez.

Boys, this chick has the booty of a Latin girl from Brazil and the eyes of a goddess from the orient. She also just happens to have a sweet set of 32C’s. You guys have been searching for them and it is about time Virgins19 delivers on some big tits.

Lana Lopez is that girl next door. You know the one… The one you wanted to fuck all through out high school but were too afraid to ask. Well now is your time.

NextDoorLana.com updates weekly with new pics and a spicy hot video. Lana really enjoys playing with her tight pussy while you watch and she often has another girl with her to make things even spicier!

Along with the pics and vids you get web cam shows featuring Lana Lopez. This girl likes to keep things personal so she keeps an updated diary and members get her personal Email address.

Membership is only $19.95 a month which is unheard of for an updating solo model site like Next Door Lana. Get your access now before I see her at the next webmaster convention and inform her that her price is set way too low. 😉

Posted By Rhino on 09/26/08 -
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Makes me wish I was back in college. Except for all of the tests, the price of books and having someone with less knowledge than you teach you by reading from a book.

That’s why I enjoy TaraRyan.com so much. I can have all of the teenage angst and college spunk without all of the bullshit. I can watch her masturbate without her getting weirded out like my girlfriend does.

Tara Ryan is the girl next door. She has perky tits capped off with puffy pink nipples. Her tongue is pierced (another thing my girlfriend won’t do). Tara loves getting naked in the pool and taking us all along for her skinny dipping escapades.

The Tara Ryan site is part of a larger network that includes Jayda Brook. Plus, you get access to 14 reality sites like Sleep Assault and Mother Daughter Fuck. I know… I know… Where do I signup?

Well, just signup on her join page and you get twice daily updates with all of those sites in different niches so you never get bored.

Gotta go, time to give Tara a money shot.

Posted By Rhino on 09/19/08 -
1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars (49 votes, average: 4.41 out of 5)

Lets start this post off with the fact that there is going to be some stupid butch-dyke, lesbian whore our there that is will inform us all that women don’t normally stand in streams checking themselves out.

Well, to that lesbian bitch I will state that you don’t look like Luscious Perscilla and never will and that if you did and with your persuasion you would be the first to check yourself out! You didn’t get with another butch! You got together with as close to Luscious Perscilla as you could manage with your 24/7 PMS attitude.

OK… Back to the original programming.

Sweet Jesus is this babe hot or what? Big tits, ribs showing, globy-assDick sucking lips! Long hair… fresh face… did I miss anything?

Just about the only caveat I have to bring up about Luscious Perscilla is that she only goes topless. Personally I don’t mind and enjoy trying to make out her pussy parts through her sheer panties. Makes me feel like I am on a sexual version of CSI.

Even though she only goes topless she does keep her toplessness exciting. Perscilla is well known for getting in trouble by going topless out on the street in some very public situations. While her fans aren’t complaining her local district attorney is. Maybe we should all write the asshole a letter?

Luscious Perscilla loves to dress up in evening attire and the type of stuff you see hot babes wearing in clubs. Anyone into Latina babes, car shows, bikini babes and big tits girls will really enjoy this site.

Oh, and lets not forget about that ass!

Blogged Under: Booty,Brunettes,Outdoors,Topless
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Posted By Rhino on 08/21/08 -
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Move over small tits girls with no hips. No, I am not replacing you. I am merely making room for a girl that needs it. A lot of it. Her name is Roxy Belladonna and she is Virgin’s 19 approved.

So why invite Roxy over to my house to play? Well, lets just say I like to spice things up a bit once in a while and with a name like Roxy Belladonna things are going to heat up pretty quick. Besides, every once in a while my fantasies turn towards women I actually have a chance with.

I can see Roxy resting her hand on my arm as she drinks the third drink I bought for her while I dazzle her with stories about being a pornographic webmaster. OK, so she is rolling her eyes the entire time. I am still going to get laid!

Not only does Roxy have wide enough hips to pass my babies through, she also has a face I can look at in the morning. Imagining Roxy Belladonna riding my cock with my hands on those hips of hers and those juicy tits in my mouth is enough to make me want to cut this post short and get to work… work of another kind.

Roxy Belladonna spends a lot of time in bikinis by the pool. What can I say? She is Italian! She updates with new pics and a video each week. Her baby blues and that wide ass make each update worth the wait. Remember to grab a Fleshlight. Why jack off with your hand when someone came up with a better idea?

Blogged Under: Bikinis,Booty,Brunettes,Curvy,Panty
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Get Selina 18 and Little Summer, plus 18 more girls for a $1