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Posted By Rhino on 11/28/13 - Bookmark Virgins 19 – Virgin Pussy
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Pink virgin pussy in the bathtub

I am not an expert on pussies, but this one sure does look like a pink virgin pussy to me. It is attached to Andi Pink and she is one of the hottest girls with one of the hottest pussies in porn. She got her start solo modeling many years ago. To this day she still looks just as delightful now as she did when she got started.

I was going through some galleries I found for her new site called Andi Land. It is owned and operated by Andi herself. Not only is she beautiful, she is smart as well. Anyway, I was shocked at how young she still looks. In some of her galleries I could see her blending in with a freshman orientation class in high school and nobody being the wiser.

You can find a lot more of her on!

Posted By Rhino on 01/26/13 - Bookmark Virgins 19 – Virgin Pussy
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When Jenny Lopes turned 18 years old she had two things she wanted to accomplish straight away. One of them was to become a porn star. The other was to finally lose her virginity!

In this gallery Jenny fingers her tight virgin pussy one last time in the shower before sleeping with her boyfriend on camera. While you have to join to see that video, you can view all of the pics by clicking on the picture above.

While the jury is out on Jenny’s porn "star" status, it is pretty evident she is making an impression with her web site. It would not surprise me if she won the Adult Video Network award for best amateur solo model. I doubt anybody is going to label her a porn star until she stops looking like jailbait. Until then enjoy her youthful appearance.


Jenny has a lot of qualities needed to make it big in this business. She is very outgoing and not afraid to try new things. Like anal! She has very perky tits that will only get bigger. She is fit as a fiddle and then some. And her dick sucking lips make her a blowjob-on-cloud-nine waiting to happen. should be your new home of wanking off!

Posted By Rhino on 12/26/12 - Bookmark Virgins 19 – Virgin Pussy
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These two virgin girls have been having sex for years, but they are still virgins. How can that be? Instead of letting boys put their dirty penises inside their little pussies these girls have sex with each other. Even though they accidentally broke each others hymens a long time ago they are still technically virgins.

Summer and Lexie still have interest in boys. They just don’t have sex with them. Even though they have practiced in various ways like improvising a strap-on dildo with household items or sucking a banana as a stand in for a cock, they are too shy to actually take things to another level with the boys they date.

Besides, boys often tease them about their small boobies. They say that the girls should get boob jobs to make their tits bigger. Both Little Summer and Little Lexie don’t mind each others small chests. They think they are cute and both girls spend countless hours making each other feel sexy about their boobs.

Watch the lesbian video where the girls kiss with tongue and then touch each other down below with their tongues as well. Both girls cum, but Summer is the loudest by far!

Posted By Rhino on 12/11/12 - Bookmark Virgins 19 – Virgin Pussy
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This is something you probably could not pull of in the States. In Russia, however, it is pretty much anything goes. And in this case, the thing that is going bye-bye is a hymen on a virgin pussy. The girls name is Vika Lastochka and the site is called Defloration.TV.

They specialize in finding virgin girls looking to get into the porn business for some quick cash. Most of the girls will go on to do something like free teen cams or more porn if they enjoyed their first time experience.

Vika starts out a bit apprehensive, but after a short while she really warms up to the camera. Her polka dot print bra and panty set are adorable. You have to wonder how many times she dry humped a boy instead of letting him break her hymen in this lingerie set. I know I wouldn’t mind getting a lap dance from her!

When it comes time to expose her boobs to the world she again gets a little shy. Vika was always teased about being flat chested. She didn’t realize there were a large group of small tits fans out there that would really enjoy her perky little breasts.

Another sore spot in this girls self-consciousness is her little bum. Guys and girls always made fun of it calling her a little girl because she couldn’t grow a proper ass. Again, Vika had no idea lots of guys out there enjoy girls with a small tushy.

After showering Vika got to meet the male model that was going to deflower her virgin pussy. You can see her chest heaving as she breathes harder and harder out of excitement and trepidation. Most of the girls at her school said the first time will hurt a bit. A few said it only hurt in the beginning, but then it felt really good. Much better than masturbating.

Watch the entire deflowering video at Defloration.TV!

Posted By Rhino on 10/20/12 - Bookmark Virgins 19 – Virgin Pussy
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Every day during the summertime my neighbors daughter likes to go swimming. She had just graduated high school and had recently celebrated her eighteenth birthday so don’t get me wrong here. She might look like jailbait, but I can assure you, she is barely legal!

Usually I would not be privy to her naked body. Little Bree, as I like to call her, often would prance around her backyard wearing just her skivvies. Her mom and dad really cooped her up so she still wore full sized print cotton panties. I think her mom figured they would keep her from having adult thoughts about boys at her school.





Once her white bra and thin panties got wet I could see everything. Bree liked to shaved her pussy bare and the line of her cleft of Venus was very visible along with her nipples. Views like these provided me with plenty of jackoff material. Sometimes when my wife wasn’t home I would take pictures of her on my wife’s camera and then quickly download them to my laptop.

One day towards the end of summer my neighbor had some workers over at this house. I figured they were adding some kind of addition onto their house, but as it turned out they were installing an outdoor shower. I guess Little Bree kept on tracking chlorinated water across their hardwood floors and it was drying out the wood.

To my utter amazement Bree started using the outdoor shower after her romps in the pool only… she was naked! She would strip off all of her clothes and I would have uninhibited views of her youthful naked body. From her perky teen boobies to her virgin pussy I couldn’t believe my eyes!

You won’t believe your eyes when you delve into your Premium GFs either. They have thirty teenage girls removing every last stich of clothing in videos and picture galleries that will blow your mind. This is very convenient for you since you don’t have to worry about deleting, or forgetting to delete, pictures off of your wife’s camera before she gets home.


Posted By Rhino on 09/18/12 - Bookmark Virgins 19 – Virgin Pussy
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If this girl doesn’t make your dick hard and keep it hard there is a good chance you might be gay. Just saying!

So who is she? Her name is Annabelle. I found her on the GND GF Vids site. They basically bring the girl next door into your home and this time they found a doozy.

Annabelle has a cleft of Venus with a small patch of hair on top. To be honest I am not sure if she really has a virgin pussy or not, but that patch of hair actually leads me to believe it is more than if she had shaved it all off. Why? Because the last time I banged a girl with any hair on her pussy she was a virgin!

GND GF Vids is giving away access to their entire 21 site network when you grab a password right now. The girls range from very petite (just look at Annabelle’s itty bitty titty!) to slightly chunky and very curvy. Many do softcore only and there are a lot that go all the way.

Don’t let another unsatisfactory night get you down. Not when you can join GND GF Vids and make it a night to remember!

Posted By Rhino on 08/22/12 - Bookmark Virgins 19 – Virgin Pussy
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I am not even going to try to lie to you and tell you Carley has a virgin pussy. I can’t because you get to see hardcore videos of Carley getting that teen pussy of hers popped!

What I will tell you is that she is so frigging tight she has to stretch her tight vagina with a finger, then two, then three (she has small fingers), before you can fit a cock into that tight crevasse. has been offering up some of the cutest barely legal teens for over a decade. They update three times a day and add three models to their site every week. At least one of the models does hardcore like Carley while the others stick to Nubiles roots with softcore.

With that kind of update schedule you find yourself overwhelmed with young hotties to look at each and every day of the month. Don’t worry though, it is a good overwhelming feeling. Like when you had sex for the first time and you hoped the act would never end.

While your first time can’t last forever, you can fantasize about it with Carley at!

Posted By Rhino on 11/01/11 - Bookmark Virgins 19 – Virgin Pussy
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Someone was searching for My Precious Virgins model Scarlett and once I did some "leg work" it wasn’t too hard to see why. This girl is one of the lucky ones. Such a sweet and tasty looking virgin pussy!

As it turns out Scarlett has been modeling for quite a few sites, but the best stuff is on My Precious Virgins and Met Models. Check out the pics on the link below!


Posted By Rhino on 10/23/11 - Bookmark Virgins 19 – Virgin Pussy
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When you can’t find a girl with a virgin pussy to pound, you can always turn to and enjoy some nubile pussy like the one above. Just think, this little cutie wears bathing suits like this one at the beach and regular guys like you and I get to see what is underneath!

Unfortunately the beach isn’t packed full of girls with nubile pussy at 2 A.M. so, again, Nubiles has you covered by offering up that delicious teen pussy no matter what time of the day it is!

Nubiles adds not just one new girls a week, but three new girls, and they add updates several times throughout the day! At least one model added each week does hardcore. All of the girls look hawt, and with over 900 models, you can always find one that satisfies your hunger!

Posted By Rhino on 08/31/11 - Bookmark Virgins 19 – Virgin Pussy
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Growing up Natalia Forrest had no idea she would be masturbating in a bathtub on video. Seriously… What girl does? I mean, most girls have touched themselves in the tub and many even find out the water faucet hides some hidden pleasures, but they usually do it with  the expectation of privacy!

This U.K. born Asian hottie let her boyfriend videotape her masturbating once and she got hooked to the idea of having someone else pleasuring themselves to her sexy body!

Natalia updates her site several times a week and she often invites her girlfriends over for some kinky lesbian action. We aren’t talking simulated stuff without penetration and fake kissing either. No, we are talking about tongue on tongue, swapping spit and other bodily fluids!

Members of also get access to her friends like Carol Goldnerova, Busty Ellen, Your Caitlynn and hardcore multi-model sites like Facial Friends!

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